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TSC Teachers Cry as Another Union other than KEWOTA Invades Payslips

The Teachers Service Commission TSC is once again on the radar after it emerged that another union apart from the Kenya Women Teachers Association KEWOTA, invaded and made deductions from some of the TSC employed teachers without their consent.

Teachers Run to Social Media for Help

Several teachers have taken to social media platforms to air their frustrations after they found out that deductions were made by KUSNET- Kenya Union of Special Needs Teachers from their December 2019 payslip.

The TSC teachers claim that the deductions were made without their approval and consent, leave alone being non-members of the said union.

In a sample case, a teacher by the name Mirrie M. Tims on facebook, claims she was deducted Ksh. 627.42 for union fees to KUSNET from her  December payslip despite being not a member of the union.

Another teacher Mwangi Oscar wanted to know from TSC his salary was deducted to pay what he termed as ‘something known as kusnet’. Mwangi claims he has never heard of and he does not want to know about the ‘KUSNET’.

Our efforts to try and contact KUSNET administrators through the numbers provided on their facebook page about the issue bore no fruit.

Sample TSC Teachers’ Payslip Deductions Complains

The following are some of the complains made by teachers about KUSNET deductions as shared on the social media platforms.

Ba Shawn: After Checking online Payslips I’ve seen some changes. I’ve been moved from KNUT to something calling itself KUSNET, deduction already approved without my consent. Who else in it? Somebody at TSC HQ, is really hellbent to invade our pay at will, totally disregarding the rules that govern freedom of association. I believe each individual has a right to choose which Union to subscribe to.


Mirriam Mwinzi: I also wonder how my salary was deducted to this union. Wakhungu Wanjala Chrispinus: When was this union formed? Mirrie M. Tims: Who allowed this union to deduct monies from non-member teachers?

Mirrie M. Tims: Hello KUSNET, whoever is the founder of this KUSNET union I want to categorically state that I am not a member of the union and did not either knowingly or unknowingly subscribe to KUSNET. I, therefore, demand to know who permitted deduction of Ksh. 627.42 for union fees from my December payslip. Admin see to it that my money is refunded up to the last coin.
Mwangi Oscar: Hello TSC can you kindly explain to me how you deducted my salary to pay something known as kusnet which I have never heard of and I don’t want to know about. This is illegal regardless of your status.

More Details about KUSNET Union

 We tried searching for official details about KUSNET but got very little.

What we found is that the Kenya Union of Special Teachers (KUST) received a letter of authority from the Ministry of Labour dated January 4, 2011, set to authorize the association to undertake lawful activities under section 12 of the labour relations Act.

TSC Teachers Cry as Another Union other than KEWOTA Invades Payslips, KUSNET logo.
Kenya Union of Special Needs Education KUSNET logo.

Furthermore we found out that the union was founded in 2002.


KUSNET Officials

The only official we came across leading the union is the Secretary-General, James Torome Lempaa (pictured below).

TSC Teachers Cry as Another Union other than KEWOTA Invades Payslips: KUSNET Secretary-General Mr. James Torome Lempaa. (Photo/Facebook)

Other KUSNET officials’ names posted by the Secretary-General Mr. Torome on the Social Media are Kusnet Administrators: Gabriel 0722476752 and Charity 0721579884.

How to Join Kenya Union of Special Needs Education Teachers KUSNET

Interested teachers can easily join the KUSNET union via the TSC payslip IPPD portal. 

Below are the simple steps as outlined by Kusnet on their facebook page;

  1. Take your smart phone, go to chrome, type ‘tscpayslip’
  2. click ‘Tsc payslip- Teacher Service commission’
  3. The new member to log in using his/her username and password to view his/her payslip.
  4. The new member to go to send the payslip to third party the icon reads ‘click here to send your payslip’
  5. Third-party select SWA , then select company. Scroll down and find KUSNET.
  6. After sending the payslip to our preferred Union KUSNET, please notify us as you also send a photo of the letter of resignation from the other Union to kusnethead@gmail.com
  7. Last step but very important, after few hours, the new member is supposed to log in again and confirm the transaction


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  1. Irungu says

    I am also à victim of thé same déduction. Legally can an employer déduct an employée salary without authorisation. This proves there must be highly placed officials in thé tsc Who are siphoning teachers money. DCI and unticorruption agency should act immediately.

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