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Homa Bay County List of All Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Homa Bay County with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

In summary, this page contains:

  • Homa Bay County List of Sub-County Secondary School Principals
  • Homa Bay County List of Sub-County Secondary School Phone Contacts
  • Homa Bay County List of Sub-County Secondary School email addresses

Homa Bay County List of  Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Name of County         Name of Sub County  Name of School              Name of principal       School phone number Type of School Total enrolment       School email address

  1. Homa Bay Dhiwa   Patrick’s mixed secondary school Ogango Komo Onyango Julius     0721279835       Mixed Boarding              256        Ogango mixed @gmail.com
  2. Homa Bay Homa bay           Gogo Katuma mixed Secondary              Ezekiel Odhiambo  Okumu          0725808881       Day              150        Gogokatumamixedschool@gmail.com
  3. Homa Bay Homa Bay           Ruga Mixed Sec School  Walter Odede Otie        0722690678       Day       134              rugamixedsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  4. Homa Bay Homa Bay           Langoromo Mixed Secondary              Dickson Oyoo Abong’o   0721990711       Mixed Day              147        dicksonabongo@gmail.com
  5. Homa Bay Homa Bay           St Camilus Ojunge Mixed              Lynnette Olonde             0720582566       Day       130              ojungesecondary@gmail.com
  6. Homa Bay Homa Bay           Riwa Mixed Secondary school               Emily Adhiambo Owuor               0729871162       Day       85              Riwa2019@gmail
  7. Homa Bay HOMA BAY TOWN          MAGUTI MIXED SEC              JACTONE OWUOR OGAGA           0710719147       Day       71              None
  8. Homa Bay HOMA BAY TOWN          NGERE MIXED SECONDARY              Epaineto Otieno Onyango           0723579474       Day              366        ngeremixedday@gmail.com
  9. Homa Bay HomaBay           Mbai Mixed Secondary               Mary Awuor Kionge        0720739637       Day       145              Dr.mbai@gmail.com
  10. Homa Bay Homabay           Nyagidha Mixed Secondary School              George Morara Onduso 0711687313       Day       85              nyagidhamixedsecondaryschool@yahoo.com
  11. Homa Bay Homabay           St Theresas Nyauu Girls’ Jaon A.Owino             0711502886       Day       109              Schoolsttheresasnyauu@gmail.com
  12. Homa Bay Homabay            Pap Ndege secondary school               Paul Ndiewo      0724491006       Day       40              papndegesecondaryschool @gmail.com
  13. Homa Bay Homabay Town Wiobiero Secondary       John Otieno Ogwayo 0724362277       Mixed Day          1368              wiobieros@yahoo.com
  14. Homa Bay Homabay town Bishop ochiel otaro mixed sec school   Omonge Naphtaly okoth             0721759345       Mixed day              155        bishopochielotaro@gmail.com
  15. Homa Bay Homabay Town Stt Dominic Wiga Mixed Secondary School. Javans Ochieng Osuga   0721566676       Mixed Boarding and Day.             379        Wigastdominic@gmailcom.
  16. Homa Bay Homabay Town Pala Masogo Mixed Secondary school   Felix Asero Abwao          0720347460       Day       299              felixabwao@gmail.com
  17. Homa Bay Homabay town Ogande mixed sec           Dinah Moraa Ondieki 726861944         Mixed day and boarding               366        Ogandemixedsec20@gmail.com
  18. Homa Bay Homabay town pius Ndiru mixed secondary school   John Okoth ONDOLO      0720401573       Mixed day               120        stpiusndirusec@gmail.com
  19. Homa Bay Mbita    Stephens kirindo secondary  Simeon T.W. Ochieng     0722250755       Day       189              St.stephenkirindo@gmail.com
  20. Homa Bay Mbita    Usao Mixed Sec school  Maurice Oulo Okendo 0710427907       Day       86              mauriceokendo@gmail.com
  21. Homa Bay MBITA  TILLEN MIXED SECONDARY   MARTIN OPERE ODHIAMBO         0723601447       Day       662              martkopere1968@yahoo.com
  22. Homa Bay MBITA  OTIENO KAJWANG-NYAMAJI SEC. SCHOOL              THOMAS OGONDA         0718195199       Day       150              nyamaji2020@gmail.com
  23. Homa Bay Mbita    Williams Osodo secondary    Josephat Moibi Ondara    0718017128       Day       225              osodoswilliams@gmail.com
  24. Homa Bay MBITA  NGODHE SECONDARY SCHOOL  LAZARUS ALUM   0711212999       Day       170              ngodhesecondaryschool@gmail.com
  25. Homa Bay MBITA  WANDIJI MIXED SECONDARY      AMOS OCHIENG PANDE             0723727459       Mixed Boarding 325              O BOX 196-40300 HOMA-BAY
  26. Homa Bay Mbita    Michael’s Nyasumbi Mixed Sec Sch              Benard Onyango Ochieng            0722656887       Day       74              nyasumbischool@gmail.com
  27. Homa Bay Mbita    Prof Karega Mutahi Sec John Calvins Owino Ogutu   723775817         Day       96          owinocalvin8@gmail.com
  28. Homa Bay Mbita    Kamato mixed sec           Onyancha  Ronald Kodheks              0722379132       Day       135              Kamatosecondary@gmail
  29. Homa Bay Mbita    Waware mixed secondary               0714525520       0714525520       Day       575              Wawaremixed@gmail.com
  30. Homa Bay NDHIWA             NYARONGI MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              PAUL ONYANGO DANGA              +254726583496              Day       150        pauldanga0012@gmail.com
  31. Homa Bay NDHIWA             OKOK MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL.              STELLA AJWANG             0725992017       MIXED BOARDING AND DAY            399        okomixsecschool@gmail.com
  32. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Mbani Mixed Secondary              Paul Morebu Angwenyi          0725557498       Day       146              paulmorebuh@gmail.com
  33. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Felix Nyarath              Caroline Ong’ayo              0722561135       Day       149              ongayocaroline@gmail.com
  34. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Okota Mixed Secondary School  Achieng Z. Okoth            0722474939       Day       348              Okotamixedsecondaryschool@yahoo.com
  35. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Abura Mixed Secondary School  Andrew Mbogo Wigwa   0721255313       Day       140              mbogowigwa@gmail.com
  36. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Jabagre mixed sec           Joshua Akodhe              0720957280       Day       260        akodhejoshua@gmail.com
  37. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Got Kojowi secondary school      Mr Simeon Ratego Orwa     0720801686       Mixed Boarding 547              siratego@gmail.com
  38. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Rapedhi Mixed sec.        Jackson Odongo Nyawara             0720801144       Mixed Day & Boarding   360              rapedhisec@gmail.com
  39. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Mary’s Wachara Sec.School   George Sewe     0715079717       Mixed Boarding 367              wacharasec.@gmail.com
  40. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Andiwo mixed   Daniel Waga Osanya              0713374349       Mixed Boarding 321              danielosanya24@gmail.com
  41. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Alara Mixed Secondary Rose Inda              0706637316       Mixed Boarding 158              alaramixedsecondary@gmail.com
  42. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Kome Mixed Secondary School  Kerry Obura   0734515999       Day       120              komemixedsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  43. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Apuoche mixed secondary school              Samuel Akello Ouko              0728037945       Day              142        apuoche@gmail.com
  44. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Oridi Girls           Lydia M. Bureza               0726583471       Girls Boarding/day         340              Oridigirls@gmail.com
  45. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Osure Mixed Secondary Ouma Richad Okech   724121953         Day       117              osuresecondary69@gmail.com
  46. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Ndisi mixed sec school   Owens Oyiengo Ogola    722,768,149       Day       173              ndisimixedsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  47. Homa Bay Ndhiwa NICANCIOUS MARANYONA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     Gladys Nyakerario Onsongo              0720823487       Mixed boarding and day              178              maranyonasecondary@gmail.com
  48. Homa Bay NDHIWA             ALUOR MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              MUHANDO GEOFFREY   0707390466       Mixed Day/Boarding    513        Aluorsec@yahoo.com
  49. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Ongako mixed   Isaac Ochola              0701504016       Day       165              Ongakomixedschool@gmail.com
  50. Homa Bay NDHIWA             SIGAMA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              JAOKO JAMES PHILLIP    0702602599       MIXED DAY              102        sigamasecondary@gmail.com
  51. Homa Bay Ndhiwa               Hon Joshua Ojode Ndere Mixed               Katherine Ofumbo Opar               0727656378       mixed day              151        secondaryndere97@gmail.com
  52. Homa Bay Ndhiwa               Ototo mixed secondary Clement Obare Otula       721255312         Mixed Boarding 740              ototomixedsec@gmail.com
  53. Homa Bay Rachuonyo  East              Orinde Lutheran Sec School  Hellen A Omollo              0722439262       Day       342              omollohellen2@gmail.com
  54. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          PONGE LUTHERAN SECONDARY SCHOOL     JAIRUS ONCHOKE            0729011840              Day       400        pongelutheran@gmail.com
  55. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East St Linus Umai sec.           Elijah Ochomba           0728890590       Mixed Boarding 117              elijahochomba150@gmail.com
  56. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Paul Oriang mixed Secondary School  Ouma Willy Mahulo       0725030305       Day       325              willymahulo@gmail.com
  57. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Mary’s Anding’o Girls Sec Sch              Evelyn Oginga    0722618815       Boarding Girls    124              stmaryandingogirlssecondary@gmail.com
  58. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kojwach High School      Justus Okoth Ojuok      0722450311       Mixed Day and Boarding              450        kojwachighschool@gmail.com
  59. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Got Rateng Mixed Sec School              Johanes Kenyatta Ochiewo         0721215915       Mixed day              834        gotratengsec@gmail.com
  60. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Otondo mixed secondary              Edward Otieno Kujah     0720340211       Day       130              otieno@yahoo.com
  61. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          ATEMO MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     PHILIP AYOO            0714357527              Mixed Boarding 814        P.O.BOX 5-40222 OYUGIS
  62. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kotienditi Mixed Secondary School              Thomas Onyango            0712381830       Day       324              kotienditimixed@gmail.com
  63. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          NYASORE MIXED SEC SCHOOL              PAUL OPOLLOH 0710343147       Day       72              nyasoremixedsecondary@gmail.com
  64. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kadie Mixed Secondary School              Odoyo Tubman Gary Brian          0710160339       Day       90              kadiesecschool@yahoo.com
  65. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Nyamwaga Elck mixed sec school               Stellah Mwango              O722699395n    Mixed day              250        nyamwagaelckmixedsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  66. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Atela Mixed sec school  Millicent A. Ogutu   +254721246695               Day       518              atelmixedsecondary@gmail.com
  67. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Dislaus Nyawango      Charles Ogada   0726586770       Mixed Boarding 204              Stdanslaussec@gmail
  68. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Ogilo Mixed Secondary School              Samuel Singei Oloo         0725445048       Day       426              samuelsingei@gmail
  69. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kolweny kingsway high school              Joash ojwang awuor       0722289385       Day       376              joawuor15@gmail.com
  70. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Apondo Secondary school              Esther Odhiambo           0713845059       Day       167              estherodhiambo771@gmail.com
  71. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Owiro mixed Secondary Walter Obonyo Akach   0711696552       Day       177              OwiroMixed@yahoo.com
  72. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Orera mixed secondary George O O Mukodo         0710691700       Mixed Boarding 271        N/A
  73. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Gideon’s mixed secondary school              Benson Oketch Osambo 0708103711       Mixed Boarding              232        gideonsschool13@yahoo.com
  74. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kokwanyo Mixed secondary school              Fred Onono       0701678454       Day       320        Omondi fredrick848@gmail.com
  75. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Phillip’s Nyabondo sec               Mark Olonde     0721572133       Mixed Boarding 371              Stphilipsnyabondosec@yahoo.com
  76. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kakelo secondary School              George Sitati             0722234897       Mixed day              179        grsitati@yahoo.com
  77. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East               Harambee mixed Secondary school            OMINDE MICHAEL NYALIK               0722267281       Day       83              harambeesecschool@gmail.com
  78. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          OTEL MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              FREDRICK   OLUOCH   0714898242       Day              140        otel.highschool2013@gmail.com
  79. Homa Bay Rachuonyo east               Pala mixed secondary school   Julius Napali       0722279172       Day       138              Palamixedsecondary@gmail.com
  80. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          KANDEGWA LUTHERAN SECONDARY SCHOOL     JOHN JUMA MODI          711619537              Day       301        kandegwalutheran2013@gmail.com
  81. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East               St Peter’s God Agak secondary school            Pamella Bonareri orori   0710218496              Day       208        Ororipamela@gmail.com
  82. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East subcounty         ST TERESA’S OPANGA SECONDARY SCHOOL   George owino odero              0729047425       Mixed Day          228              gjowino@gmail.com
  83. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East.             Gangre Mixed Secondary.              Oguk manasseh gogo.    0720929993       Day       70              gangremixedsec@gmail.com
  84. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            George Agola Owuor Secondary school            Koyįer Danish    0720 325414      Day              184        gaoss@gmail.com
  85. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Nyakech Mixed Kennedy J Moturi  +254722680641               Day       165              kennedymotiri@gmail.com
  86. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            St mary’s Nyakango              Christopher omwega     0726298701       Day       222              stmarynyakango@gmail.com
  87. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Masogo Mixed Secondary              Daniel W. Andaye           0722855000       Day       136              masogomixedsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  88. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            KAMSER mixed sec              Jared Otema Ochieng     0722683008       Day       191              otema @yahoo.com
  89. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH     JOHN SEKA MIXED SEC. SCHOOL              HESBORNE OMBUYA NYAKONGO               0721333337       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING       126              hesbornnyakongo@gmail.com
  90. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Lieta Mixed secondary School  Anastasia Osogo             0720950918       Mixed boarding and day 108        lietamixed@gmail.com
  91. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH     Martin’s Oluti Mixed Secondary School            MARK ORIGA     +254703409790              Day       209        origamark@yahoo.com
  92. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH     KOBILA SECONDARY              PAUL OUKO ONYORE     0728892716       Mixed Boarding              549        onyorep@gmail.com
  93. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH     OMINDI MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     JAPHETH ODHIAMBO KOYIER               0727342572       Day       151              koyierjapheth2016@gmail.com
  94. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Kodhoch Mixed sec school              Nangira Debora 0727115370       Day       146              irenenangira76@gmail.com
  95. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Wikondiek sec school              Robert Ogoti Mikuro      0723827079       Mixed day&boarding   179        wikondieksec@gmail.com
  96. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH     KANAM MIXED SEC SCHOOL              OMAMBIA THOMAS MONG’ARE 0722909811              Day       281        omambia22@gmail.com
  97. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Kamolo mixed secondary school   Belia Onjala       0722870837       Day       102              beliaonjala2016@gmail.com
  98. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Koredo mixed sec school              Edwin otieno     0722867747       Day       154              Koredo@gmail
  99. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Omboga High School              Ogolla David      0722393315       Mixed Boarding 484              ombogahighschool@gmail.com
  100. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Ngeta Mixed secondary school            Millicent Anyango owino              0716799733       Mixed Boarding 189        ngeta Mixed secondary school@gmail
  101. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Adiedo mixed              Onono Philip      0725498523       Mixed Boarding 484              adiedosecondary@gmail.com
  102. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Osodo mixed sec school   Daniel gaya onyango      721467540         Day       216              gayadaniel51@gmail.com
  103. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Kandiege Mixed Secondary school.           Philip Okongo    0720173882       Mixed Boarding            417        kandiege1998@gmail.com
  104. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Oyombe mixed sec school   Ogombo Walter 0725735390       Day       65              Ogombowalter@gmail.com
  105. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            St Benards Otaro High school        Erick Okoth Amuti           728917497         Mixed Boarding            645        otarohigh@gmail.com
  106. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Kowuor mixed secondary          Tom Ojwang Ogola         0724815752       Mixed Boarding            420        kowuorsecschool@gmail.com
  107. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Akwakra mixed secondary school            Charles Owenga Odede 0723143703              Mixed Boarding 350        charlesodede@gmail.com
  108. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH      ALARU CENTRAL MIXED SEC SCHOOL        Daniel Makaya  0720259128       Day              213        alarucental@gmail.com
  109. Homa Bay Rachuonyo sourh            Mithui mixed school4 Charles ouma alila          0722616881       Day       400              Mithui mixedsecondaryscool@gmail.com
  110. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH      AGORO SARE MIXED DAY SECONDARY              JOSEPH AYIEKO 0724955976              Day       751        agorosaremixed@gmail.com
  111. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH      KALANDING MIXED SECONDARY  SCHOOL    MOSES NYABENDE AWUOR.              0723927410       Day       200              kalandingsecondary@gmail.com
  112. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Nyangiela Mixed Secondary School            Vincent Omenjo              0723589944              Mixed Day and Boarding             446              nyangielamixed@gmail.com
  113. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            God Agulu Secondary School            Isaac Ongaro Oyugi         0723400739              Day       104        godaguluss@gmail.com
  114. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Kachieng’ Sec.School          Andrew Ondiek Achola  0722475478       Day              181        kachiengsec@gmail.com
  115. Homa Bay Rachuonyo south            Buoye mixed secondary School            Jared ogweno    0721358624       Day              276        Buoyemixed@gmail.com
  116. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Nyalenda Mixed Sec Schoo           Jared Mwalo      0720641449       Mixed Boarding              560        jaredmwalo@gmail.com
  117. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            DOL SECONDARY              Johnstone Osoro Oguda 0728745438       Day       224              johnstoneosoro95@gmail.com
  118. Homa Bay Rachuonyo south            NYANDIWA MIXED DEB SECONDARY SCHOOL            Rose Otieno       0722842070              Mixed Boarding 221        roseapida@gmail.com
  119. Homa Bay Rachuonyo south            Kwoyo Oyugis Secondary          Peter Muhiri      0722670835       Mixed day and boarding            454        kwoyooyugissecschool@yahoo.com
  120. Homa Bay Rachuonyo south            Saye mixed secondary school            Adongo Thomas              0722665022              Mixed Boarding 503        adongootben@gmail.com
  121. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Mititi Mixed Secondary School            Moses Opel Oningu        0722447580              Mixed day/ boarding     312        mititimixed78@gmail.com
  122. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Nyabola Mixed Secondary          Tom Barongo Obachi     0720714629       Day              286        nyabolamixed@gmail.com
  123. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Peters Kotieno              Bibiana Ocar Shimoli      0711890041       Mixed Boarding              425        Stpeterskotieno@gmail.com
  125. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH      NYAFARE MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     DAVID ERASTUS KABAKA              0721770458       Mixed Boarding 114              nyafaremixedschool@gmail.com
  126. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH      SINO SDA MIXED SECONDARY       MABEL MINAYO ALUDIRA            0722948383              Mixed Boarding 236        mabelaludira@gmail.com
  127. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH      KOSELE MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     PAMELA AWUOR RARI   0722630648              Day       261        koselemixedsecondary@gmail.com
  128. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH.     AOLO GIRLS SECONDARY.     MEREZA KUNGU.             0721278594       Day              110        adhiambomereza@gmail.com
  129. Homa Bay Rachuonyo Southu         Kaditonge Mixed Secondary          John Ochieng’ Migot       0722408255       Mixed Day              20          Box 64 Oyugis
  130. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SUOTH      NYAKIYA MIXED DAY SECONDARY            WYCLIFE OTIENO ODERA             072374470              Day       57          oderaotienowyclife@gmail.com
  131. Homa Bay Rachwonyo  East             Lwanda Lutheran mixed sec sch    PONTI JAMES OTWERE  0717343200       Mixed Boarding            108        jampon87@gmail.com
  132. Homa Bay Rangwe Nyawita Mixed Secondary              George Olweya 0723902118       Mixed Boarding and Day              381        nyawitasecsch@gmail.com
  133. Homa Bay Rangwe St Albert Chiepe Mixed Sec.              Martin Wanyonyi            0722312896       Mixed day and boarding            279        Wanyonyi382@gmail.com
  134. Homa Bay Rangwe Nyandema Mixed           Mr  John Ayieko  0722297596       Day       213              nyandemamixedsecondary@gmail.com
  135. Homa Bay Rangwe Olare Secondary school Omwenga james    0725803292       Mixed Boarding 472        179-40300
  136. Homa Bay Rangwe OLUSO MIXED   Meshack Omondi              0793566154       Mixed day and Boarding              184              olusomixedsecondaryschool@gmail.com
  137. Homa Bay Rangwe Achego Mixed Sec School              Anthony R. Singombe    0729258258       Mixed Boarding              410        achegoschool@gmail.com
  138. Homa Bay RANGWE            LWAHO MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     JOSINTER A WADEYA     0728312285              Day       201        lwahosec@gmail.com
  139. Homa Bay Rangwe Ongeti mixed secondary school              Medrine kasoha libaiga 0728116510       Day       157              ongetimixed@gmail.com
  140. Homa Bay RANGWE            STEPHEN’S ANG’IRO MIXED SECONDARY        MARY ATIENO OTIENO  0725518695              MIXED DAY AND BOARDING       175              angirosecondaryschool@gmail.com
  141. Homa Bay Rangwe Nyandiwa Mixed Secondary School              Gordon Matengo            0724741436       Day       261              nyandiwamixedsecschrangwe@gmail.com
  142. Homa Bay RANGWE            ST ALBERT’S SINOGO MIXED SEC SCHOOL        ALBERT OTIENO NAKHUNGU              0722904163       Day       88              stalbertsinogomixedsecschool@yahoo.com
  143. Homa Bay Rangwe John’s Got Kabok Mixed sec.school          Paul Abonyo      0722621106       Day       77              none
  144. Homa Bay Rangwe Francis Andingo sec  Fredrick O. Ouma   0722441694       Day       117              fredrickouma1970@gmail.com
  145. Homa Bay Rangwe Nyandera secondary      John Ayieko  0722297596       Day       230        odundoayieko@gmail.com
  146. Homa Bay Rangwe Nyajanja Mixed Sec . School              Dennis Odhiambo Achieng          0720328741       Mixed Boarding            313        achiengdennis@gmail.com
  147. Homa Bay Rangwe Omoche mixed sec         Benson Kutola Makokha              0710448846       Day       250              bkutola@gmail.com
  148. Homa Bay Rangwe Paul’s Aochmuga Mixed Secondary School            Ocholi Albert Akech        0722674414              Day       508        akechalbertocholi60@gmail.com
  149. Homa Bay Rangwe Gul Kagembe sec school               Jack Otieno Ogeda          721749189         Day       192              jackhenryogeda@gmail.com
  150. Homa Bay Rangwe Rangwe Girls Secondary school               Millicent Otieno              0715000892       Boarding/Day Girls               360        rgsss2013@gmail.com
  151. Homa Bay Rangwe Marienga secondary school               James Mosomi  0713249084       Day       69              marienga2017@gmail.com
  152. Homa Bay RANGWE            WIKOTENG MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     OKEYO MALACHI OKECH               0721243060       Mixed Boarding 465              wikotengsecschool@gmail.com
  153. Homa Bay Rangwe               Manga Mixed Secondary School   Festus Onyango               0721357351       Mixed Boarding              169        mangasecondaryshule@gmail.com
  154. Homa Bay Rangwe               God Marera Mixed SEC school   Ngare Calleb      721209305         Day       450              godmarerasecondary@gmail.com
  155. Homa Bay Rangwe sub county        Nyakwadha mixed secondary          Iasiah Odiwuor Okoto    724784748         Mixed day              147        nyakwadhasecondary@gmail.com
  156. Homa Bay Rangwe subcou ty           Odienya secondary School  Othieno Laurian              0708324466       Day       75              Odienyasecondary@gmail.com
  157. Homa Bay              Bondo mixed secondary school. Joshua momanyi ogeto. 710368947         Day       258              joshuaogeto16@gmail.com.
  158. Homa Bay SUBA     NYADENDA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              ODHIAMBO ALPHONSE O722289613      Day              340        Nyadendaschool@yahoo
  159. Homa Bay Suba     John Mbadi Koyombe Mixed Secondary School.          Nyamolo Simeon Adundo              0722292633       Day       128              Koyombeschool@gmail.com
  160. Homa Bay Suba     Nyatambe Secondary School              Odingo John      0721644675       Mixed Day and Boarding              357        nyatambemixed@gmail.com
  161. Homa Bay SUBA     MAGUNGA TOWNSHIP SECONDARY SCHOOL     KENNEDY MARTIN ODHIAMBO              0721628207       Day       147              kmodhiambo67@gmail.com
  162. Homa Bay Suba     Ragwe Mixed Secondary School               Paul O. Mbara   0721213442       Mixed Day          224              ragwesec@gmail.com
  163. Homa Bay Suba     Msare Mixed Sec School.              Joyce Bitutu Nyaramba 0726 875379      Day       300              joybitutu2@gmail.com
  164. Homa Bay Suba     Gregory’s Obanga Sec.School              K’Abonyo peter Odhiambo         0725317180       Mixed Boarding            497        Obangamixed@gmail.com
  165. Homa Bay SUBA     JOSEPH OLANDO SEC. SCHOOL              VICTOR ONYANGO OLANG’O      0721894896       Day              110        stjosepholando@gmail.com
  166. Homa Bay Suba     Charles Wiga Secondary School.              George Ochieng Otieno 0721100595       Mixed Boarding              320        stcharleswigasecondary
  167. Homa Bay SUBA     KIABUYA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              PHILIP ABWAO EDIONYI      0717286654              Mixed Day and Boarding             320              kiabuyasec@gmail.com
  168. Homa Bay Suba     Kisaku mixed Secondary school               paul mumbo      0729735255       Mixed Boarding and Day               150        plmumbo@gmail.com
  169. Homa Bay SUBA     Nyabera Girls Secondary School              Oraya Jane Akech            0723393481       Boarding Girls              320        nyaberagirlsschool@gmil.com
  170. Homa Bay Suba      John Mbadi Ligongo secondary               OMOLLO Maurice Ochieng          0722474022       Day       67              johnmbadiligongoss@gmail.com
  171. Homa Bay Suba North        Kayanja Mixed secondary school   Joseph O.Awach              +254725303194               Day              269        Kayanjamixsecsch@gmail.com
  172. Homa Bay SUBA NORTH     KASWANGA GIRLS SECONDARY      JANE OBEL         0721492601       Boarding Girls              164        kaswangagirlsschoool@gmail.com
  173. Homa Bay Suba south         Kianyumba mixed sec school   v.akinyi     0722936685       Day       132              kianyumbasec@gmail.com
  174. Homa Bay SUBA SOUTH     SINDO MIXED DAY SEC. SCHOOL              MOSE O. BEN     0720899376       Day       221              sindosecondary14@gmail.com
  175. Homa Bay Suba South        St Marcellin Kigoto Mixed Secondary School            Mark Orwa Otieno          0729937865              Mixed Day and Boarding             173              markorwa2015@gmail.com
  176. Homa Bay Suba South        Rowo mixed      Pamela Omego 0722618456       Day       57          Rowomixed@gmail .com
  177. Homa Bay SUBA SOUTH     NYATOTO MIXED SEC SCHOOL              HENRY MAIKO   0710314344       Mixed day and boarding            178        Nyabutomaiko@yahoo.com
  178. Homa Bay SUBA SOUTH     ONYWERA BOYS SECONDARY      ANDREW AKOTO             0710107586       Boys Boarding & Day 120        onywerasec13@gmail.com
  179. Homa Bay Suba South        Mark Matunga Kiwa mixed sec.school.         Malala Martin Okoth      0704257292       Mixed Day and Boarding     102        markmatungakiwa@gmail.com
  180. Homa Bay SUBA SOUTH     NYAKIYA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     SAMWEL GOGO               724806033              Day       162        samwelchema1968@gmail.com

That is the list of all the Sub County Secondary Schools in Homa Bay County, with the names of all the Sub- County Secondary Schools Principals and Contacts, as obtained in 2020.

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