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Biology Teacher Sues Uganda for $1m Over Unlawful Arrest and Torture

A 35-year-old Rwandan Biology teacher is seeking a 1 million dollar (Ksh. 100 million) legal compensation from Uganda over alleged illegal arrest, detainment and torture.

The teacher who goes by the name Venant Hakorimana Musoni, went on Monday, to seek a legal address in the East African Court of Justice based in Arusha, Tanzania.

The teacher alleges that Uganda government arrested him when he arrived in Kampala 11 months ago before being detained for thee next 10 months.

The East African reported that the teacher accused Uganda for torturing, beating and electrocuting while he was being held in prison.

The teacher who is being represented by Richard Mugisha, a Rwandan lawyer, claims he had visited the country to check on his property located in Mbarara before the arrest.

Before his tribulations, he was working in Ethiopia as a biology teacher, reported the East African.

Mr Hakorimana was then presented to a court nine months later. He was sentenced for 12 months imprisonment or a fine of 266 dollars after he was found guilty of stepping into Uganda unlawfully.

The teacher opted to pay the fine. He was then deported.

On an interview with the New Times, a Rwandan media, mr. Hakorimana said he obtained legally the Ugandan citizenship in August of 2015.

“I worked on contract in Uganda. Up on finishing my contract in 2012, I shifted to Ethiopia”, clarified Hakorimana.

He continued to narrate, ” I had plans in Uganda, a house under construction and a plot to pay  in Mbarara Municipality, Kamukuzi division. On my way I got arrested”.

This legal battle between Teacher Hakorimana and Uganda is similar to two previous court suits involving Rwandans and Uganda.

It is reported that there exists a strained diplomatic relationship between Rwanda and Uganda.

Source: Independent Online (IOL).

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