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Advantage to TSC Interns as TSC Awards an Extra 10 Marks

Teachers who have been serving as interns in schools have reason to smile as they are going to be awarded an extra ten (10) marks. This comes after TSC (the body mandated by the Kenyan constitution to employ teachers) decided to reward their selflessness by awarding them ten more marks ahead of those who did not choose to join the internship program.

As per the latest TSC Recruitment scoresheet, teachers who will have an automatic ten marks reward as long as they produce evidence that they have been on the internship programme.

Teachers who did not opt for the programme will now regret that decision, as the recruitment process will give them a disadvantage that they deliberately brought to themselves.

This move is to ensure that teachers both employed and not employed by the commission follow guidelines given by the Teachers Service Commission seriously.

Teachers who have been serving in the internship programme have been sacrificing a lot especially if you take into consideration what they earn as compared to their already employed counterparts who are on permanent and pensionable terms. This situation exists even though they are fully qualified teachers, just like their counterparts.

Previously the rewarding of the 10 marks advantage has been used by TSC as in 2016 TSC hired 70,000 relief teachers for three months during the strike that paralyzed the education sector.

Can Interns Terminate their Contracts?

Yes, they can. Teachers who are currently in the internship programme can by:

  1. Submitting a written letter of termination/resignation of the contract to TSC through the Supervisor. However, they must give thirty(30) days Written Notice.
  2. Giving a two (2) weeks Written Notice before taking up employment offered to them before the expiry of the internship period agreed upon.

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