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Here are the Fraudsters conning Kenyan Teachers!

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Here are the Fraudsters conning Kenyan Teachers!

Several unsuspecting teachers in Nyanza have been duped by a cartel into getting TSC jobs. The teachers have lost thousands and thousands of shillings in a bid to secure a permanent teaching job for themselves and their close ones, according to citizen tv report.

The investigation report confirms that the cartel and it’s alias group is well organized and lure teachers with fake TSC appointment letters. However, as time goes on the lured teachers realize that they have been conned.

The cartel usually demands an initiation fee of between Ksh. 30,000 to 80,000 for a P1 teacher TSC vacancy to jump-start the process. One is then required to submit his documents entailing Application letter, Certificates, Kenya Revenue Authority PIN number, Curriculum Vitae, TSC number and Bank Account details at a meeting point usually a public restaurant.

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The cartel then contacts you after a few days with a fake offer of employment letter. The letter details the annual salary scale and the reporting date. He then requests you to go to the County director of education for posting.

The investigations revealed that the cartel and its group has been operating at Kameji Secondary Secondary School which is located in North Kamagambo Location in Rongo Constituency within Migori County. One of the school cook, a groundsman and the school principal, a victim of ‘delocalization of school heads’ have been implicated, according to the citizen tv report.

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In response, the Teachers Service Commission through its communication department, it said that there are many of such cartels countrywide despite the many alerts issued to the public.
Tsc defended its staff saying that they are usually not involved in such scams.