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How to Check Your 2020 TSC Recruitment Online Application Status

Do you want to know your TSC job online application status? Do not worry, because as the application deadline elapses, all the TSC online applicants can easily find out the status of their applications.

All the teachers who applied online for the various vacant TSC posts including redeployment from primary to secondary schools, and fresh recruitments in September 2020, can check their application status and the current position.

Let’s get directly into the guide to help you check, track, and monitor your September 2020 Teachers Service Commission TSC recruitment online application status.

How to Check your 2020 TSC Job Online Application Status

1. Log in on the online TSC portal using this link: https://tsconline.tsc.go.ke/adverts/search-advert/, or simply click here. A page below appears.

2. Enter your TSC number, Do not use your I.D number as it will only show you your TSC registration details and contacts.

NB: If the TSC website shows a server error, then try some other time. The server error /404 error is due to server over load or poor server response time.

Alternatively, once the TSC merit list has been sent to the Counties, you can check your details there.

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  1. Zipporah Nyakwara says

    I am Zipporah Nyakwara tsc no 853614. I applied for job last week but my ststatus shows page not found. What may be the problem please?

    1. Fred ArapToo says

      Let’s wait for the deadline, and, or the server. Keep checking.

  2. Mr. MASAIKA. says

    Well done Governor Sang. God bless you.

  3. Joan Mulama says

    Hi do I know if I have been shortlisted and the interview dates?

  4. Lydia Wera says

    Is it the server or what is the problem… checking for my TSC job online application status but it’s telling me page not found…

  5. Evan mwangi says

    Telling me “page not found”when I try to check my online TSC application status.what could be the problem??

    1. Fred ArapToo says

      Server Error. Let’s wait for the Lists from the counties.

  6. mr simiyu says

    My page is not found why?

    1. Fred ArapToo says

      Server Error, Let’s wait for the lists from the Counties.

  7. Festus says

    My page is not found. Why

    1. Fred ArapToo says

      The TSC server shows errors due to overload. Kindly wait for the hard copies from the County/Sub County.

  8. Zola Akinyi says

    How will I know I have been short listed?

    1. Fred ArapToo says

      The TSC server shows errors due to overload. Kindly wait for the hard copies from the County/Sub County.

  9. David Oseko says

    Why is the status portal inactive uptown day because want to check the merit list

  10. Richard c tuei says

    Iam 48years old can i qualify to be employed by TSC?

  11. Lucy says

    How can we get the hard copies from the sub counties

    1. Fred ArapToo says

      We will publish the list when we get them. However, the list should be posted at the Sub-County offices.

  12. Juma Hassan says

    Hallow. Is the TSC shortlisted list ready?

    1. Fred ArapToo says

      As of replying to this questiion, we have not received any list.

  13. Peter Ombasa says


    The page always shows an error what can be done so that i can be able to see if my wife is shortlisted

    1. Fred ArapToo says

      Let’s wait for the TSC List of shortlisted candidates from the Counties.

  14. Justus Rono says

    The online application portal was still open till yesterday, does it mean anyone could still apply later thank 14th September?

    1. Fred ArapToo says

      Looks like there could be schools that didn’t get applicants.

  15. Juma Hassan says

    Halo. We are still waiting for the TSC shortlisted candidates. Interview is on 28/9/2020 and the names have not been released. What’s going on??

  16. ngesa says

    Yes we are waiting

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