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How to Revive and Enjoy Your Teaching Career

Have you been teaching for quite a while? Do you feel exhausted, stressed, though unsatisfied with your career? Do you want to revive and enjoy your teaching career?

Well, teaching just like any other career, is associated with challenges. I understand, sometimes we feel like we’ve reached the end of the line, but guess what, all these hurdles can be skipped.

Remember, you do not have to do this alone, so I’m here to help you with a few steps. Follow them and you’ll get over the rainy days of your teaching career.

1. Do not add extra work on your desk.

Now, I understand that some education institutions entail high competition, and you might want to please your head of institution in a way, but slow down. What matters most at the end of the year is your life and positive impact on the students’ academics.

If these extra tasks reduce your efficiency (which they will surely do in the long run), your zeal will reduce and you might lose your job.

2. Accelerate.

You must be probably wondering what I mean by this. Do you know that when we work slowly, the workload accumulates, and our passion quickly diminishes?

Now, I challenge you to increase the speed at which you cover the syllabus with your students. This will not technically wear you out, but give you more room to review your coverage, in the long run it will contribute to you enjoying your teaching.

Here are some tips to help you cover syllabus in time even when you have slow learners.

3. Juggle schools.

Now, this is a very effective trick if implemented. Did you know that part time teachers, teaching at two or more schools earn more?

Put the money aside, these teachers are more respected and trusted, than those who spend all their time within the school bounds. And who would lose interest in a workplace where they are valued?

In short, try to create more avenues for you to teach, especially via online.

4. Maintain a good relationship.

First of all, ensure a good relationship with your colleagues. I have seen a couple of teachers quit their jobs because their rival workmates have allegedly plotted against them. And besides, it’s uncomfortable.

On the part of the students, we all know that they always whine about this and that, but if you are the one reason for their discomfort, you will soon lose interest, or leave that workplace.

5. Invest your salary.

Well, I personally love to work for salary because I am better positioned to start up businesses with this “sure deal” monthly earning.

Invest in agriculture, poultry or any other business that you can. Besides keeping extra money on you, this will keep you motivated to work and make you enjoy your teaching career.

Read this post for more investment tips for teachers.

6. Work with your students.

Right now, I bet you know that when a teacher shares a task with the students, it is so relieving.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Let them make notes, especially for teachers of language subjects or other interpretation oriented subjects.
  • Create research projects. This is applicable to every subject and at every level of education.
  • Form discussion groups out of your students.

If you need more ways to motivate and inspire your students, then find out on this post.


Now that you know that the main causes of teacher burnout is labour related, it is time that you put these measures into action, so that you can get the best out of your teaching career and make yourself enjoy life.

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