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Homabay Teacher Charged for Defiling, Impregnating and Murdering 13-year-old Pupil with Child

Mr. Eric Otieno Ooko, a teacher in Homabay County, has been charged for defiling, impregnating, and then killing a 13-year-old pupil plus her 10-month-old daughter.

The primary school teacher was taken to Homabay High Court and charged with two accounts of murder.

The Gethsemane Academy teacher, in Mfangango island, Mbita Sub County, is alleged to have killed a 13-year-old pupil whom she had defiled and impregnated. He also killed her 10 month-old baby.

The Teacher Defiled a Class Eight Pupil

Ooko defiled Rihana Nafula, a class Eight Pupil in 2018. The girl then became pregnant after the process and later bore a child named Everlyn Aoko.

A defilement case was instigated against Ooko at Homa Bay high court to ensure Nafula justice.

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According to the Court proceedings, Ooko is alleged to have killed Rihana between October 21 and 26, 2019, at Seka B village. Besides, he went ahead also to murder the 10-month-old Everlyn.

Teacher Killed Pupil with Child to Get Rid of Witnesses in his Defilement Case

Mr. Philip Sang, the Mbita Sub County Directorate of Criminal Investigations DCI, through a signed affidavit, told the court that Ooko killed Nafula and Everlyn to get rid of witnesses in his Mbita defilement case.

The DCI officer said Ooko inhumanly killed the standard Eight pupil and buried her body in a shallow grave.

He then went further to strangle the 10-month-old baby Everlyn.

Ooko then dumped Everlyn’s body in a nearby bush within the village.

To the dismay of the villagers, they discovered the bodies.

In the affidavit, Sang said that on January 22, Nafula left her Cousin’s house carrying Everlyn. She was headed to Sindo Township for an ante-natal clinic. However, the pupil and the baby never came back.

Teacher Charged with Conspiracy to Interfere with Witness

Because of Nafula’s absence, the defilement case against Ooko was withdrawn. The proceedings would not go on because the key witnesses were missing.

However, Ooko was charged in another case of a conspiracy to interfere with witnesses in his defilement case.

The teacher was booked for court on11th of April 11. He, however, went missing and never attended the court proceedings. The court issued his warrant of arrest.

Mr. Sang said Ooko flew from his village just after the two bodies were found.

Mr. Ooko is Arrested in Kisumu

The DCI officials tracked and arrested him in Kisumu at Obunga Estate.

Ooko was again arraigned in Court before denying all charges labored against him.

Justice Joseph Karanja denied Mr. Ooko a bond claiming the teacher could interfere with the witnesses.

However, Justice Karanjah directed that Mr. Ooko could apply for the bond later on.

April 6, 2020, is the scheduled date for hearing of the case.

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