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TSC’S Scoring System for Hiring Teachers Causes Uproar

Complains have emerged concerning the 11,574 vacancies advertised by the Teachers Service Commission. Teachers who applied for the posts are not happy and feel the scoring system used to recruit is hugely faulty as it hands the advantage to some candidates or applicants

The vacancies advertised by TSC on the 1st of September 2020, saw more than 300,000 applicants send in their documents, a huge number beyond what the Commission expected. This turnout was because of the many teachers who used to work in private schools but the coronavirus pandemic rendered them jobless. The number of applicants was close to the number of teachers already employed by the government (TSC).

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Scoring System Favors Recent Graduates

According to many applicants, the scoring system used to rank the advertised vacancies gives favor applicants who graduated earlier.

Individuals seeking jobs with the Commission have called for changes in order to give everybody an equal chance based on their qualifications rather than the score points set by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

The huge number of applicants revealed the level of joblessness among graduates from universities and colleges. The selection process began last week on Thursday and will end today (on Wednesday).

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The high number of applicants forced TSC to reschedule recruitment and the Commission sent a list of qualified candidates to principals where there were vacancies. The list of the best candidates has resulted in complaints from a number of applicants.

Many of the applicants did not even attempt to attend the interviews as the scoring system locked them out.

“Why call 200 applicants when only 15 candidates had a chance?” said one of the candidates.

TSC granted an advantage to post-primary teachers who graduated in 2012 as they received 50 % of the marks. Last year’s graduates paled in comparison as they received a meager 15%. Any graduate of 2020 will score 10 marks in the section that aims to achieve equity among applicants.

TSC also gave interns a head start by awarding an extra 10 mark for the sacrifice they made in terms of both time and money as they earned given a fraction of what a TSC teacher earns. This leads to criticism of the internship programme that it is exploitative due to the small salary given to teachers.

Primary school teachers earned Sh. 10,000 while secondary school teachers earned Sh. 15,000. The amount is even lesser in reality as there deductions for insurance cover, social security, and tax.

Professional and academic qualifications section grants a first-class degree applicant a 35 percent mark, second-class (upper) 30 percent, and second-class (lower) 25 percent and a pass 20 percent.

For diploma applicants, a distinction gets 25 percent, credit 20 percent, and 15 percent to a pass grade applicant.

TSC awards five marks for presentation, communication skills, students’ performance, participation in co-curriculum activities, students, and any special talents.

Candidates who may want to lodge a complaint have until next Thursday next week to do so. They will do this at the county level. After this, officers in charge will forward the documents to the headquarters.

Officials will verify results submitted at TSC for a period of 17 days after which they will send the official posting letters for successful applicants.

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  1. Michael says

    Those who over stayed out had no interest of working under TSC. They should not be given so much priority. Some of them were in business. They have even forgotten the content

  2. kelvin says

    I Think considering those who graduated earlier was the best move by teachers service comission because some have applied for many years without being considered as teachers because of the few vacancies advertised yearly;the big problem was awarding ten marks to interns.Firstly it was competitive not voluntary,there was also the age limit on not above 35 years and some of the applicants were not considered because the vacancies were limited not absorb all applicants. In fact Tsc should consider those who graduated in 2010 and below as the only way of making sure teachers do not overstay at home without employment. Thanks.

  3. john says

    Another uproar, a part from the scoring system is that there are some Counties and sub counties who claim that the slots given by Tsc per County is for their people(natives) not for everybody.Some of the shortlisted recruits were locked out of the exercise in Bunyala sub county in BUSIA County.In addition there have been claims that to be considered as a teacher in West pokot County you must be a pokot and a resident of a given sub county despite being on the top of the merit list especially kipkomo sub County.please tsc make sure that rumuor is not actualised.

  4. Damaris says

    Tsc please think of the interns after the expirely of their contract where should they go? Please be considerate some wil be in a depression

  5. REGINAH says


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