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Bomet County List of All Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Bomet County with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

In summary, this page contains:

  • Bomet County List of Sub-County Secondary School Principals
  • Bomet County List of Sub-County Secondary School Phone Contacts
  • Bomet County List of Sub-County Secondary School email addresses

Bomet County List of  Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Name of County         Name of Sub County  Name of School              Name of principal       School phone number Type of School Total enrolment       School email address

  1. Bomet CHEPALUNGU SUB COUNTY       KIPROROGET SECONDARY SCHOOL              MR ROBERT KOROS        0723 427779      MIXED DAY/BOARDING              729        Kiprorogethighschool@gmail.com
  2. Bomet Bomet  central  Chesoen girls     Ruth Ngetich              0722579317       Boarding Girls    283              ruthngetich68@gmail.com
  3. Bomet Bomet  central Kimargis secondary         Stephen kirui               0720952481       Mixed Boarding 137              kimargissecondary@gmail. Com
  4. Bomet Bomet  East       Kimuchul sec     Jared  Omosa               0721322831       Mixed Boarding 350              Kimuchulsec@gmail.com
  5. Bomet BOMET CENTRAL            KAMOGOSO SECONDARY SCHOOL              RUTH AKINYI ODAGO     0729312990       Day       628              kamogosomixed@gmail.com
  6. Bomet Bomet central   Kwenikabilet secondary school  Mr Langat Cheruiyot David 0729149965       Day       260        langatcheruiyot 70@gmail.com
  7. Bomet bomet central   Chuiyat primary school  Stephen O mose              0728567705       Day       181        stephenotao@yahoo.com
  8. Bomet Bomet Central   Leldaet Sec         Wilson Barsire              0728304080       Day       55          willybarsire@gmail.com
  9. Bomet Bomet central   Manyatta mixed day secondary Geoffrey cheruiyot            0727058732       Day       126              Manyattasec19@gmail.com
  10. Bomet Bomet central   Oldabach pry school       Philip Langat              0723876948       Day       396              Oldabachptimaryschool@gmail.co
  11. Bomet Bomet central   Aisaik primary   Soi Lilly Vaelet              0723830308       Mixed day          292              aisaikprimary@yahoo.com
  12. Bomet BOMET CENTRAL            KIPSIWON PRIMARY SCHOOL              BENJAMIN KIMETHO      0723721119       Day       398              Primarykipsiwon@gmail.com
  13. Bomet Bomet Central   Kiplokyi mixed/Day        Elly Rotich              0723379778       Mixed Boarding 271              Kiplokyi74@gmail.com
  14. Bomet Bomet central   Muiywek secondary       Vincent k langat              0723354805       Mixed day          333              muiyweksec@gmail.com
  15. Bomet Bomet central   Ndarawetta Mixed Day  Gibson kipsigey Cheruiyot           0723118419       Day       379              gibsoncheruiyot4@gmail.com
  16. Bomet Bomet central   Singorwet mixed sec school        Benson chonge 0723037077       Day       200              singorwetsecschool@gmail.com
  17. Bomet Bomet Central   Chesoen Boys High School           Douglas Kipkorir Kapkiai 0722662498       Boys Boarding/Day         316              Chesoenhighschool@gmail.com
  18. Bomet Bomet Central   Kitoben Secondary School           Francis Oketch  0722496133       Day       128              Kitobenhighschool@gmail.com
  19. Bomet Bomet central   Kapsangaru sec school.  Wilson Kering              0722162930       Day       131              Kapsangarusecondary@gmail.com
  20. Bomet Bomet central   Solyot secondary school Joel Tuei              0721571878       Day       207              Solyotsecondarysch@gmail.com
  21. Bomet Bomet central   Kapsimotwo Mixed day secondary              Johana Kipngeno maritim            0721332367       Day              370        357 Bomet
  22. Bomet Bomet central   Taabet secondary school             Mwangi Peter murigi       0721136466       Day       194              taabetsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  23. Bomet Bomet central   Maaset Rubylyn 0720243189       Day              226        maasetsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  24. Bomet Bomet central   Dr steury memorial primary        Lillian kagendo             0720167527       Day       356              wkagendolillian@yahoo.com
  25. Bomet Bomet Central   AISAIK SECONDARY SCHOOL       Caroline Jeruiyot Kandie 0717496796       Mixed Day/Boarding      510              aisaiksec12@gmail.com
  26. Bomet Bomet Central   Mogoiywet”B” secondary            Daniel Sabore  0712817851       Mixed Boarding 270              mogoiywetsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  27. Bomet Bomet central   secondary             Philiph chepkwony              0711733804       Day       172        Philiphchepkwony 56@gmail.com
  28. Bomet BOMET CENTRAL            CHEPNGAINA SECONDARY SCHOOL              PAUL KIRUI         0704384027       Day       301              chepngainasec@gmail.com
  29. Bomet Bomet Central   Molinga Secondary School          Vivian Chebet Waitage 0700680990       Mixed Day          173              molingasecondary@gmail.com
  30. Bomet Bomet central   Kanusin Girls Secondary School  Florence Cherotich Yegon              0700584916       Day       200              kanusingirls@gmail.com
  31. Bomet Bomet Central   Njorwet Mix Day Secondary school              Dickson Mutai   0724048010       Day       120              njorwetsecondarybomet@gmail.com
  32. Bomet Bomet central   OLDABACH SEC SCHOOL              Wesley kiprotich Too     0720952444       Day       200              Oldabachschool@gmail.com
  33. Bomet BOMET CENTRAL            MOTIGO SECONDARY SCHOOL              MASAI SELINA   0720494524       Mixed Boarding 408              motigosecondary@gmail.com
  34. Bomet Bomet central   Teganda mixed Day        Peter k konga              077593600         Day       150        Peterkonga@gmail.com
  35. Bomet Bomet Central   Sibaiyan Mixed Secondary School              Wilberforce Juma Mukhone       0704388235       Day              211        sibaiyanmixedsec@gmail.com
  36. Bomet BOMET CENTRAL            RORET B PRIMARY SCHOOL              RUTH JEBITOK MISE        0723176562       Day       90              primaryroretb@yahoo.com
  37. Bomet Bomet central   Mugango girls secondary school               Mary Boen         0729039222       Girls day boarding               270        mugangogirls@gmail.com
  38. Bomet Bomet central   Kabungut mixed day secondary school              David K Rono     0723346719       Day       348              Kabungutmixedsecondary@gmail.com
  39. Bomet Bomet Central   Bishop C Korir Segutiet Girls Secondary              Ater Millicent Akinyi       0715196965       Boarding Girls    80              bishopckorir@gmail.com
  40. Bomet Bomet Central   Chesoen pry school        Elijah K Too               0726239229       Day       553        Chesoenpry@gmail.com
  41. Bomet Bomet Central   Tarakwa High School      Samwel Mweruti               0724835427       Mixed Day/Boarding      511              tarakwahigh@gmail.com
  42. Bomet Bomet central   Salaik day mixed secondary school               KIMUTAI kerich Leonard              0722944801       Day mixed              74          Salaikdaymixedsecschool@gmail.com
  43. Bomet Bomet Central   Nyongores Secondary school      Dismas Omoke 0721546534       Mixed Boarding 362              nyongoress@gmail.com
  44. Bomet Bomet CentralJackson   Njerian Sec school          Jackson Rotich9 0728401600       Mixed Boarding 238              jackrotich42@gmail
  45. Bomet Bomet East        KORARA SECONDARY     Ngeno Geoffrey              0729353048       Integrated          408              korarasecondaryschool@gmail.com
  46. Bomet Bomet east        Saoset sec          Jonah Korir              0728104616       Day       200        jkorir61@gmail.com
  47. Bomet BOMET EAST     NORERA SECONDARY     RUTTO K. JOHNSTONE       726225685         Day       336              norerasecondaryschool@gmail.com
  48. Bomet Bomet East        Merigi sec          Tonui Leonard               0725896808       Mixed day and boarding              396              tannlenard@gmail.com
  49. Bomet Bomet east        Kiplabotwa sec school    Philip Ruto              0725823942       Mixed day and boarding              380              O. Box 29, 20402- Longisa.
  50. Bomet Bomet East        Longisa Mixed secondary            Charles k Ronoh  0724813605       Mixed Boarding 373              longisamixed@gmail.com
  51. Bomet Bomet east        Kakimirai mixed Sawe george              0724608465       Mixed Boarding 220              gsawe2015@gmail.com
  52. Bomet BOMET EAST     EMITIOT DAY SEC            SAMUEL MURGOR              0723628876       Day       171              emitiotsecondary@gmail.com
  53. Bomet Bomet East        Chemaner secondary school       Concepter Ombachi            0722877694       Mixed day and boarding              507        chemanersec@gmail.com
  54. Bomet Bomet East        Cheboin Secondary school          Aloys Kiriago Nyagechi             0722817651       Day       380              arifflight@gmail.com
  55. Bomet BOMET EAST     Tumoiyot Secondary      Mutai Kipngetich B.A.       0722274271       Day       170        mutaibak@yahoo.com
  56. Bomet Bomet East        Kembu Secondary           Clement Owuor Oyugi    0722254168       Mixed Day          151              kembusecondary@gmail.com
  57. Bomet Bomet East        Chepkitwal sec  Richard k.a. Ruttoh              0721914443       Day       100              richardruttoh70@gmail.com
  58. Bomet Bomet East        Kipyosit Secondary School              Bonventure Ouma Makokha       0721696681       Mixed Boarding            378        kipyositschool@yahoo.com
  59. Bomet Bomet East        Kapsimbiri secondary     Peter K Cheboi              0721477302       Mixed Boarding 355        Kapsiimbiri 2 @gmail.com
  60. Bomet Bomet East        Mulot Girls sec  Chepngeno s.Towett.              0721104645       Boarding Girls    447              mulotgirlshighschool@gmail.com
  61. Bomet Bomet East        Chelemei Girls Secondary            Joyce Rono              0720730395       Day       102        chelemeig@gmail.com
  62. Bomet Bomet East        Olbobo Sec.School          Joseph Koech              0720577954       Day       444              Olbobosecschool@gmail.com
  63. Bomet Bomet East        Sigowet sec school         Paul kiplangat Koech   0720469504       Day       102        Sigowetday@gmail.com
  64. Bomet BOMET EAST     MOGITUI MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL              NYAKERIGA KENNEDY ONSARE   0720387453       MIXED DAY              174        nyakerigao@yahoo.com
  65. Bomet BOMET EAST     Kipkurion mixed Day Secondary Paul Kipkirui Ngeno  0720375960       Day       68              Kipkurionmixedday@gmail.com
  66. Bomet Bomet East        Siwot secondary school David kibet koech              0720342103       Mixed Boarding 434              davidkibet217@gmail.com
  67. Bomet Bomet East        Chepkolon mixed day school      Barnabas kosgey  0720235394       Day       117              Chepkolonsecondary@yahoo.com
  68. Bomet Bomet East        Benedicts,kapkimolwo           Sigei cornelius k         0711246408       Mixed Boarding 478              stbenedictskapkimolwo@gmail.com
  69. Bomet BOMEt East        Lelkatet secondary school           Yegon k. Simion  0710900874       Mixed Day/Boarding      878              Lelkatet@gmail.com
  70. Bomet Bomet East        Koita secondary school  Kipkirui chirchir              0710431020       Day       246        Koitaday@gmail.com
  71. Bomet Bomet east        Lekimbo sec.  School      Korir Wilson               0728266488       Day       325        Wkorir91@gmail.com
  72. Bomet Bomet East        Kipreres sec school         Evans Tallam              0722340718       Mixed day and boarding              160              evanstallam1@gmail.com
  73. Bomet Bomet East        Bukacha secondary school           Paul Ndungu Goi       728083007         Day       125              Bukachasecondary2019@gmail.com
  74. Bomet Bomet East        KAPORUSO SECONDARY SCHOOL               YONAH OMAO NYAKOE 0726087010       Mixed Boarding and Day              428        omaonyakoe15@gmail.com
  75. Bomet Bomet east        Kongotik mixed day        Korir Erick              725892009         Day       220        Kongotikday@gmail.com
  76. Bomet Bomet east        mogoma secondary school          Moses Njoroge              0722670940       Day       520              njorogemuchiri2009@gmail.com
  77. Bomet Bomet East        Menet Secondary School             Samuel kosgey  0722118994       Mixed Boarding 224              Samkos853@gmail.com
  78. Bomet Bomet East        Kiptulwa sec school        James Rotich               0712476387       Day       300        Box 39 –20402 Longisa
  79. Bomet Chebalungu       Kyogong girls sec school Eddah Langat              54721E+11      Mixed Boarding 213              thenathanmutai@gmail.com
  80. Bomet CHEBALUNGU   Kapsabul secondary       Kenneth Kipronoh Sigei      0722366032       Day       222        kenneth@gmail.com
  81. Bomet Chepalungu       Nogirwet sec,    Gichaba. Samuel              N/A       Day       230        73-20405  Sigor
  82. Bomet Chepalungu       Kapchelel Day secondary school Kamunya F M           0720 929 197     Day       136        Kamunyafm@gmail.com
  83. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    KIPSUTER MIXED DAY SEC SCHOOL              KENNEDY KINYANGI       +254723768838               Day              243        kenkinyangi@gmail.com
  84. Bomet Chepalungu       KABEMA SECONDARY SCHOOL   Caroline Dola      +254722460605               Day       137              Kabemasec@yahoo.com.
  85. Bomet Chepalungu       Mengwet sec school      Kennedy Onkware              +254710785640               Mixed Boarding 482              onkwarekennedy07@gmail.com
  86. Bomet Chepalungu       KOIYET mixed day sec    Stanley Kipkorir Bet        0729452052       Day       150        betstanleyk@gmail.com
  87. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    Goitabsilibwet secondary school              MAURICE LUKUYANI       0728935315       Day       445              149-20409 BOMET
  88. Bomet Chepalungu       Lelaitich secondary school           Stephen kasale Nkaasoni 0728686616       Mixed day /boarding     346              nkaasonisteph@gmail.com
  89. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    KAMONGIL MIXED DAY SEC SCHOOL              JULIUS NDIGWA ONYANGO         0727620352       Day              205        kamongilsecsch@gmail.com
  90. Bomet Chepalungu       Kamogiboi sec school     Kimtai Chebochok Robert  0725897757       Day       161        kamogiboi@gmail.com
  91. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    BINGWA SECONDARY SCHOOL   STANLEY K ROTICH 0724985484       Day       201              bingwasecondaryschool@gmail.com
  92. Bomet Chepalungu       Chebaraa sec     Alfred Ombogo kuyabi              0724869011       Day       200              alfredkuyabi69@gmail.com
  93. Bomet Chepalungu       Kaboson Day Secondary School  Susan Koskei   0724684457       Day       360              kabosonmdsecondary@gmail.com
  94. Bomet Chepalungu       Nyakichiwa sec  Tembai laboso W              0724449143       Day       151        labsu8@gmail.com
  95. Bomet Chepalungu       Kataret secondary school            Ngeywo Henry Juma       0724201970       Mixed Boarding 191              henryngeywo1@gmail.com
  96. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    MASINDONI SEC. SCHOOL           JOSEPHAT N. MWAURA      0723168719       Day       212              masindonisecondaryschool@gmail.com
  97. Bomet Chepalungu       Saunet Secondary School            Richard Rono     0722972189       Day       259              saunetsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  98. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    KIPRICHEIT HIGH SCHOOL            FRANCIS NJOROGE           0722438296       Day       197              fn@gmail.com
  99. Bomet chepalungu        Chemaetany sec              Simon M. Kamarwa            0722430092       Day       238              chemaetanysec@gmail.com
  100. Bomet Chepalungu       Chepwostuiyet sec school              Joseah sigei        0722425076       Mixed day Boarding               552        Chepwostuiyetss@gmail.com
  101. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    KAMAGET SEC SCHOOL  SAMUEL NGANGA            0722319146       Mixed Boarding 491              skamlink@gmail.com
  102. Bomet Chepalungu       Tebeswet Mixed Day Sec School              Fredrick Kasigane            0722221586       Day       470              kasiganef@gmail.com
  103. Bomet Chepalungu       Samoei Ngwonet Girls   Everlyn C Kitur      0722220434       Boarding Girls    130              everkitur@gmail.com
  104. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    LUGUMEK SEC SCHOOL NICHOLAS NGETICH            0722152156       Mixed Boarding 476              lugumeksecondaryschool@gmail.com
  105. Bomet Chepalungu       Kabismba secondary school              Mrs Joyce Tonui              0721954959       Day       120              Kabisimbasec@gmail.com
  106. Bomet Chepalungu       Mukenyi Secondary school              Isaac Wadede    0721880103       Day       110              mukenyisecschool@gmail.com
  107. Bomet Chepalungu       St Michaels Secondary School              Christopher sitienei        0721625780       Mixed   576              kipngetichchris@gmail.com
  108. Bomet Chepalungu       Siongiroi day secondary school  Dr Peter mbera      0721226475       Day       430              siongiroiday@gmail.com
  109. Bomet Chepalungu       Tumoi sec           Philip Maritim              0720714659       Mixed Boarding 147              stumoi@gmail.com
  110. Bomet Chepalungu       Kiboson secondary         Teresa kwamboka Mayore        0713776714       Day       160              Kibosonsec@gmail.com
  111. Bomet Chepalungu       Oreiyet secondary school              Koech David      0712911709       Day       286              oreiyetsecondary@gmail.com
  112. Bomet Chepalungu       Kimatisio day secondary.              John kipsang Barimen    0710515159       Day       97              kimatisiodaysecondary@yahoo.com
  113. Bomet Chepalungu       Chebanyiny sec Fred ngetich              0710363441       Day       442              Chebanyinysecondaryschool@gmail.com
  114. Bomet Chepalungu       Chebelion mixed sec school              Priscilla kilel       0706389267       Day       72              chebelion25551133@gmail.com
  115. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    CHELELACH HIGH SCHOOL              PAUL KIBET SIGEI            0720416037       Day       172              chelelachhigh@yahoo.com
  116. Bomet Chepalungu       Kyegong girls secondary Eddah langa’t 0720981324       Day       220        eddalangat@gmail.com
  117. Bomet Chepalungu       Kimenderit         Michael cheruiyot               0727802467       Day       60              Kimenderitsecondary@gmail.co
  118. Bomet Chepalungu       Kabisoge secondary school               Wilfred Kimaru Lagat     0723635774       Mixed   160              Kabisogemixed@gmail.com
  119. Bomet Chepalungu       Kipkuror day sec              Obed Makori 0720579527       Day       191        349 Bomet
  120. Bomet Chepalungu       Roborwo sec school        Laban w. Kamau  0727935995       Mixed Boarding 456        158, Chebunyo
  121. Bomet Chepalungu       Kiriba Day sec school      Jackson Amboka Wanyungu        0725987722       Day       568              kiribaschool2018@gmail.com
  122. Bomet Chepalungu       Kapoleseroi secondary school               Charles Otiso     0724137473       Mixed day/boarding               531        otisoc8@gmail.com
  123. Bomet Chepalungu       Kyogong Secondary school               Titus Zedekiah Obwanda             0722663774       Boys Day& Boarding             238        kyogongsecschool@gmail.com
  124. Bomet Chepalungu       Kapsinendet Central       Esther Kubondo             721594476         Day       80              esilastar@gmail.com
  125. Bomet Chepalungu       CHEPKOSA SEC SCHOOL               Alfred K Rotich 0720601926       Mixed Boarding 250              Chepkosasec@gmail.com
  126. Bomet       KABOLWO MIXED DAY/BOARDING SECONDARY SCHOOL     MOSONIK DAVIDDA TALAM              0711675421       Mixed day/boarding.     247              tmosonik@gmail.com
  127. Bomet KONOIN              KEBUMBUR SEC SCHOOL.              JULIUS NGETICH              0777788875       Day       231              kebumbursec2014@gmail.com
  128. Bomet KONOIN              Kaptembwo day sec.school              Dorothy Muthoni Ikobe 0728572188       Mixed day              200        @gmail.com
  129. Bomet Konoin  Meswondo Sec School   Eliud M Songa              0728483420       Mixed Day and Boarding             252              meswondosecondary2020@gmail.com
  130. Bomet KONOIN              KOROITIK SECONDARY  SCHOOL              ANTHONY CHERUIYOT   0727312822       Day       140              koroitikmds@gmail.com
  131. Bomet Konoin  Kapchepkole Day sec sch             Peter kiptoo Bii            0726659888       Mixed Boarding 86              KAPCHEPKOLESEC2019@GMAIL.COM
  132. Bomet KONOIN              EMBOMOS SECONDARY PAUL BII              0725506812       MIXED DAY/BOARDING 211              secondary1995@gmail.com
  133. Bomet Konoin  Chepkochun School        Busienei Paul              0724768506       Day       194        chepkochun sec
  134. Bomet Konoin  Boito Day secondary school        Dominic Ngeno   0724588812       Day       205              boitodaysecondaryschool@gmail.com
  135. Bomet Konoin  KOIWA PRIMARY SCHOOL           Kirui kiplangat            0723953902       Day       425              koiwapri48@gmail.com
  136. Bomet Konoin  Kaptien secondary          Mathara isaac              0723827367       Day       100        isaama69@gmail.com
  137. Bomet konoin  Kapset secondary school              Richard Kibagendi Nyagaka         0723754574       Day       478              gmail
  138. Bomet KONOIN              SEANIN SECONDARY SCHOOL              WESLY BIEGON 0723751448       Day       171              Seaninsecondary@gmail.com
  139. Bomet Konoin  Siomo mixed dsy             David k koech              0723590671       Day       74              Siomosecondary@gmail.com
  140. Bomet Konoin  Chemasingi Secondary School    Anne Kavochi 0722482153       Day       289              chemasingisecondary@gmail.com
  141. Bomet Konoin  Chemalal sec school       Also Nickson Odhiambo         0722297218       Day       368              chemalalsec@gmail.com
  142. Bomet Konoin  Kipraisi Secondary School            Julius Mutai    0721889924       Day       251              Kipraisisecondary@gmail.com
  143. Bomet KONOIN              TEREK SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOSEPH MUDAMBA        0721660601       Day       182              terekhigh@gmail.com
  144. Bomet Konoin  Kaproret secondary school          John Kinyanjui            0721367088       Day       300              kinyanjuijohn007@gmail.com
  145. Bomet Konoin  Simoti sec school            Charles koech               0720911195       Day       902        simotisec @gmail.com
  146. Bomet KONOIN              MOGONJET        BRENDA C. LANGAT              0720469320       Mixed day          240              mogonjetsecschool@ gmail.com
  147. Bomet konoin  kenyagoro  Erick  langat               0720341939       mixed day          130              Kenyagorosecondaryschool@gmail.com
  148. Bomet KONOIN              TUIYOBEI SECONDARY SCHOOL              FRANCIS K KETER            0720341631       Day       110              tuiyobeisec@gmail.com
  149. Bomet Konoin  Michira  secondary         Anne chepkirui              0715676686       Day       291              michirasecondary@gmail.come
  150. Bomet Konoin  Kitala Mixed Day Sec. School      Kitur Isaiah    0714143408       Day       140              kitalasecondary2030@gmai.com
  151. Bomet Konoin  Mugenyi Secondary School         Paul K. BII              0713050038       Day       109              mugenyisecondaryschool@gmail.com
  152. Bomet Konoin  Kiptenden sec school     Kennedy orinah mogire  0710795977       Mixed day          320              Kiptendensecondary@gmail.com
  153. Bomet Konoin  Chepchabas Sec Paul Yegon              0710129406       Day       301        pyegon85@gmail.com
  154. Bomet Konoin  Bosto sec school             Dorcas Wangui Njuguna              0721223172       Day       190              bostosec@gmail.com
  155. Bomet KONOIN              SOTIT GIRLS  SECONDARY SCHOOL               DiANA SANG      0714135247       Day       140              sotitgirlssec@gmail.com
  156. Bomet KONOIN              Kirimose sec school        Chirchir w. Cheruiyot           0729831445       Mixed day/Boarding      198              Kirimosesecondary@gmail.com
  157. Bomet Konoin chebangang secondary school    Joseph Chepkwony       0725707322       Day       413              chebangangsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  158. Bomet KONOIN              CHEPTINGTING SECONDARY SCHOOL              MELILEI J K         0724559106       Day       223              Cheptingtingss@gmail.com
  159. Bomet Konoin Kabiangek mixed day secondary school               Cheruiyot Ronald            0724420470       Mixed day               219        Kabiangeksecschool@gmail.com
  160. Bomet KONOIN              Koiwa Central Day          Koech Philip    0724240061       Day       384        koechphilip45@gmail.com
  161. Bomet Konoin Taboino Secondary School           Joseph Mukiva Ombima              722272187         Day       165              taboinosecsch@gmail.com
  162. Bomet Konoin Mariyin secondary school            George kinyanjui             721406180         Day       424              Secondarymarinyin@gmail.com
  163. Bomet Konoin Ngererit  sec      Ishmael cheruiyot               0722748663       Mixed Boarding 400        Box 88 mogogosiek
  164. Bomet Konoin sub-county         Kapkilaibei Secondary School95            Ezekiel Kimetoh       0723327366       Day       95              kapkilaibeihigh@ Gmail.com
  165. Bomet Sotik      Balek A secondary school            KIRUI RICHARD            0723509264       Day       131              kipkorirkirui11@yahoo.com
  166. Bomet Sotik      Kapchemibei Secondary School  Mibei  Julius    0723252953       Day       433        Kapchemibei Secondary School@gmail.com
  167. Bomet Sotik      Burgei Secondary school              Siele Michael               0728614150       Day       284              burgeisecondaryschool@gmail.com
  168. Bomet Sotik      Kapcholyo high school   Kimutai arap Kirui              0726854456       Day       451        kiruibilly@gmail.com
  169. Bomet Sotik      Kapkelei Secondary        Tom Siamba Makawino          726562352         Mixed day          480              Kapkelei@outlook.com
  170. Bomet SOTIK    SOTIK DAY SECOBDARY SCHOOL JOSEPHAT OSAYO NDANYI 0725886033       Day       221              Sotikdaysec@gmail.com
  171. Bomet Sotik      Kipsimbol secondary school        Leonard sang      0725843929       Day       131        Kipsimbolsecondary @ gmail.com
  172. Bomet Sotik      Kapchepkoro secondary school  Henry Rono     0725370828       Day       203              kapchepkorosec@gmail.com
  173. Bomet Sotik      KAPCHUMBE SECONDARY           Moses Chepkwony       0725296079       Mixed Day Boarding       317              kapchumbesecondary@gmail.com
  174. Bomet Sotik      Kapkoitim Secondary School       Cheruiyot Nicholas             0724758555       Day       175              ncheru78@gmail.com
  175. Bomet Sotik      Kamirai high school        Musana Peter              0724687990       Day       645        musana524@gmail.com
  176. Bomet Sotik      St Joseph Mabwaita sec school  Richard Mutai    0724672808       Day       168              mabwaitasecondary@yahoo.com
  177. Bomet SOTIK    TOGOMIN SECONDARY MR GABRIEL KIPKASI KOSGEY              0724224245       MIXED DAY        180              togominsec@gmail
  178. Bomet sotik      Kapkures secondary school         Zakayo K A Bett       0723804240       Day       283              kapkuressecschool@gmail.com
  179. Bomet Sotik      Akshar sec school           Thomas kipkoech Soi         0723517779       Day       279        523 sotik
  180. Bomet Sotik      Kipsonoi secondary school          Kizito makoye 0722910041       Mixed Boarding 269              Kipsonoihighschool@gmail.com
  181. Bomet Sotik      Chepkosiom High school              Eliazer Maru    0722681185       Day       400              Chepkosiomhigh@gmail.com
  182. Bomet SOTIK    SIRONET SECONDARY SCHOOL   HARON KIPLAGAT           0722456748       MIXED DAY        200              sironetsec@gmail.com
  183. Bomet Sotik      Kimawit secondary school           Anne Koech   0722319579       Day       300              Kimawitsecschool@gmail.com
  184. Bomet Sotik      Kapkesembe secondary school   Mutai Kipsigei David    0721413574       Day       100              Kapkesembeschool@gmail.com
  185. Bomet Sotik      Kipsingei Secondary School         Daniel Ngisah Ondara  0721320055       Mixed Day and Boarding              771        Kipsingeisecondaryschool@gmail.com
  186. Bomet Sotik      Rotik Mixed Day Secondary        Amadi Alu              0721303044       Day       105        amadialu@yahoo.com
  187. Bomet Sotik      Chebirbelek  secondary school   Mutai Charles Kipng’enoh         0720171404       Day       563              kmutaicharles@gmail.com
  188. Bomet Sotik      Kamureito H School        Mongare p James              0719895563       Mixed Day and Boarding sec school              656        mongasip@yahoo.com
  189. Bomet Sotik      Chebongi secondary school        Joseph kipkurui koech  0713115925       Day       189              Chebongisecondaryschool@gmail.com
  190. Bomet sotik      kaptulwa secondary school         Eunice cheruiyot            0712281560       Day       380              kaptulwasec@gmail.com
  191. Bomet Sotik      Kagasik Girls Sec.             Catherine Kauria              0710754710       Boarding Girls    192              catherinekauria45@gmail.com
  192. Bomet Sotik      Motiret secondary School           Lawrence J.Otiso  0710569971       Day       421        lawrenceotiso@gmail.com
  193. Bomet Sotik      Kisabei day secondary   Francis Chebole              0707761192       Day       145        Kisabei day@gmail.com
  194. Bomet Sotik      Sosur seondary school   Sigei samwel              0701216268       Day       160        Sigeisamwel2@gmail.com
  195. Bomet Sotik      Chebilat Mixed Day secondary school               Terer Robert Kipyegon   0743403540       Day       300              Chebilatmixeday@gmail.com
  196. Bomet Sotik      Ndanai Boys secondary school. Gadson Langat 0727520014       Boarding Boys   157              gadsonlangat8@gmail.com
  197. Bomet SOTIK    SIGORIAN SECONDARY SCHOOL               NYANDIEKA FRED MONG’ARE     724047762         MIXED DAY               260        fmnamisi@gmail.com
  198. Bomet Sotik      SIROIN SEC         Peter Kamoing               0720779465       Day       255        siroinsec@gmail.com
  199. Bomet Sotik      keronjo mixed day sec   Cheruiyot Leonard               0720610531       Day       252              keronjomixedsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  200. Bomet Sotik      Kinyelwet secondary school        Gladys Koech   0719158881       Day       120        kinyelwetsecondaryschool @gmail.com

That is the list of all the Sub County Secondary Schools in Bomet County, with the names of all the Sub- County Secondary Schools Principals and Contacts, as obtained in 2020.

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