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Allow Teachers Bring Guns To School, Teachers Union Demands

Following several attacks on teachers, the Educators’ Union of South Africa (EUSA) is demanding for teachers to be allowed to carry guns to school.

The demands were made by EUSA president Scelo Bhengu. He said that that attacks on teachers had so much increased necessitating teachers to be allowed to bring guns to school. Bhengu added that the teacher unions would not continue to quite as teachers lose their lives.

The most recent attack occurred on Tuesday morning, taking the life of a 48-year-old teacher.
Mr Sboniso Nyawose was shot at Masuku Primary School in Folweni, south of Durban.

The news24 media reported that one of KwaZulu-Natal Education officials Kwazi Mshengu, said Mr Nyawose was shot by two unknown assailants.
Mshengu was further quoted by News24 saying, “This is the most painful news I have had to deal with since assuming office,”

The assailants gained access to the school premises before murdering the educator.
The teacher was killed despite the fact that the school have a security personnel employed by the department of education.

Shawn Herbst, a Netcare 911 spokesperson said that information form the crime scene indicated that multiple shots from unknown male were fired to the deceased.
“The shots hit teacher in the head and abdomen as he was walking down a corridor at the time,” added Shawn.
The police confirmed the incident took place on Tuesday morning at 9.

The teacher was confirmed dead at the shooting area.
The police further said, “We are investigating the circumstances behind the murder of the teacher”.

Permit Teachers to Bring Guns to School, EUSA Demands

After the incident, EUSA is pushing for teachers to allowed to carry guns to school.

EUSA president Scelo Bhengu lamented, “Our schools are not safe places for our teachers to work. If the Department of Education is not going to respond by making schools safe, then we want teachers [to] have guns to protect themselves.”

A few days ago, South Africa’s social media went crazy with a video of a teacher invigilating grade 11 exams while carrying a gun. Unfortunately, the teacher was suspended.

Read the article here: Teacher Suspended for invigilating exams while carrying a gun.
It is reported that the affected pupils are still undergoing counselling to recuperate from the gun act.

Source: News24.

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