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Machakos County List of All Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Machakos County with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

In summary, this page contains:

  • Machakos County List of Sub-County Secondary School Principals
  • Machakos County List of Sub-County Secondary School Phone Contacts
  • Machakos County List of Sub-County Secondary School email addresses

Machakos County List of  Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Name of County         Name of Sub County  Name of School              Name of principal       School phone number Type of School Total enrolment       School email address

  1. Machakos ATHI RIVER        EMPAKASI SEC SCHOOL              PETER MUASYA 0726855749       Mixed Boarding 210              pdmuasya2@gmail.com
  2. Machakos Athi River           Ndovoini Secondary School              Dorothy Kagendo Njagi  0725772644       Mixed   110              ndovoinisec@gmail.com
  3. Machakos Athi River           kyumbi mixed secondary school   Lois Musyoka    0717039672       Mixed Boarding 330              kyumbisecschool@gmail.com
  4. Machakos Athi river            Katani sec school            Ni canor Arum       0710201698       Mixed boarding and day              431        1965nick arum@ gmail. Com
  5. Machakos Athiriver             Kinanie high school              HENRY ODHEK   0733897748       Day       308              Kinaniehigh@gmail.com
  6. Machakos Athiriver             Augustine Mlolongo High School        Andrew Kwale   0727254386       Day       924              Staugustinemlolongo@gmail.com
  7. Machakos ATHI-RIVER        MAVOKO BOYS SCHOOL              WAMBUA SK      0720297107       Day and boarding boys              640        mavokosec@gmail.com
  8. Machakos Athiriver             Athiriver SECONDARY school   Stephen kariuki               0721932156       Day       472              Athiriversecondary@yahoo.com
  9. Machakos Athiriver             Ngalalya secondary school               Nicholas  mwanza           0720897727       Day       277              Non
  10. Machakos Kalama Katumani Secondary      Justus Kinyae Muia      O721890824      Day       115              katumanisecondaryschool@gmail.com
  11. Machakos Kalama Mulaani secondary School              Justus K. Munyao            0790464305/0721645431              Mixed Boarding 182        mulaanisec@gmail.com
  12. Machakos KALAMA             KINOI SEC SCHOOL              ANDREW GITHINJI KABACIA        0727-00 91 00   MIXED DAY AND BOARDING 121        githinjia57@gmail.com
  13. Machakos KALAMA             MAKAKOI SEC SCHOOL              MUTINDA  K KASYOKA   0725261616       Day       135              Makakoisecondary16 @ gmail.com
  14. Machakos KALAMA             KYANZASU SECONDARY              GEOFFREY S. MBALUTO 0724237231       Day       144              kyanzasusec@gmail.com
  15. Machakos Kalama MUTUYU SECONDARY SCHOOL               Patricia kavita Muoki      0722619252       Day       104              mutuyumixedss@gmail.com
  16. Machakos Kalama Kamweleni Secondary School              Joyce Ndinda Kyalo         0722618093       Girls boarding & mixed day          88          Kamwelenisecondary@yahoo.com
  17. Machakos Kalama Miwani secondary school              Gerald Kioko Muia          0722581178       Mixed day and boarding            373        Miwanisecodary2015@gmail.com
  18. Machakos Kalama Kyaviti Secondary           Mutua J.Ndolo 0721842753       Mixed Boarding 119        kyavitiss@gmail
  19. Machakos KALAMA             IIYUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL              MUENI KOMU   0721818939       Mixed day and boarding            220        joskomu@gmail.com
  20. Machakos Kalama Kiatuni secondary scjool              Millicent wanjohi            0721811333       Mixed day              150        No0721811333
  21. Machakos Kalama Katanga secondary         Franklin Maingi Mutua   0721561912       Mixed Boarding 180              Katangasec@gmail.com
  22. Machakos Kalama MASAANI GIRLS’              John Felista Mawia    0721276558       Day and Boarding Girls  160              Felijohn@gmail.com
  23. Machakos Kalama Kivandini sec school       Benson m. Meni     0721239879       Day       182        Kivandini sec school@yahoo.com
  24. Machakos kalama Baraka SA Kavyuni secondary school   Zipporah mbithe makau 0717473677       Day       92              Barakasakavyuni@gmail.com
  25. Machakos Kalama I CAN FLY HIGH SCHOOL Ruth Mutua  0711157097       Boarding Girls    135              icanflyhighschool@gmail.com
  26. Machakos KALAMA             NZAINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Hamienny Minoo Nzyima            0710523686              Day       63          nzainisecondary@yahoo.com
  27. Machakos KALAMA             ABC KANYONGO SECONDARY SCHOOL     BENEDETTA MUTHINI GICHURU               0722271627       Day       163              Kanyongosecshool@gmail.com
  28. Machakos Kalama Kiatuni sec sch  Millicent waihiga wanjohi 0721811333       Day       131        Waihigachuani@gmail.com
  29. Machakos Kalama Kikumbo sec sch              Johnson m kieti       0714693798       Mixed day and girls boarding      294              Kikumbosec@yahoo
  30. Machakos KALAMA             KWAKAVOO SECONDARY SCHOOL              PIUS NGILA        0727077005       Day       131              Kwakavoosecschool@gmail.com
  31. Machakos Kangudo             Kathaana deb secondary              Nzioka Benjamin             0724076309       Day       307              Kaathaanas
  32. Machakos Kangundo          AIC Matithini sec               David M. Kariuki              0726 272 989     Day       77              aicmatithini@gmail.com
  33. Machakos Kangundo          ABC ksthithyamaa sec              Mrs margaret m musyoka           0726001896       Day              673        kathithyamaasec@gmail.com
  34. Machakos KANGUNDO       MIU ABC KIAMBA SECONDARY SCHOOL     MONICA MATU 0725368563       Day              150        miuabcsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  35. Machakos Kangundo          DEB Kangundo Integrated Secondary School            Frederick Kaindi Kasyoka              0721353156       Day       300              kangundodebintegrated@gmail.com
  36. Machakos Kangundo          Kyevaluki secondary school              Mwaniki C Njiru 0721212130       Mixed Day and Boarding              370        Chrismwaniki2014@gmail.com
  37. Machakos Kangundo          A Katheini sec Regina M Kivai      0720441067       Day       200              sakatheinisecschool@gmail com
  38. Machakos Kangundo          ST MICHAEL UNYUANI SECONDARY S    JACKSON ITIRIKIA            0718872086       Day              308        jacksonntirikia@gmail.com
  39. Machakos Kangundo          Kamanzi ABC secondary               Kaula N wambua             0716920717       Day       275              Kamanzisecondary@gmail.com
  40. Machakos Kangundo          The S. A. Imjlini Sec.              Pius M. Mwanza             0715274231       Mixed day, girls boarding            415        saimiliniss@gmail.com
  41. Machakos Kangundo          St Mary’s Mukunike               David Nzioka Mbuvi       0710490723       Day       320              stmary’smukunike@gmail.com
  42. Machakos Kangundo          Aic kakuyuni      Mr Charles Nzioka kavili       0700810705       Mixed day and boarding              268        Kakuyunisecondary@gmail.com
  43. Machakos KANGUNDO       KAVILINGUNI HIGH SCHOOL              PETRONILA MULI            0722631007       Day              225        kavilingunihsc@yahoo.com
  44. Machakos Kangundo           Kwakathule secondary school   Damaris Musau               0727795997       Mixed Boarding              210        kwakathulesec1327@gmail.com
  45. Machakos Kangundo           Mukuyuni SA Secondary               Wilson K. Kamina            0722769788       Day       194              mukuyunisasecondary@gmail.com
  46. Machakos KANGUNDO       KAWAUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOHN MWANGI KARANU             0721515958              Mixed Boarding 387        kawaunischool@gmail.com
  47. Machakos Kathiani              Kaiani Secondary school              Maingi Kombo   Not available     Day       205              kaianisecondary@gmail.com
  48. Machakos Kathiani              Benedict secondary school-kituli       Benedict njogu murage 0705471144/0724654394              Day       250        St.benedictsecondaryl@yahoo.com
  49. Machakos Kathiani              Mbuuni sec        Titus manthi kamuya 0790967662       Mixed Boarding 373        Mbuuni secatgmail.com
  50. Machakos Kathiani              Kauti Secondary              Raphael Mutuku Mutua 0728260177       Day       206              mutukumutua88@gmail.com
  51. Machakos Kathiani              Nthunguni seondary              Shadrack M Muthu         0727413524       Day       220              mbuvimuthi@gmail.com
  52. Machakos Kathiani              Ikoleni seondary schoo              Patrick maingi kitavi       0726580185       Day       153              Ikolenisecondaryschool@gmail
  53. Machakos Kathiani              St Vincent imilini secondary          Francisca .k.king’oo        0725953543       Mixed Boarding            242        stvincentimilini03@gmail.com
  54. Machakos Kathiani              Mbee secondary              Isabella mangera            0725145791       Day/ boarding              415        Mbeesecondary@gmail
  55. Machakos Kathiani              Ngoleni sec school              Margaret Mutie 0724157608       Mixed day and boarding              504        ngolenischool@gmail.com
  56. Machakos Kathiani              Kaewa secondary school              Erustus Nzia Mua            0722644164       Mixed Boarding              415        mnzia@yahoo.com
  57. Machakos Kathiani              ABC Kwangengi Sammy Masila  0722494793       Day       102              abckwangengisecondary@gmail.com
  58. Machakos KATHIANI           KING’ONG’OI SECONDARY SCHOOL              IRENE WAGUAMA MWAI             0722269167              Day       250        kingongoisecschool@gmail.com
  59. Machakos Kathiani              Thinu sec. School              Joshua kathau   0721454463       Day       149              Kathaujoshua@gmail.com
  60. Machakos KATHIANI           ABC MITABONI GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL     THUO MARY NYAMBURA(Mrs NJUGUNA)               0721270569       Boarding Girls    613              Mitaboniabcgirls@gmail.com
  61. Machakos Kathiani              Kisovo Sec.School.              Doris Karimi Kinyua        0721231473       Day       310              N/A
  62. Machakos KATHIANI           KATHIANI SLOPES SECONDARY SCHOOL     RODAH MUENI MUTUNGA              0720792870       Day / boarding 45              Kathianislopessecschool@gmail.com
  63. Machakos Kathiani              St Catherine girl’s high school   Josephine Nyamu            720386564         Boarding Girls              260        St Catherine girl’s Machakos.gmail.com
  64. Machakos Kathiani              Lumbwa Secondary School              Florence Wandii Mutuku             0718873292       Day              261        lumbwasecondary@gmail.com
  65. Machakos Kathiani              Kalikya Mixed Secondary School  Bernard Orina Rori         0713459828       Day       333              kalikyamixedschool@gmail.com
  66. Machakos Kathiani              Kitie secondary school              Charles KINYANJUI          0711686262       Mixed Boarding              447        cmkinyanjui@yahoo.com
  67. Machakos Kathiani              Ngiini sec            Jacob mbwiria              0706967734       Day       539              Ngiinisec@yahoo.com
  68. Machakos Kathiani              Martin’s kithunguini sec              Angeline Mutisya            0722445791       Mixed Boarding              539        angelinemuli@ymail.com
  69. Machakos Kathiani              Miumbuni Secondary               Benedict musee              O726809302      Mixed Boarding              273        Miumbunisecondary@yahoo.com
  70. Machakos Kathiani              Kathuni secondary school               Elizabeth  Amakobe  Mboya        0722446481       Day              181        kathunisecondary@gmail.com
  71. Machakos Kathiani              Rev Kitonyi Memorial High School   Robert Mutua Koinange 0721470518       Day       212              revkitonyi@gmail.com
  72. Machakos Kathiani              Kinyau sec school               Fred Mwongela               0717574266       Day       368              Kinyausec2015@gmail.com
  73. Machakos Machackos        St bernards makyau secondary          Lena Kasyoka     0726373973       Day       136              Stbernard@gmail.com
  74. Machakos Machakos          Kasinga secondary School              Johnbosco kioko             0722232393 or 0751119970              Day       459        Kasinga2015@gmail.com
  75. Machakos MACHAKOS       KITULU DAY SECONDARY              JEREMIAH KIOKO JOHN  +254713739594               Day              225        Kiokojeremiah@gmail.com
  76. Machakos MACHAKOS       KAMUTHANGA S.A SECONDARY SCHOOL     RICHARD MITAMBO 0759655222              Mixed Boarding 340        kamuthangasa@gmail.com
  77. Machakos Machakos          Kiteini secondary school              Dominic Mutemi             0733371655       Day       185              kiteinisecschool2010@gmail.com
  78. Machakos Machakos          Kyambuko secondary              Kimiti Benjamin Kilonzo 0726515077       Mixed Boarding              288        kyambukosecondary@gmail.com
  79. Machakos Machakos          Kyasila secondary school              Jeremiah nzangi muyanga           0725324299       Day       62              Kyasilasec@gmail.com
  80. Machakos machakos          mua farm secondary school   Benedict M. Ivongo        0724179276       Mixed Boarding              169        muafarmss@gmail.com
  81. Machakos MACHAKOS       KATHUKINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              SUSAN MUSYOKA MWONI          0722695528              MIXED DAY        267        kathukinisecondary@gmail.com
  82. Machakos Machakos          Keaa ABC            Dorothy Muthini 0722651724       Day       270              dorothymuthini00@gmail.com
  83. Machakos Machakos          Ngomeni secondary school              Josephine Sila    0722642253       Day       314              ngomenisec2020@gmail.com
  84. Machakos machakos          Machakos baptist secondary school            Benjamin Kyalo N            0721571314              Moxed day         426        mawazoh@gmail.com
  85. Machakos Machakos          Upper kitanga sec              Henry Yelo Paul 0721429572       Day       104        Upper kitanga sec school@gmail.com
  86. Machakos Machakos          Katheka kai        Margaret owaka  0721323703       Day mixed          425              skathekakai@yahoo.com
  87. Machakos machakos          Miwongoni mixed day sec              Benrodgers Musili           0721211593       Day       78              miwongonisecondary@gmail.com
  88. Machakos Machakos          Vota Secondary School              Goretti Waeni Mutyota 0720892170       Day       196              votasec@gmail.com
  89. Machakos Machakos          MUTITUNI SEV.              Daniel Mwilu     0720224527       Day       116              mwiludanm61@gmail.com
  90. Machakos Machakos          Machakos Glorious Girls sec         Gibson Nzioka   0718273672       Day and boarding girls private  98          Machakosgloriousgirls
  91. Machakos Machakos          St Patrick’s Metuma              Ndunda Boniface Makau             0717895360       Day              183        stpatrick’s metumasec@gmail.com
  92. Machakos MACHAKOS       KITHIMA ABC SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOSPHAT NGUMBI          0713874537       Day              182        kithimaabcsec@gmail.com
  93. Machakos Machakos          Kyaani secondary              Raphael kioli      0713331550       Girls boarding   167              Kyaani secondary 17@gmail .com
  94. Machakos Machakos          AIC KIIMAKIMWE SEC              Koti Paul Muia   0702524051       Day       120              kiimakimwesec16@gmail.com
  95. Machakos Machakos           Mung’ala sec school              Jeremiah Kimanzi Muthangya     +254723240779              Day       216        mung’alasecsch@gmail.com
  96. Machakos Machakos           Kyemutheke sec school              Jonathan kivuva Matu    0725641007       Day       176              Kyemuthekesec@gmail.com
  97. Machakos Machakos           Kiseveni Secondary  School               Mrs Betta Mutuku          +254711906937               Mixed Day and Boarding     197        kisevenisecschool@gmail.com
  98. Machakos Machakos           Iluvya secondary               Veronica Nduku Mwikya              0725080691       Day              150        Iluvyasecondary16@gmail.com
  99. Machakos Machakos           Benedict Munywoki Ivongo               M. Ivongo      0724179276       Mixed Boarding 169              muafarmss@gmail.
  100. Machakos MASINGA           IIANI MIXED SEC.              DONALD MUTHEMBWA ,0722908680/0727087574              Mixed Boarding 296        iianimixedsecschool@gmail.com
  101. Machakos MASINGA           KASEVE SECONDARY SCHOOL              JONATHAN MUEMA JAMES         0797791914              Mixed day & boarding   371        kasevesec@gmail.com
  102. Machakos Masinga             Kamunyu secondary school              Florence Maingi- Musyoka          0729721083       Day              101        kamunyusecondary@yahoo.com
  103. Machakos Masinga             Peter Musingini sec              Naomi Muthiani              0728914494       Mixed Boarding              290        Musinginisec@yahoo.com
  104. Machakos Masinga             St john’s-Iiani sec School              Felix Musyoka   0727416324       Day       272              Stjohnsiianisecondary@gmail.com
  105. Machakos Masinga             Kyondoni sec     Joseph musau  0726907342       Day       235        musajoe12@gmail.com
  106. Machakos Masinga             Kithoni Mixed Secondary School  Patrick Muli Ngula          0725727129       Day       104              kithonimixedsec@gmail.com
  107. Machakos Masinga             Kasuvilo mixed day sec sch              Jane Nyaga         0725047442       Day       82              karaki@gmail.com
  108. Machakos masinga              Kikomba secondary              Jairus muthoka 0724067319       Day       156              jairusmuthoka43@gmail.com
  109. Machakos MASINGA           B.C KATHINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              BONIFACE MBITHI NZYOKA         0723631455              MIXED DAY & BOARDING            195              bonifacembithi83@gmail.com
  110. Machakos MASINGA           MUKUSU SECONDARY SCHOOL              JANET K MALULU            0722950298       Day              146        mukususecondary@gmail.com
  111. Machakos Masinga             St Stephen Musumaa sec school   Pachomius Wambugu    0722341422       Day       133              kpachomius@gmail.com
  112. Machakos Masinga             Kathui Secondary              Peter M Nganga              0722260217       Day       96              Kathuisec@gmail.com
  113. Machakos Masinga             Mutwamwaki secondary school   Patrick maingi Nzyoki     721905662         Mixed day              145        Mutwamwakisec@ Gmail.com
  114. Machakos Masinga             Iuuma secondary school              Francis mbithi   0721653384       Day       163              sec@gmail.com
  115. Machakos Masinga             Kikumini mixed day secondary          Benjamin N. Muthui       0721402325       Day              199        secondarykikumini@gmail.com
  116. Machakos Masinga             Kyeeteni sec school              Kamau Robert   0720859539       Day       144              kyeetenisec@gmail.com
  117. Machakos Masinga             St Michael Secondary School   Isaac Ngwili        0720790712       Mixed Boarding 274              Themsaints2018@gmail.com
  118. Machakos Masinga             Muthembwa Mixed Day Secondary School            Monicah Mwalavu 0720717572              Day       124        muthembwa.sec@gmail.com
  119. Machakos Masinga             Kituneni sec.school              Josiah munyoki 0712593785       Mixed Boarding 204              josiahmunyoki@gmail.com
  120. Machakos Masinga             Ikatini sec school              Malonza mwikali             0711845526       Mixed Boarding              396        Ikatini sec2019@gmail
  121. Machakos Masinga             Muthesya Seconary School              James S W Mungai          0711431659       Day       201              smuthesya@gmail.com
  122. Machakos Masinga             Martin Kaewa Secondary School            Stanley Mawira 0710831226       Mixed Day & Boarding        473        stmartinkaewasec07@gmail.com
  123. Machakos Masinga             Ielanthi mixed secondary school   Caleb Muthangya Kimwele          0710172073       Day              179        calebkimwele@gmail.com
  124. Machakos Masinga             Wamboo Sec School              Daniel Kilonzo Mutemi  0704869554       Mixed Day/Boarding    145        mutemidaniel3@gmail.com
  125. Machakos Masinga             Kikule mixed day secondary school            Peter makasi     0700078033       Day              275        petermakasi73@gmail.com
  126. Machakos MASINGA           ULUTYA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     CLAPPERTON M. MWANGANGI  071132440              Day       140        ulutyamixedsch@gmail.com
  127. Machakos Masinga             Kiseuni secondary school              Kamami jb nthiwa                         Day       263              Kiseunisecondary@gmail.com
  128. Machakos Masinga             Mikuyuni mixed day sec               Paul k.muriuki   0728539291       Day       191              Paulkabunga65@gmail
  129. Machakos Masinga             Murifarm secondary school               Gerald kioko musau        0705535746       Day       412              Murifarmsec@gmail.com
  130. Machakos Masinga             Eendei sec school              Peter kamwana katiso   0727634888       Mixed day              133        kamwanapeter67@gmail.com
  131. Machakos Masinga              Martin De porres Ekalakala boys sec          Paul M Ndunda 0717599147       Mixed Boarding            230        ekalakalasrc@gmail.com
  132. Machakos Masinga              Mananja sec school               Wilson Githiaya               722294589         Mixed Boarding              315        MananjaSecondary 2019@gmail.com
  133. Machakos Masinga              Kwawanzilu sec Patrick G.Rinkanya         0722176451       Mixed Boarding 657              Kwawanzilusecschool89@yahoo.com
  134. Machakos Matungulu         John katulye secondary              Joe kitavi m        0727710840       Day       477              katulyesecondary@yahoo.co
  135. Machakos Matungulu         Francis of Assisi Kwatombe sec   Mwania Isaac M.             0725995047       Day              310        Stfranciskwatombe16@gmail.com
  136. Machakos Matungulu         Kyeleni Secondary School              Joseph Ndungu Mwangi 0722251603       Day       507              kyelenisecondary2020@gmail.com
  137. Machakos Matungulu         Joseph Kikuyuni Secondary School            Nganga Nthia    0721954001       Day              218        stjosephkikuyuni@gmail.com
  138. Machakos Matungulu         Ack mukengesya sec              Christine busolo              0711670996       Day       350              mukengesyaschool@gmail.com
  139. Machakos MATUNGULU    KAYATTA SEC SCHOOL              Michael kyusya malombe            0701720140       Day              120        malombe40@gmail.com
  140. Machakos Matungulu         Syanthi sec         Peter Mutinda Mutie 0742178779/0721961861           Day       255              syanthisec@gmail.fom
  141. Machakos Matungulu         Mukalwa Secondary school               Victoria N Raphael          0728552463       Day       181              victorianrm@gmail.com
  142. Machakos Mwala  Kiuukuni secondary        Peter s kitheka 0729491717       Day       109        Kiuukuni@gmail.com
  143. Machakos Mwala  St Joseph’s kasolongo sec              Zacchaeus Mutua Muinduki        0728657266       Mixed Boarding            146        St Josephkasolongo@yahoo.com
  144. Machakos MWALA              MATULANI  SECONDARY              PAUL MUTUVI   0728090197       Day       102        61 -90135 IKALAASA
  145. Machakos MWALA              ST AUGUSTINE MBIUNI SECONDARY      CHRISTOPHER MULELA  0727672256       Mixed Boarding            342        mbiunihigh@gmail.com
  146. Machakos Mwala  Makaalu Secondary School              Maithya m.christine       0727055257       Day       122              None
  147. Machakos MWALA              MANGO SECONDARY              MUTAITI M MARTIN       0726992623       Mixed Boarding              360        mangosecondaryschool@gmail.com
  148. Machakos Mwala  Kawaa secondary school              Patrick kitonyi   0726728605       Day       145              pkitonyi2@gmail.com
  149. Machakos MWALA              KAMWALA SEC. SCHOOL              KIOKO S KYALO 0726633778       Mixed Boarding 240              kamwalasecondaryschool@yahoo.com
  150. Machakos Mwala  Muusini SA Secondary   Veronica M. Kioko             0726578099       Mixed Boarding 296              asecondary@gmail.com
  151. Machakos Mwala  Nyaani sec school           Scolasticah kathesya mutie 0726557628       Day       252              nyaanisecondary@gmail.com
  152. Machakos Mwala  AIC Kiuanzukini Sec. School              Peninnah K. Nzioka         0726221862       Day       142              N/A
  153. Machakos Mwala  Kavumbu ABC secondary              Kennedy m kitheka         0725884036       Day       230              Kavumbu secondary@gmail.com
  154. Machakos Mwala  Mukuyuni Secondary School              Lawrence M.Munyao     0725561435       Day       170              lawrencemunyao1@gmail.com
  155. Machakos Mwala  St Anthony Makiliva secondary              Justus Kilembi Kimanthi 0724916505       Day       142              anthonymakiliva@gmail.com
  156. Machakos Mwala  Embui Sec          Abraham M Nzioka              0724664131       Mixed Day          190              mutukuabraham234@gmail.com
  157. Machakos MWALA              MUTHWANI S.A SEC              JOSEPH WAMBUA KIMANZI        0724393050       Day              160        muthwanisasec@gmail.com
  158. Machakos Mwala  Ngamba mixed day Sec school              Silvester k Munyao         0724269355       Day       270              Ngambamixedsecondary@gmail.com
  159. Machakos MWALA              ST PIUS SECONDARY SCHOOL KAITHA              DAVID KANGA   0723806981       Day              123        davidkanga66@gmail.com
  160. Machakos Mwala  Peter’s Kwandoo Sec Sch              Gerald K. Kariuki             0723576557       Mixed Day              300        Stpeterskwandoo@gmail.com
  161. Machakos MWALA              MISELENI MIXED DAY              MAANYA ROBERT DENNIS           0722948501       Day              275        rmaanya@gmail.com
  162. Machakos MWALA              KIMUUNI SEC SCHOOL              NAHASHON K WATHINJA             0722621463       Day              214        kimuunipoa@gmail.com
  163. Machakos Mwala  Kabaa mixed day sec school              Kyungu jonathan            0722560592       Mixed day              157        jonathankyungu@gmail.com
  164. Machakos MWALA              WAKAELA SEC SCHOOL              BERNARD MUITHYA       0722299245       Mixed Boarding              160        wakaelasecondary@gmail.com
  165. Machakos Mwala  Stephens secondary school masii     Nicholas N Mbithi           0721847452       Day       225              StStephenssecondaryschool@gmail.com
  166. Machakos Mwala  Ukalani S.A. sec school               Abedneccoh Mweva       0721793629       Day       89              ukalanisasecondaryschool@gmail.com
  167. Machakos MWALA              Kaloleni secondary school              Juliana muthoni 0721540807       Day       68              kalolenisecondaryschool@hmail.com
  168. Machakos Mwala  Kikaso Secondary School              Angela K. Mutua             0719262607       Day       166              kikasosec@gmail.com
  169. Machakos Mwala  Mithanga AIC Secondary              Mutia Peter Mbalaka     0717406079       Mixed Day              196        mithangasecschool@gmail.com
  170. Machakos Mwala  Mbaani sec school          Anna matheka             0717272759       Mixed day and boarding              250        Mathekaanna@gmail.com
  171. Machakos Mwala  St james Etikoni               Muteti Harrison             0715690923       Mixed day and boarding               280        Etikoniseco16
  172. Machakos MWALA              MIONDONI SEC SCHOOL              ALICE WAIRIMU MULE   0714376100       Day       100              miondonisecondaryschool@gmail.com
  173. Machakos Mwala  Kikelenzu secondary school              Madam Dorris Mutua    0712008095       Mixed Day & Boarding            486        kikelenzusec@gmail.com
  174. Machakos Mwala  Maweli secondary school              Francisca D. M. Matee   0711150224       Mixed Boarding              306        mawelisec@yahoo.com
  175. Machakos Mwala  St marks kundu sec. School              Richard Kiteng’e              0706447223       Day       230              stmarkskundu7sec@gmail.com
  176. Machakos Mwala  Muthetheni mixed Day sec              Ngewa Nyamasyo           0701683203       Mixed day              302        Muthethenimixed@gmail.com
  177. Machakos Mwala  Augustine ngumbau sec. School               Joel mumo         0700172401       Day       221              ngumbausecondaryschool@gmail.com
  178. Machakos Mwala  Francis Kilala secondary school              Mrs Dorothy Mwikali     0726780729       Mixed day and boarding             346        kilalasecondary@gmail.com
  179. Machakos Mwala St John’s High school Kangii               Masunga Malelu             0729787522       Mixed Boarding              150        johnmasunga67@gmail.com
  180. Machakos Mwala St George’s katheka high school               Joan Kiio             729534500         Mixed Boarding 239              kathekaschool@gmail.com
  181. Machakos Mwala St Stephen musalaani secondary school   Sr mukanga Domitila Akinyi         0727561152       Day              350        dimitilaakinyi100@gmail.com
  182. Machakos Mwala Martin Utithini Sec. School.               Mang’ee JM       0726406406       Mixed day          85              stmartinutithini@gmail.com
  183. Machakos MWALA              MWAASUA secondary school   Felistus Kalunda Muthengi          0724948892       Day       64              felistuskalunda25@gmail.com
  184. Machakos Mwala Kyanganga S A sec sch i  Grace Gatakaa Kivuvo 719253522         Day       122        30 Mwala
  185. Machakos Mwala Muthei Sec School               E.Wambua     0716351230       Day       172              mutheisecschool@gmail.com
  186. Machakos Mwala Kitile sec school               George Wanyoike Ndungu          0712035040       Mixed Boarding 188        82-90135,ikalaasa,mwala.
  187. Machakos Yatta     Kalukuni sec school        Peter muthengi           0734558491       Mixed Boarding 384              Kalukunisecondary@gmail
  188. Machakos Yatta     peters high -ithekethini              Vincent Nzioka Ndambuki           0729933834       Mixed day              101        Ndambukiv1@gmail.com
  189. Machakos Yatta     RGC Emmanuel High sch- Muusini              Anne Chepngeno Njagi  0729361992       Day       129              emmanuelmuusini@gmail.com
  190. Machakos Yatta     Kitheuni Sec       Catherine Kimonyi              0728870422       Mixed Boarding 303              secondary@gmail.com
  191. Machakos Yatta     Mbembani secondary    Benard musau  0728715810       Mixed Boarding 204        Mbembani secondary@yahoo.com
  192. Machakos Yatta     Charles-inyanzaani sec              Kyalo kinyutu    0728460481       Mixed day and boarding              845        dr.charlesmullisec@gmail.com
  193. Machakos Yatta     St Martin Mixed Day Secondary School  Joseph Kimeu Mutua     0728396394       Day       315              martinmixedschool@yahoo.com
  194. Machakos Yatta     Kaliani sec sch   Dorothy Ndemwa              0727861877       Mixed day          102              ndemwadorothy@gmail.com
  195. Machakos Yatta     Kithito secondary           Esther Ndunyu kisingu 0727772017       Day       134              Estherkisingu@gmail.
  196. Machakos Yatta     Yumbuni Sec      Florence M. Nzau              0727526501       Mixed Day and boarding             230              nzauflorence@gmail,com
  197. Machakos Yatta     Mekilingi secondary       David mutemi 0726766710       Mixed day and boarding              138              Mekilingischoo@gmail.com
  198. Machakos YATTA   ST PHILIPS MATANGINI SECONDARY SCHOOL P.O BOX 63 – 90118 NDALANI         FRANCIS MUTUA MENDE 0725981175       Day       119              stphilipsmatangini@gmail.com
  199. Machakos Yatta     Mathingau High School  Festus Ngenga 0725907366       Day       115              mathingauhighschool2014@gmail.com
  200. Machakos Yatta     Mukalala sec school       Rosephine Musee  0725710015       Day       278              Mukalalasecschool12@gmail.com
  201. Machakos YATTA   IVIANI SEC. SCHOOL       MARY M. MUTUA 0725665280       Day       262              ivianisecondary@gmail.com
  202. Machakos Yatta     S A Mbingoni sec             Beth Mutunga            0725435470       Day       148        Sambingonisec @gmail.com
  203. Machakos Yatta     Kivingoni sec      Mwirigi Joseph Nahman             0725092724       Mixed Boarding 250              nahmanmwirigi0@mail.com
  204. Machakos yatta     Kiwanza secondary school              Elizabeth N Wambua     0723938046       Day       158              elizabethwambua70@gmail
  205. Machakos Yatta     Kwamwatu sec sch         Abishag Makau  0722693632       Day       90              Kwamwatuschool@gmail.com
  206. Machakos Yatta     Ngangani Secondary       Murigi S. W. Chira             0722577982       Mixed Boarding 125              wangarimurigi27@gmail.com
  207. Machakos Yatta     Mwambathaana sec.      Stephen .m. mumo          0722484636       Day       196              Mumostephen247@gmail.com
  208. Machakos Yatta     Kwakoko sec school       David Gachuki              0721702587       Day       123              gachukidave72@gmail.com
  209. Machakos Yatta     Stephen Kilango secondary school   Robert Kioko Mbuvi       0721652899       Day       219              Kilangomixed@gmail.com
  210. Machakos Yatta     James Ilumanthi secobdary              Joseph M. Mutangili       0721406001       Day       70              stjamesilumanthi@gmail.com
  211. Machakos YATTA   KAUMONI SECONDARY SCHOOL               JOSHUA TSENETA SUSA 0721315529       Day       232              kaumonisecondaryschoolyatta@gmail.com
  212. Machakos YATTA   ST CHARLES  UVOUNI  SEC               FREDRICK  M NDAMBUKI             0721234401       Day              156        stcharlesuvounisec@gmail.com
  213. Machakos Yatta     SYOKISINGA SEC SCH      Gitonga paul      0721152919       Mixed boarding and mixed day  296              Syokisingasecondayschool@gmail.com
  214. Machakos Yatta     Kavingo sec school          Joseph M. Kimanzi 0720948327       Day       129        josephmasilakimanzi@ gmail.com
  215. Machakos Yatta     Maiuni sec school           Josphat musau  0720442762       Mixed boarding and day              280              Maiunisecondaryschool@gmail.com
  216. Machakos Yatta     Kwakitema sec  Betty musyoki              0720268684       Day       158        Kwakitemasecschool2018
  217. Machakos YATTA   ST PETER MBEMBANI SEC.              ALFORNCE LUKE MALUU              0717787504       Day              135        Lukemaluu@yahol
  218. Machakos Yatta     Kaloleni sec school         Rose Wambua            0717208312       Day       129              kalolenisecondary@yahoo.com
  219. Machakos Yatta     Kambi ya Ndeke Secondary School              Jane G. Marete 0714020633       Mixed Boarding 435              kambiyandeke@gmail.com
  220. Machakos Yatta     Kikuyuni Secondary School              Melick Kadogo Kaluku    0712595786       Day       128              kikuyunisecondaryschool@gmail.com
  221. Machakos Yatta     Kikesa sec           Eston Njoka              0712250139       Day       139        Kikesasec@gmail.com
  222. Machakos YATTA   KINAKA SECONDARY SCHOOL              PENINNAH MAKAU         0712014464       Day       333              kinakasecondary2020@gmail.com
  223. Machakos Yatta     Kithendu secondary school              BERNADETTE MUSYOKA 0700002421       Day       236              Kithendusecondary@gmail.com
  224. Machakos Yatta     Austin Matuu Sec Sch               Miriam Kamene Kyalo    0724 760715     Day       244              Matuudayschool@yahoo.com
  225. Machakos Yatta     Kionyweni Sec school     Mutia B. Mueni   071099142         Day       125              Kionywenisecondary@gmail.com
  226. Machakos Yatta     Magweti sec sch               M. Ndambuki           O729849856      Mixed day               104        magwetischool @gmail. Com
  227. Machakos Yatta     Kaluluini secondary school               Francisca Mutuku           725670065         Mixed day /boarding           446        kaluluinisecondary@gmail.com
  228. Machakos YATTA   TINGANGA SECONDARY SCHOOL               DICKSON MUGAMBI KABARA      722474924         Day              281        tingangasecondary@gmail.com
  229. Machakos Yatta     Kyua sec             Jonathan Musau Kitavi     0722431683       Mixed day/boarding       496              Kyuasec@gmail.com
  230. Machakos Yatta     Malatani secondary school               Kenneth muthomi Njeru              0721265135       Mixed day and boarding     182        Kennjeru2@gmail.com

That is the list of all the Sub County Secondary Schools in Machakos County, with the names of all the Sub- County Secondary Schools Principals and Contacts, as obtained in 2020.

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