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5 Ways to Stimulate Active Learning in Class

A Good teacher knows how to encourage and stimulate active learning to bring out the best in students. A teacher should have the skill to capture the concentration of every student in the class and build good relations. It should be the aim of any teacher to understand the mindset of each student and try to bring those tasks which provoke interest among the whole class.

There are many ways which when adopted by a teacher, will stimulate and encourage the active learning process within the class;

1. Use Innovative Teaching Methods

Innovative teaching methods and activities in the class help to stimulate the participation of students and make them active. Their contribution adds interest to a course and provides a way for a teacher to promote active learning and assess understanding.

It should be a goal of a teacher to create an environment in the classroom, which motivates the students to learn and participate in the class actively.

2. Create Positive Classroom Environment

The classroom environment is considered to be a ‘second teacher’ for any student.

Students learn better when they view the learning environment as positive and supportive.

Pleasant environment builds confidence in the student to trust fellows, feel a sense of belongings, to tackle challenges, and ask questions confidently.

Positive classroom environment and skilled teaching method build a learning level in the students and helps them to encourage the participation in the classroom actively.

Some other factors, like the placement of desk, seating arrangement, and view of whiteboard, can have a significant effect on student involvement.

It should be a goal of a teacher to create an environment in the classroom, which motivates the students to learn and participate in the class actively.

3. Motivate the students

Stimulating the participation of students in a class can uplift the quality of learning experience. Motivation from the parents, and specifically from teachers, may also be quiet influential.

Motivation enhances student’s enthusiasm, and they take more interest in the activities assigned to them. If the teacher motivates them to achieve something by doing the task, they would eventually exert their full effort and energy. Once they get inspired, they take an interest in the learning process and get involved in the class effectively.

4. Co-circular activities

Planning and conducting co-circular activities that fascinates different students, is an essential part to grab the attention of students.

Some students that could not perform well in the learning activities may take interest in the co-circular activities and show their capabilities. If you provide them a range of co-circular activities they will perform efficiently.

It has also been observed that students pursuing their hobbies, achieved better results in their studies.

Arrange co-circular activities like speeches, debates, and paintings competition so as to grab the interest of the students.

5. Listen and Respond Effectively

Make sure you create an atmosphere in the class that should be pleasant and friendly for all the students. Proper listening and responding to teacher boosts confidence in the students.

When there are some pupils who appear to be hesitating in the class; the teacher should pay equal attention to such students as well.

The instructor should make eye contact with students while they are speaking and monitor them carefully when they ask something.

When the above ways are applied effectively, they will be helpful in stimulating active learning process among all learners including the slow paced learning students.

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