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TSC Interviews: Preparation, Documents, and How to Score All the Marks

Have you applied for a TSC post recently? Are you expecting to attend an interview soon? Well, here is a complete guide to follow to get your dream job.

Preparations for the Interview

TSC interviews usually happen every year as TSC looks to hire new teachers or as replacements for others who have left the noble profession of teaching.

Since looking for a job with TSC is a life-changing moment, it is important to prepare well for the interview. Many times applicants seem to be in a state of rush and anxiety both physically, psychologically, and emotionally. They also do not take their time to put the crucial documents required for the interview in order. They tend to forget that this can leave an impression on your interviewers and possibly help you win them over.

The following are the things you need to do in preparation.

Dressing Code

What you wear matters heavily as you do not want it to be a subject while you are attending the interview. A decent skirt or trouser for women can do as long as you do not leave it too tight. Also, do not let your skirts to be too short. We recommend one that is not above the knee level.

Men should also remember that wearing a suit is not the only way to look smart and organized. Besides, if wearing a suit was the only way to dress decently, then interviews could surely be expensive ventures.

Putting Your Documents In Order

Make sure your documents are ready and well arranged in a document wallet or envelope. You could preferably arrange them beginning with the most recent. Ensure that crucial documents are also available for the panel to go through.


During the interview, avoid actions that might show that you are uncomfortable, tense, or excited. Avoid chewing anything in your mouth and looking around anxiously as this may mean that your confidence is low.

Extra curriculum activities

Evidence that you participated in co-curricular activities, though not mandatory, may be crucial in case there is a tie. If available, go with it as it will be of great help and will enrich your presentation. It will show that you have more to offer on top of your qualifications.

Documents You Need For the Interview

You need the originals and clear copies of the following documents to help the interviewers identify you and to confirm your academic credentials, among other things.

  • Your National Identification Card
  • NCPWD Card if disabled
  • K.C.P.E and K.C.S.E Certificates (You will be required to include all attempts certificates if you repeated).
  • Diploma or Degree Certificate and the corresponding transcripts.
  • Certificate of registration as a teacher
  • Evidence of a teacher as an intern (this can be via a letter or a payslip)
  • A sworn affidavit in instances where provided names differ.
  • Primary and Secondary Leaving Certificates
  • Co-curricular certificates
  • Special talent certificates
  • Student exam record for 3 years.

How to Score the extra 5 Marks in the Ongoing Teacher Recruitment Interviews

In order to bag all the extra 5 marks and earn yourself the edge over the other applicants, you need to do the following.

a)       Communication Skills

  • First, you need to answer all questions as required while avoiding using slang language. Remember to be genuine always.
  • Present your points clearly, be audible, and do not close your eyes as you present your points.

b)      Carry the following documents to your interview

  • Certificate of participation in case you participated in co-curricular activities while teaching.
  • Examination records for the students for the last 3 years.
  • Evidence of special talent like the Certificate of leadership if you served somewhere and were acknowledged with talent. It is also a good idea to talk about the details of your leaving certificate especially if it contains any information to complement the aforementioned.

NB: The extra 5 marks are important. Do not allow yourself to fail!

Possible Questions You May Be Asked During A TSC Interview

1.       Tell us about yourself

This might be a tough question but ensure you are audible, brief, and specific. Make sure you do not talk of anything contrary to your documents. Statements like “you know”, “my names are”, “etc” should be avoided at all costs.

2.       Professional Conduct

At least have some knowledge on TSC such as the roles of TSC, its organization, code of conduct of teachers, and something on the Children’s Act. Interviewers may ask questions on this during the interview, or not.

Do not keep quiet if asked a question you are not able to answer. Do not knowingly give a wrong answer, do not keep quiet, and avoid saying ‘I do not know’. Request interviewers to make the question clear for you or even elaborated to make it better for yourself.

3.       Content/Subject Knowledge

You should have fine knowledge of the content of the subjects you are attending an interview on as interviewers can ask questions from those subjects.

4.       Give a brief history of your experience

Start with the most recent to the past. If you have attended multiple institutions, let the one you attended first come last.

Do not give a part of your experience that the panel cannot prove or evidence in a recommendation letter or certificate for example. This can give the panelists a way of pinning you down.

5.         Current/trending issues

Current trends in education are also important in interviews. If for instance, you are seeking employment as a Computer Studies teacher, you should have some knowledge of current trends in Information and Communication Technology or Computer Science, and education.

Be brave, composed, and stable emotionally. Avoid overconfidence. Thank the panel once welcomed to the panel and at the end of the interview. Be brief with your answers and do not use long explanations or long examples.

Additional Documents You Must Have In Case You Succeeded In Your Interview

Once you are successful in your interview, you will still need the following documents.

  • Two passport size photographs
  • You will need to write a commitment letter to teach a minimum of 5 years and three years of those will be in the North Eastern Region.
  • A certified copy of a bank plate. This is where TSC will be depositing your salary once you have secured employment with them.
  • A completed pay point particulars form
  • A copy of a KRA certificate
  • A copy of your NHIF card.

Otherwise, from Teacher.co.ke we wish you all the best!

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