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Best Ways to Teach Mathematics to Slow Learners

Mathematics is present everywhere in our daily life. All other subjects are just material; it is the only subject where the brain is more actively and directly engaged. Math is the mother of all sciences and can be used to solve problems related to Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Computer, Engineering and many more. Math also has played a key role in our daily life too. Teaching and learning of mathematics is one the big challenge for the teachers to teach mathematics to slow learners.

Slow learners are not different from other average students in their intelligence abilities, except that they are too careless or unfocused.

Slow learners need special technique and learning plans tailored for them.

Most mathematics teachers also have little ideas or training related to the needs of slow learners in the classroom.

It is therefore essential to give special attention to these children and use innovative technology during their study time.

Here are five effective tips and techniques that teachers should adopt to teach mathematics to slow learners:-

1. Create Extra Time for Maths

Slow learners need extra time to understand the basic mathematical concepts.They require more review and revision to make sense of basic mathematics.

Conduct additional classes to know more about their weaknesses and give them tips and tricks about solving the problems. This will help build confidence in the children and improve their learning skills.

Also, always allocate them more time for problem-solving while practicing or during a test.

2. Use Practical Lessons to teach Maths Concepts

The practical lesson is one of the best techniques to teach mathematics to those children who are sluggish learners. Practical lessons involves the use of physical objects and practical situations, in solving math problems.

When correctly employed, practical lessons will help the students to learn and easily do the little math operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Especially those that include people, fruits, flowers, cars and other useful items that surround them during walk or drive. The real example helps them to learn quickly and enhance their solving.

3. Give Positive Reward to Responses

Most of the slow learners lack confidence and need special attention in the classroom.

To build confidence arrange special training programs and give them minor tasks or assignments and after completion give them appreciation and reward to enhance their confidence level. It can help them to learn more and take an interest in learning activities and also boost their abilities.

4. Teach Individuals or Small Groups

Slow learners need special attention and excitement for learning. During group study, many children learn from other students and try to do better during the study.

Try to teach them when alone or in small groups. This would help the teacher to direct his focus regarding the certain failure and the specific inability of the student. Students also tend to learn faster in small groups as compared to the ordinary large classroom lectures.

5. Spice Up Maths Lessons with Multimedia Presentations

Slow learner students need extra time for remedial and improvement activities. Using video recorded instructions can provide unique experience to the learners. A teacher can also download from the Internet or create presentation of techniques of solving different math problems. Learn to showcase pictures and videos on the projector. Also as a way is spicing up the maths lesson, conduct games in the classroom that can reinforce learning mathematics. Games gives instant knowledge of the result and provides immediate feedback which is essential for slow learners to enrich their mathematics learning process.

6. Be Creative and Improvize when Teaching Mathematics

One of the character traits of good teachers is they never fear to start or try a new teaching/learning approach. As a teacher, try new teaching methodologies with your students. Be creative and don’t fear to improvise when need arises. A successful teaching method in Japan may not bear fruits probably in Kenya or Uganda. Also, schools may not have equal resources at their disposal. 

It is for a fact that you know the kinds of learners you have, and the kind environment you operate in. Therefore, you are the best inventor for a suitable mathematics teaching solution for your slow-paced learners. When brains come together, great discoveries are made.

How do you deal with your slow learners a teacher? Share your thoughts other teachers in the comments section below.


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