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2020 Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals KNDFF Calendar of Events

The Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals KNDFF have released its calendar of events for the year 2020. Mombasa County takes the mantle from Bungoma County to host the 2020 National Drama and Films Festivals.

Drama and Film activities draws participants from all institutions in the country, from ECD Levels to Tertiary Colleges and Universities.

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The KNDFF events calendar stipulates when festival activities will commence from the Sub County levels up to the National level.

2020 Theme for Drama and Film Festival 

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Copyright and Conditions at Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals

The theme for 2020 Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals KNDFF is: Promoting Moral Responsibility in Society through Drama and Film.

Sub-County Drama Festivals to Begin Before 24th February 2020

2020 Drama and film festivals calendar begins with the National Adjudicators briefing, which is scheduled for December.

National Adjudicators Briefing will run from 23rd to 27th of December 2019. The venue is the Kenya School of Government (KSG) in Kabarnet, Baringo County.

Then the Festivals will begin in late February at the Sub County Levels. The Sub-County festivals are expected to be done by the 24th of February 2020.

County Drama and Film Festivals are also scheduled to end by the 9th of March 2020 to give room for the Regionals.

By the 21st of March, 2020, the Regional Festivals should be a closed chapter.

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Mombasa County to Host 2020 National Drama and Film Festivals

Mombasa County will be the host for 2020 National Drama and Film Festivals. The national event will take place between 13th and 24th of April 2020.

The 2019 Drama and Films Festivals reached the climax at the Nationals, which took place at Kibabii University.

2020 KNDFF National Drama Workshop for Film and Adjudicators

The 2020 Kenya National Drama Workshop for Film and Adjudicators will take place in Mombasa County at the Kenya School of Government KSG.

The workshop of approximately 200 participants will see the venue opened on the 22nd of January 2020 for arrival.

Action dates are set to the 23rd to 26th of January 2020 before the participants leaving the following day, 27th of January.

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2019 National Drama Festivals Winners

The 2019 national events saw State House Girls taking the national trophy in the choral verse category.

Murang’a TTC swept the Creative Cultural dance trophy as  Shanzu TTC stamped their authority in Spoken word. Asumbi TTC in Play, and Kibabii TTC.

In the University Category, University of Nairobi (Parklands) won the Play. Kenyatta University took over Modern Dance and Stand-up comedy.

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