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Kisumu County List of All Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kisumu County with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

In summary, this page contains:

  • Kisumu County List of Sub-County Secondary School Principals
  • Kisumu County List of Sub-County Secondary School Phone Contacts
  • Kisumu County List of Sub-County Secondary School email addresses

Kisumu County List of  Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Name of County         Name of Sub County  Name of School              Name of principal       School phone number Type of School Total enrolment       School email address

  1. Kisumu KISUMU West Usare sec School             Akute Daniel   0722488767       Day       188        usaresec@gmail.com
  2. Kisumu NYAKACH mbugra mixed secondary school              ABEL ODHIAMBO SIANG’ANI      0722571658       Day              273        mbugraschool@gmail.com
  3. Kisumu Kisumu Kobongo primary school Eliaha O. Opiyo    0798434839       Day       260        Kobongopri@gmail.com
  4. Kisumu Kisumu Bishop Abiero Shaurimoyo Dinnah Oboro   0202422599       Day       809              bishopabieroshaurimoyo@yohoo.com
  5. Kisumu Kisumu central Victory Christian High School              Francis Ager       0780009635       Mixed day and boarding              122        victorychristianhighschoolksm@gmail.com
  6. Kisumu Kisumu Central John Chrisostom Kudho Secondary School Onyango Rabet Abidha  0722875739              Day       627        St.johnchrisostom@yahoo.com
  7. Kisumu Kisumu Central Ken Obura Secondary School Mary Oruko       0722690391       Day       663              kenoburasec@gmail.com
  8. Kisumu Kisumu central Bishop Abiero shaurimoyo secondary school            Dinnah Oboro   0721544752       Day              805        bishopabieroshaurimoyo2015@gmail.com
  9. Kisumu KISUMU CENTRAL HIGHWAY HIGH SCHOOL              STEPHEN AJODE              0711778464       Day       108              stodipo@gmail.com
  10. Kisumu Kisumu central St ignatius loyola magadi              Desmond odongo           0706295542       Mixed day              886        marymuma2015@gmail.com
  11. Kisumu KISUMU CENTRAL LIONS HIGH SCHOOL              EUDIA OYIER      0703244663       Day       1431              lionshighschool@yahoo.com
  12. Kisumu KISUMU CENTRAL JOEL OMINO      RICHARD NYAYAL 722621949         Day       544        rnyayal@gmail.com
  13. Kisumu KISUMU CENTRAL IGNATIUS LOYOLA SECONDARY-MAGADI    ODONGO DESMOND OTIENO              0721698918       Day       886              odongodesmond18@gmail.com
  14. Kisumu Kisumu central Peter’s Nanga secondary school Lilian Christine Kwena    0724545691       Mixed Day              387        stpetersnanga@gmail.com
  15. Kisumu Kisumu East Orongo Mixed Secondary              Gilbert Otieno Ndolo      0713940233/ 0715899921              Mixed Day          360        Box 644 _40100 KISUMU
  16. Kisumu Kisumu East Dominic Bukna Secondary school   Bando Julius      +25476175997  Day       343              st.dominicbuknaschool@gmail.com
  17. Kisumu Kisumu East Nyamasaria Sec School  Sarah Obewa 0722887210       Day       720              Nyamasariasecondary@mail.com
  18. Kisumu Kisumu east Renja mixed secondary Hellen A Origa     0722426503       Day       254        3128- 40100
  19. Kisumu Kisumu East St Aloys Mayenya Secondary School  Judith Atieno     0721745217       Day       321              staloysmayenya@gmail.com
  20. Kisumu Kisumu East Got Nyabondo Secondary              Kennedy Jagila Onyango              0721219438       Day              149        nyabondogotsecondary@gmail.com
  21. Kisumu Kisumu East Obwolo Mixed Secondary School              Rose Omondi    0717176458       Day       657              obwoloschool@yahoo.com
  22. Kisumu Kisumu East St Albert Angira secondary              Peter Wafula Asmani     0713394666       Day       345              peterwafula12@gmail.com
  23. Kisumu Kisumu East Kibos Secondary School Emmanuel Otieno Okwama              0707070271       Day       625              kibossecondaryschool@gmail.com
  24. Kisumu Kisumu East Nyalunya Secondary       Douglas Otieno Omollo  O572505704      Day       404              nyalunyaschool@gmail.com
  25. Kisumu Kisumu East P.Owiti Chiga Sec        Paul Roche Agalo    0721943621       Day       192        rochepaul65@gmail.com
  26. Kisumu KISUMU EAST KASAGAM SECONDARY SCHOOL               GEORGE OPINDE             +254721717221               Mixed Boarding            927        gopinde@yahoo.com/ Kasagamseco@gmail.com
  27. Kisumu Kisumu East Peter’s Kindu Secondary School               Walter Otieno Atieno     721249698         Day       220              108-40100 Kisumu
  28. Kisumu Kisumu East Okok mixed sec               Douglas Musa Namatsi   0726701639       Day       432              okokschool@yahoo.com
  29. Kisumu Kisumu West Kisian Secondary School Bernard Auma   + 254 733 858 563          Mixed Day          620              kisiansec@yahoo.com
  30. Kisumu Kisumu west Maliera mixed secondary              Paulyne Otieno 0790691256       Mixed Boarding 33              ptythe@gmail.com
  31. Kisumu Kisumu West Obede mixed secondary school              Millicent Odhiambo       0724203948       Day       250              None
  32. Kisumu Kisumu west Tieng’re mixed sec          Zablon Otieno  0723108036       Mixed Boarding 523        Box 908 – 40100 Kisumu
  33. Kisumu KISUMU WEST BAR KORUMBA SECONDARY SCHOOL              MARY AMKE      0722764407       Mixed Boarding              113        barkorumba@gmail.com
  34. Kisumu Kisumu West Ongalo secondary           Linnet Odhiambo         0722645138       Day       415              ongslosec2019@yahoo.com
  35. Kisumu Kisumu west St Mary Gorrety Oluowa              Isaya Mung’oma             0722634632       Day       195              isayamungoma2014@gmail.com
  36. Kisumu Kisumu west Bar union secondary school               Betty Asioya Oyuga        0722272138       Day       825              barunionsec@yahoo.com
  37. Kisumu kisumu west Wachara mixed sec sch  Emily Awuor Okello    0722223402       Day       356              wacharmixed@yahoo.com
  38. Kisumu KISUMU WEST ULALO SECONDARY SCHOOL              SILAS ODHIAMBO OMULO          0721476513       Day              227        ulalokisumo@yahoo.com
  39. Kisumu Kisumu West AIC Olago Aluoch Alara Girls               Opiti A.O. Agneta            0720840267       Boarding Girls              300        agnetodindo@gmail.com
  40. Kisumu Kisumu West Osiri secondary school   MILLICENT Okoth   0720390673       Mixed Boarding 315              millieaduo@yahoo.com
  41. Kisumu KISUMU WEST NYANG’INJA SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOSEPH OKAKA OPANDE              0720236693       Day              147        nyanginjasecondary@gmail.com
  42. Kisumu Kisumu West Kawino Secondary school              Mrs Mildred Amina Kisia              0711868360       Day              160        mildredamina76@gmail.com
  43. Kisumu Kisumu West Antony Dago Kokore Secondary              Kennedy N. Nyabuto      0711115654       Day       550              dagokokoresecondary@gmail.com
  44. Kisumu KISUMU WEST SABEMBE SECONDARY SCHOOL              GERSON NYAMOLO        0700775296       Day       134              nyamologn@gmail.com
  45. Kisumu Kisumu West Gombe Kokulo Secondary School              Oyombo Josephine         0722295673       Day       184              gombekokulo@gmail.com
  46. Kisumu KISUMU WEST KANYAMEDHA MIXED SEC SCHOOL              LYDIAH OPIYO   0724710388       MIXED DAY SCHOOL              802        opiyolydiah@gmail.com
  47. Kisumu Kisumu West Kirembe Seconday School              Aluoch Mary Jenipher    0722223669       Day       380              kirembeschool@gmail.com
  48. Kisumu Kisumu west Dagothim secondary      Hobson Nyangau             0721252975       Mixed Boarding 196              dagothimsec@gmail.com
  49. Kisumu KISUMU WEST GABRIEL BAR ANDING’O MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     VITALIS OGOLLA              0722983734              Mixed Day          186        NA
  50. Kisumu Kisumu West Eluhobe Mixed Secondary school               Joel Odongo olielo          0722571967       Day       252              Eluhobesecschool@gmail.com
  51. Kisumu KISUMU WEST SUNGA  SECONDARY SCHOOL              MILLICENT ABUNGU       0722421423       MIXED DAY              147        Sungasecschool@gmail.com
  52. Kisumu Kisumu West Kuoyo Mixed Secondary school               Pauline Oluoch Ooro      721785552         Day       588              Mkuoyo @gmail.com
  53. Kisumu Kisumu West George’s Sianda Mixed Secondary          Alexius Ochieng Omenda             0711760811              Day       402        stgeorgesianda1996@yahoo.com
  54. Kisumu Kisumu west. Ogal mixed secondary.  Daniel owenga ojuok.  722932185         Day       122              Ogalsecsch@yahoo.com.
  55. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyatao Primary School  Timothy Lelmengit Selem              0732 666307.    Day       566              nyataoprimary@gmail.com
  56. Kisumu Muhoroni St Josephs Ngula Primary              Isaac Mbeche Adede      0722 566 909     Day       168              isaacadede4@gmail.com
  57. Kisumu Muhoroni Gul Primary       Lawrence O. Vitalis              +254 733 52 50 70          Day       325              gul2019@gmail.com
  58. Kisumu MUHORONI Kango Primary School    WILLY G.ODHIAMBO OWIDI     +254720384347               Day       540              kangoprimary@gmail.com
  59. Kisumu MUHORONI MINYANGE PRIMARY SCHOOL              ALEX OTIENO WAKALA   +254716870614               MIXED DAY              279        minyangeprimaryschool@gmail.com
  60. Kisumu Muhoroni Olik Oliero Primary School              Michael Opondo             0733472919       Day       660              Olikolieroprimaryschool7@gmail.com
  61. Kisumu Muhoroni Our lady of peace Muhoroni secondary School            Nixon Odalloh   0728293142       Mixed Boarding            481        ourladyofpeacemuhoroni@gmail.com
  62. Kisumu Muhoroni Mutwala Girls    Mary Atieno Ochola  0727809516       Day girls              185              mutwalagirls@gmail.com
  63. Kisumu Muhoroni Yawo Primary School      Michael Omwoso            0727576208       Day       429              michaelomwoso69@gmail.com
  64. Kisumu Muhoroni Oginga Odinga Tamu Mixed secondary          Susan M Akinyi  0727271899       Day       243              ogingaodingasch@gmail.com
  65. Kisumu Muhoroni St John’s lwala mixed secondary School  Peter Odhiala Maranya 0727079515       Day       91              petermaranya17@gmail.com
  66. Kisumu Muhoroni Omanyi primary              Hezbon Ogowe  0727033662       Mixed Day          137              omanyiprimary@gmail.com
  67. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyando mixed sec school              Namunguba wanjala      0726445731       Day       378              nyandomixed2017@gmail
  68. Kisumu Muhoroni Muhoroni Primary School              Charles Abonyo 0726436335       Day       739              muhoroniprimaryschool@gmail.com
  69. Kisumu Muhoroni Chemelil factory              Peter pande   0726150015       Day       590        Nil
  70. Kisumu MUHORONI GOD NYITHINDO PRIMARY              ALICE ANGURA  0725967327       Day       142              godnyithindo@gmail.com
  71. Kisumu Muhoroni Bacho primary  Awelo Charles              0725932732       Day       171        awelocharly13@gmail.com
  72. Kisumu Muhoroni George Wuok  Primary School              Paul  Muna        0725586576       Day       428              Stgeorgewuok@gmail.com
  73. Kisumu MUHORONI KORE PRIMARY SCHOOL ALPHAS ANEYA  0725529505       Day       226        koreprimary@gmail.com
  74. Kisumu MUHORONI Mutwala primary            Gravira Athembo            0725293928       Day       531        Box 65, _40107 Muhoroni
  75. Kisumu MUHORONI KANDEGE PRIMARY SCHOOL              JOHN CHERUIYOT BYEGON          0724821017       Day              330        Kandegeprimaryschool@gmail.com
  76. Kisumu Muhoroni Okwach Hezron oindo              0724373222       Day       510        Okwachpri@gmail.com
  77. Kisumu muhoroni Nyadundo primary         kenneth were     0724300235       Mixed day          367              Kennethabuora@gmaildotcom
  78. Kisumu Muhoroni Jagir Singh primary         Albert Abira     0723844976       Day       258        Jagir Singh@gmail.com
  79. Kisumu Muhoroni Osiri_Migere primary on              Peter Otieno Meso         723842664         Mixed primary              513        osirimigere@gmail.com
  80. Kisumu Muhoroni Wagai primary school    FELIX Ngesa Waganda              0723788634       Day       350        Pwagai 2019@gmail.com
  81. Kisumu Muhoroni Ngeny sec school            Dalmas Mbati    0723701067       Mixed day          237              ngenysecondaryschool2@gmail.com
  82. Kisumu Muhoroni Osembe  primary  school              Barnabas  Ouma  Opuko              0723245147       Mixed  Day              230        osembeprimaryschoo@gmail.com
  83. Kisumu Muhoroni Songhor Secondary School              Barnaba tindo  Aduke    0722945097       Day       230        94 songhor
  84. Kisumu Muhoroni Rita Ramula Girls        Truphena               0722934853       Boarding Girls    256              ritaramula@gmail.com
  85. Kisumu MUHORONI KORU ST.JOHNS PRIMARY              NEREAH ATIENO ADUL   0722660616       MIXED DAY              438        Koruprimary@gmail.com
  86. Kisumu Muhoroni Patrick’s Oduwo Sec school               Cosmas Ochieng Ochanyo           0722634143       Mixed Day               280        Oduwosecschool@gmail.com
  87. Kisumu Muhoroni Achuodho primary         Charles Odhiambo Onditi            0722612131       Mixed Day          357              charlyonditi@gmail.com
  88. Kisumu Muhoroni Tamu Primary    Francis Owino Oduma 0722593356       Day       457        Tamu Primary School @gmail.com
  89. Kisumu Muhoroni Sugar Research Sec school              Damaris Auma Abiero    0722576685       Day       112              sugarresearchsecsch@gmail.com
  90. Kisumu Muhoroni Archbishop Okoth Ochoria              Raphael muga   0722365454       Mixed day/boarding              170        archbishopokoth@gmail.com
  91. Kisumu Muhoroni Osengteti primary          Barrack Owinga 0722218674       Day       228        Nil
  92. Kisumu Muhoroni Kibigori Mixed Secondary School              Benard Odhiambo Sirama           0721943663       Day              360        kibigorisecondary@gmail.com
  93. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyangoma Primary School              Patrick Otieno Okuku     0721913392       Day       399              strivetoexcell2@gmail.com
  94. Kisumu Muhoroni Obiayo primary Hulder Okuto              0721845155       Day       270              obiayoprimary2016@gmail.com
  95. Kisumu Muhoroni Padre Pio Masogo Girls  Pamela Mgangai             0721823235       Girls day             118              mgangaip@gmail.com
  96. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyarenda Primary           Mrs Jecynter Olang  0721744038       Day       234              Nyarendaprimaryschool@gmail.com
  97. Kisumu Muhoroni Ombeyi primary              Mr Damanus Olang 0721619625       Day       654              damanusolang80@gmail.com
  98. Kisumu Muhoroni Ngere kagoro mixed       Wilson Obengo 0721517520       Day       425              theschoolngerekagoro@gmail.com
  99. Kisumu Muhoroni Kolang Primary School              CHRISPINUS OTIENO ADUWA     0721288803       Mixed Day              217        kolang2020@outlook.com
  100. Kisumu Muhoroni St Andrew’s masara mixed sec              Polo Francis       0720903340       Day       170        St Andrew’s masaramixed@gmail.com
  101. Kisumu MUHORONI MARIWA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              WYCLIFFE ANGATIA        0720803782       Day              122        mariwasec@gmail.com
  102. Kisumu Muhoroni Olik Oliero Mixed Secondary.              Evance Isanya.  0720747699       Day       216              olikoliero@gmail.com.
  103. Kisumu Muhoroni Mariwa Primary school  George Julius Omondi    0720485964       Day       356              Mariwaprimaryschool
  104. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyany primary school              Ambrose Oluoch Omange     0720058224       Day              287        ambroseomange@gmail.com
  105. Kisumu MUHORONI ODUWO PRIMARY          TOBIAS MIRITO 0718628103       Day       536              ODUWOPRIMARYSCHOOL@YOO.COM
  106. Kisumu Muhoroni Homalime Primary School              Benter M.A.Oduor          0714547484       Day       328              akothobonyo@gmail.com
  107. Kisumu Muhoroni Ogwodo primary school Dominic A.Miruka            0712155389       Mixed day          573              ogwodoprimaryschool@gmail.com
  108. Kisumu Muhoroni Ramula Richard  Arina  Defe              0711671185       Day       296        arinadede@gmail.com
  109. Kisumu MUHORONI AUGUSTINE’S R.C KANDEGE SECONDARY      JAMES G. MABEYA          0705850818       Mixed Boarding            1043      st.augustinekandege@gmail.com
  110. Kisumu Muhoroni Rang’ombe        Dickson Adede              078369062         Day       456        albertdonge@yahoo.com
  111. Kisumu Muhoroni Jaber primary school      Rose Demesi Muguzu              072023667         Day       167              jaberprimary9@gmail.com
  112. Kisumu Muhoroni Kware Primary school    Martin Owino   0726987044       Day       230              kwareprimaryschool@gmail.com
  113. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyakoko secondary        George Ouma Ombok    0728149906       Mixed Day/Boarding      1024              Nyakokosecondaryschool@gmail.com
  114. Kisumu MUHORONI Ogilo Primary    WILLIAM OTIENO OGEDA 0727649934       Day       350        ogiloprimary2019@g mail.com
  115. Kisumu Muhoroni Omanyi Sec.School         Stephen Arodi Athembo Tsc  247105        0726219687       Day       150              arodistephen@gmail.com
  116. Kisumu Muhoroni Lwala primary school     Paulus Otieno Okuku    0722424770       Day       248              Lwalaprim@gmail.c
  117. Kisumu MUHORONI GOT RUKE PRIMAY SCHOOL              BEATRICE AUMA OUKO 0721741860       Day       194              gotrukeprischool@gmail.com
  118. Kisumu Muhoroni Kiliti primary school        Robert Oyugi Onono     712228291         Day       703        Kiliti primary @gmail.com
  119. Kisumu Muhoroni Keyo primary     John omoyi               O711753680      Day       343              Johnjomoomyi@gmail.com.
  120. Kisumu Muhoroni Kibigori main primary school               Nelson Odhiambo Adwek            None     Day       305              None
  121. Kisumu Muhoroni Yago primary     Rose A.Nyalik    NA               Day       226        Yagoprimaryschool @Yahoo. com.
  122. Kisumu MUHORONI Ombeyi mixed sec          Soita Muhuyi               0728630394       Mixed Boarding 1120              ombeyisecoschool@gmail.com
  123. Kisumu Muhoroni Gatundu Primary School               Charles Owino Osiro       0726375200       Day       46              charlesosiro@gmail.com
  124. Kisumu MUHORONI AYIECHO OBUMBA SEC               EDWIN OMONDI AGERE               0722245535       Day              596        edagere@gmail.com
  125. Kisumu Muhoroni St Cornelius Nyangoto mixed secondary school            Vincent Abong’o Ochich               0722221793       Day       258              stcorneliusnyangoto14@gmail.com
  126. Kisumu Muhoroni Ngeny Integrated Primary               obedy  osotsi imbukwa  0721971915       Day       340              ngeny@yahoo.com
  127. Kisumu Muhoroni St Boniface Magare Sec School               Muyekho Maurice Makokha.      711810002         Day              183        stbonifacemagare@mail.com
  128. Kisumu Muhoroni OBUMBA PRIMARY         HENRY ONYANGO ODERA           0710701909       Day       757        Obumba primary @gmail.com
  129. Kisumu Muhoroni Makindu Primary            Owich Sylvester M.Ochieng      0708164877       Mixed Boarding 413              sylvesterowich@gmail.com
  130. Kisumu Muhoroni Benedict’s  Nyangoma  sec. School   Margaret Omoto             0704726557       Day       455              stbenedictsnyangomasec@gmail.com
  131. Kisumu Muhoroni Sub County Ayiecho Nyatao Secondary School  Julius Kibisu Engafu        0722983670       Day       655              ayiechonyatao2016@gmail.com
  132. Kisumu Nyakach Kabuya Primary Maurice Mola Obungu +254723930806               Day       320              kabuyaprimary@gmail.com
  133. Kisumu Nyakach Miriu Mixed sec school  Paul Okello              +254720582714               Day       157              okelloatieno@yahoo.com
  134. Kisumu Nyakach St Jeromo Andingo Olasi primary school   Nathaniel Otieno Guya  +254712785938               Day              200        nathanielotienoguya@gmail.com
  135. Kisumu Nyakach Agai primary school        William Otieno Auma     0729577637       Day       940        Not available
  136. Kisumu NYAKACH William Booth secondary              JAMES OUMA ADEYA     0728032763       Day       86              barkawarindasecondary@gmail.com
  137. Kisumu NYAKACH CHACHI PRIMARY            OGONGO PETER OMONDI 0727940061       Day       320        Chachi@gmail.com
  138. Kisumu NYAKACH CHERWA MIXED SEC SCHOOL              JARED OLUOCH NGESO  0727882068       Day       248              thecherwasch@gmail.com
  139. Kisumu Nyakach Sondu union primary     Josephat Mouti   0726654001       Day       567        Sonduunionps@yahoo com
  140. Kisumu Nyakach Andingo Opanga sec school              Joseph Gisiri Boroyi        0726446046       Day       310              josephgisiri@gmail.com
  141. Kisumu Nyakach Ngope Primary  Julia A. Ondiek              0725381268       Day       142        ngopeprimary@gimail.com
  142. Kisumu Nyakach Bodi Mixed Secondary School              Mrs Wanyona Murunga 0725214240       Mixed Boarding              320        mwanyona@yahoo.com
  143. Kisumu Nyakach Charles Lwanga Ndori Sec              Mabuka Wafula George 0724997379       Day       174              stcharleslwangaschoo@gmail.com
  144. Kisumu Nyakach Kachan Primary school  Richard O.Ngesa              0724928030       Day       447              Kachanprimaryschool@yahoo.com
  145. Kisumu NYAKACH NG’OMO PRIMARY         SOSPETER KEGERA MANG’ERA        0724726609       Day       557              sospeter778@gmail.com
  146. Kisumu Nyakach Paul’s Abwao mixed sec school.              Petronilla khachiti Mabya            0724702884       Day              469        abwaomixedschool@yahoo.com
  147. Kisumu Nyakach Ragen aic secondry school               Henry angaya    0724146286       Day       132              ragenaicmixedsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  148. Kisumu NYAKACH MORO MIXED SEC SGHOOL              NASSER OPE      0723914366       Mixed Boarding 310              morosecondary@ gmail.com
  149. Kisumu Nyakach Hillary kajimbo            JOSEPH YIMBO ALWENGE           0723089675       Day       156              Kajimboprischool@gmail.com
  150. Kisumu Nyakach Sango Buru Mixed secondary school   George Opiyo Nyangwe 0722563059       Mixed Boarding              415        sangoburusecondary@yahoo.com
  151. Kisumu NYAKACH APONDO KASAYE SECONDARY SCHOOL              Gordon Kayo Dulo          0722443419       Day              217        apondokasaye@gmail.com
  152. Kisumu Nyakach Aloys Gem secondary school               John muroki      0722300431       Mixed Boarding 414              murokijon@gmail.com
  153. Kisumu Nyakach OLWALO MIXED              Aggrey Onyango Mbori 0722226139       Day       63              mboriaggrey@gmail.com
  154. Kisumu Nyakach Bishop N.K Ngala             Agai O. Jacob    0721848806       Day       206              bishopnkngalasecondary@gmail.com
  155. Kisumu Nyakach Siany Mixed Sec.School Beatrice Achieng Apiyo   0721780250       A small boarding             169              sianymixed@yahoo.com
  156. Kisumu Nyakach St Patrick’s Obange Mixed Secondary School            Dorothy Makotsi Lukulu 0720758872              Day       100        stpatricksobange@gmail.com
  157. Kisumu NYAKACH LAWRENCE KOGOLA JUDITH MUKASA             0720686961       Day       230              stlawrencekogolasec@gmail.com
  158. Kisumu Nyakach Lwanda High School       Thomas Okeyo Ogutu     0720678256       Day       140              lwandahigh@yahoo.com
  159. Kisumu NYAKACH OCHWADO PRIMARY SCHOOL              GEORGE OKUTO GUDA  0720202879       Day       213              gudageorge63@gmail.com
  160. Kisumu Nyakach Urudi mixed secondary school              Lazarus Otieno Opondo 0720038496       Mixed day secondary school            602        lazarusopondo@yahoo.com
  161. Kisumu Nyakach Onego Primary  CHRISTOPHER OKECH NYIKUONG’A       0718458671       Day       480        no email address
  162. Kisumu Nyakach Naki Mixed Secondary School              Margaret Wasilwa          0715391791       Mixed Boarding              351        nakisecondary1975@gmail.com
  163. Kisumu Nyakach Mbora Mixed secondary School              Soita Muzengeli Mulati  0713789799       Day       83              Mborasec@yahoo.com
  164. Kisumu NYAKACH HILARIUS NYABONDO SECONDARY SCHOOL     JAPHARY OMARY NYANGWESO              0712299041       Day       418        jafan72@gmail.com
  165. Kisumu Nyakach Guu Mixed Sec School    Stephen Riat Otiaro         0711378194       Mixed Boarding 431              stephenriat@gmail.com
  166. Kisumu nyakach kandaria secondary school              martin mito ogodo         0710969289       Day       128              ogodo@yahoo.com
  167. Kisumu NYAKACH ANTONY’S SECONDARY SCHOOL-KAJIMBO          LUMUMBA NYASIMI      0710937301              MIXED BOARDING AND DAY.      320              st.antonykajimbosecondary@gmail.com
  168. Kisumu NYAKACH MARY’S NYAMARIMBA GIRLS SECONDARY School        MORNICA AKINYI OMBOGO              0710312049       DAY/BOARDING 320              nyamarimbagirls@gmail.com
  169. Kisumu Nyakach Maraba Primary              Amos otieno Awendo 0704952475       Day       228              marabaprimary@10gmail.com
  170. Kisumu nyakach Kawili prmar      silvester makori michieka             0702554806       Day       221        Kailiprimary @gmail .com
  171. Kisumu Nyakach Agai Mixed Secondary School               Odongo Nelly          0722794592       Mixed Day and Boarding             1864      agaimixedsec@gmail.com
  172. Kisumu Nyakach Nyadina Mixed Secondary School               Jacob Onyango Owiti      0715077597       Mixed day and boarding             186        nyadinahighschool@gmail.com
  173. Kisumu Nyakach Oremo Mixe      Mildred  J Ngore              0727662237       Mixed  Day         150        Mildredngore @gmail.com
  174. Kisumu Nyakach Sang’oro Primary School               Leo Amolo         0724727952       Day       320              sangoroprimary@gmail.com
  175. Kisumu Nyakach Nyong’ong’a Secondary Maxwell Odhiambo          0723478092       Mixed Day and Boarding               352        nyongschool@gmail.com
  176. Kisumu Nyakach Abwao primary Elijah Owino Maira              0713522810       Day       163              Abwaoprimary2019@yahoo.com
  177. Kisumu Nyakach Nyabola Mixed sec school               Elly Okello Oluoch           0711890299       Day       150              Nyabolasec@gmail.com
  178. Kisumu Nyakach Anding’o Bware primary school               Peter Odhiambo Onditi 725378323         Day       140              anding’obwareprisch@gmail.com
  179. Kisumu Nyakach Kabete primary Jared Rwenyo obaita   0723794322       Day       330              Kabeteprimary@yahoo.com
  180. Kisumu Nyakach Holo mixed Sec school   Nyaundi Kenneth Y.A       0723701393       Day       148              holomixed@gmail.com
  181. Kisumu Nyakach Pawtenge sec school      Rebecca Omany 0722631231       Day       438        Secopawtenge@gmail.com
  182. Kisumu Nyakach Cornelius Ramula Odowa Sec               Kizito Ongeso Awori       0708677989       Day       483              ramulasecondary57@gmail.com
  183. Kisumu Nyakach sub county Rakwaro sec. school              Peter Maina       0725219675       Mixed day and boarding              362        rakwarosec@yahoo.com
  184. Kisumu Nyando Nyalenda Girls Secondary School Joyce Adhiambo Omondi Otieno              +254726815923              Day       155        nyalendagirls@gmail.com
  185. Kisumu Nyando Alendu Secondary School Juma Moses  +254722455153               Day       548              alenduseco@yahoo.com/jumoswanj@gmail.com
  186. Kisumu NYANDO RANJIRA MIXED SEC SCHOOL              SOLOMON KOKIRO         0733419577       Day       410              ranjirasecondaryschool@hotmail.com
  187. Kisumu Nyando Kobura girls secondary School JANE NYABATE NYANDORO    0729984490       Day       142              School@Yahoo.com
  188. Kisumu Nyando Lela mixed secondary school A.Madungu            0729948302       Day       1155              rose.madungu@yahoo.com
  189. Kisumu Nyando Ongeche mixed secondary Odero Jack Peppard             0728666946       Day       227              jackpeppard2020@gmail.com
  190. Kisumu NYANDO KANYANG’ORO MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              MARGARET A. MOHAMMED      0727813247              Day       89          margaret@yahoo.com
  191. Kisumu Nyando Kanyangoro mixed secondary school Margaret A Mohammed              0727813247       Day       89              kanyangorosec@gmail.com or Mohammed.margaret@yahoo.com
  192. Kisumu Nyando Kolal mixed secondary Damar Mama Akinyi okuom    0722689992       Day       102        kolal mixed secondary@gmail.com
  193. Kisumu Nyando Disi Secondary School Beatrice Owano Ayanga 0722580285       Day       147        disisecondary@yahoo.com
  194. Kisumu Nyando Kowuor Okumu Dolores 0722243789 Day       102        Kowuorsecondary@gmail.com
  195. Kisumu Nyando St Teresa’s Wawidhi mixed Jael ogonji              0721990756       Day       62          Jael ogonji1969@gmail.com
  196. Kisumu Nyando Michael Wanganga sec school Albert Aboth      0721794981       Day       141              Albertaboth@yahoo.com
  197. Kisumu NYANDO NDRU MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              MBOYA PETER OLOO      0721740129       Day       105              ndurusecondary2019@gmail.com
  198. Kisumu Nyando Odienya Secondary school James Juma Okewa      0721454172       Day       164              jjokewa77@yahoo.com
  199. Kisumu Nyando Charles Lwanga Nyamkebe Rose Agosa Ogama 0721430261       Mixed Boarding 140              Stcharleslwanga@gmail.com
  200. Kisumu Nyando Peter’s konim secondary school Edward Iraya lubanga    0721141445       Day       196              konimsec@gmail.com
  201. Kisumu Nyando Karanda Mixed secondary Jessica M  Musee  0720986945       Day       664        Karanda school@gmail.com
  202. Kisumu Nyando Apondo mixed sec Amunga Nicholas mwinnai             0720046490       Day       196              amunganic6@gmail.com
  203. Kisumu Nyando Reru AIC Sec School Millicent Adhiambo Acholla           0718077583       Day       440              millicentadhis@gmail.com
  204. Kisumu Nyando Arombo Mixed Secondary School Ojwang’ Charles Sialo     0717651664       Mixed Day              158        arombohigh@yahoo.com
  205. Kisumu Nyando Kanyagwal Mixed Sec. School Kotieno E.R. Ouma          0715646119       Day       226              ramjuskotieno@yahoo.com
  206. Kisumu Nyando Awasi PAG Girls Sec. PHOEBE WENDO              0712830796       Girls Boarding and Day  200              awasigirs@gmail.com
  207. Kisumu Nyando St Christopher Ayweyo mixed sec school Koko oums         0712766685       Day       286              cyayweyo@gmail.com
  208. Kisumu NYANDO PALA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              CHARLES             0722 213315      Day       305              palamixed@gmail.com
  209. Kisumu Nyando OKANJA mixed sec          Riselyn A Ogolla   0722602038       Mixed Day          250              secondaryokanja7@gmail.com
  210. Kisumu Nyando Onjiko Kobongo Mixed secondary              Omondi Nyanjom           0721272678       Day       41              anolyce2007@gmail.com
  211. Kisumu Nyando Kandaria Secondary school- Nyando               Dorothy Osino- Ogolla   0722949267       Mixed- day               193        kandariaschool@gmail.com
  212. Kisumu Nyando Vispa Emmanuel high school 96              Philip Odhiambo Ouda  715279028         Mixed Boarding 96              vispaemmanuelschool@gmail.com
  213. Kisumu Nyando Bunde Mixed secondary school              Jael Akinyi Onyango        0721443710       Mixed Day and boarding             446        jaelonyango2016@gmail.com
  214. Kisumu Ombaka Mixed Sec School.              James Motachi Momanyi.           0720400171       Day              124        momanyimotachi@gmail.com
  215. Kisumu seme Manywanda mixed sec school    Chrispine omondi otieno  0724042531       Mixed day          122              chrispineomondi 20@gmail.com
  216. Kisumu Seme Engineer Owiti Abol Girls’ Secondary              Silpa Akoth Ongori          0723842670       Day Girls              164        engineerowitiabolgirlssecondary@yahoo.com
  217. Kisumu Seme Orando Secondary School           Hippolitus Omondi Ochieng             0723800349       Day       637              orandosec@gmail.com
  218. Kisumu Seme Bonde secondary school              James Franc Abonyo    0723494851       Day       753              bondesecondary@gmail.com
  219. Kisumu Seme Ranen Girls        Alice Otieno              0723166120       Boarding Girls    144              aliotieno66@gmail.com
  220. Kisumu Seme St Paul’s Barkorwa Mixed Sec     George Ombewa            0723130436       Day       204              barkorwasec@gmail.com
  221. Kisumu SEME BISHOP OKOTH MIRANGA SECONDARY              PETER VICTOR ODUNDO              0722942940       MIXED DAY & BOARDING     326        bishmiranga@gmail.com
  222. Kisumu Seme St Peter’s Kajulu mixed sec school              Margery sitawa waluchio            0722628321       Day              571        margeryl@yahoo.com
  223. Kisumu Seme Prof Anyang Nyongo sec              Nyaata Omoni  0722490752       Day       123        gonyaata10@gmail.com
  224. Kisumu Seme Omuya Mixed Sec Sch    Odunga Olayo              0722250756       Day       218           olayo64@gmail.com
  225. Kisumu Seme Nyawanga mixed secondary School              Samuel Mboga Ageng’o 0721546586       Day       88              Nyawangamixedsecondaryschool@yahoo.com
  226. Kisumu Seme ALUNGO MIXED sec.school         Jacton Juma Amolo      0721447155       Day       236              ALUNGOMIXED@GMAIL.COM
  227. Kisumu Seme Alwala Mixed Secondary school Samuel Gombe Ingutia 0721445563       Mixed day and boarding              322        alwslasec@gmail.com
  228. Kisumu Seme Kit mikayi mixed secondary school              Alfred Edward ochiel      0721266741       Day       476              Kitmisec2019@gmail.com
  229. Kisumu Seme Diemo secondary school              Lucy Achieno              0720401502       Day       546              Diemosec@gmail.zom
  230. Kisumu Seme Korwenje Secondary      Hellen Akoth Otieno  0720306223       Day       76              korwenjesecondary@gmail.com
  231. Kisumu seme Asol mixed secondary school      Joshua Otieno Nyatuoro             0720175197       Day       324              asolschool16
  232. Kisumu SEME RATTA mixed Sec            Rev ROSEMARY ONGALO OTIENO            0712718090       Day       724              rattamixed@gmail,com
  233. Kisumu Seme Nyatigo mixed sec school            Kennedy odhiambo oguta             0711633461       Day       350              Nyatigosecondary@gmail.com
  234. Kisumu Seme Mariwa mixed secondary school Ochieng Dick kaligaye      0710261160       Day       364              mariwamixedsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  235. Kisumu Seme St John’s ngutu sec         David Michael               722881569         Day       267              Stjohnngutusecondary@gmail.com
  236. Kisumu Seme Rapogi secondary school             Nyakech Erick      722270676         Mixed Boarding 509        Rapsec@gmail.
  237. Kisumu Seme BISHOP ABIERO ORUGA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     Kennedy P Ochieng Ojero               0722683885       Day       260              baossorugamixedsec@gmail.com
  238. Kisumu Seme NDURU KADERO GIRLS   PAMELLAH ACHIENG AWILI               0722642091       Day       66          BOX 57, AKALA
  239. Kisumu seme kadero sunrise ndong’a Judith   722438318              Day       134        kaderosunrise@gmail.com
  240. Kisumu Seme Mayieka mixed secondary school               Lucas Oyugi John            0718564758       Day       200              mayiekamixedsec@yahoo.com
  241. Kisumu Sene Aduong Monge sec         Kepher Nyagaka.              0720640379       Day       205              Aduongmongesec@gmail.com

That is the list of all the Sub County Secondary Schools in Kisumu County, with the names of all the Sub- County Secondary Schools Principals and Contacts, as obtained in 2020.

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