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Parents Facing Tough Times in Private Schools

Public and private schools are reopening on Monday as announced by the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Education Prof George Magoha. The government-released-funds will cover free education and was expected to reach schools on Thursday 8, 2020. Private schools have asked parents to pay school fees, with some asking for full payment, before the resumption of learning on Monday.

Almost 200 academies countrywide have had to go through tough times with no funds since schools were closed in March due to the global coronavirus pandemic. The ongoing economic crisis, and demands made by the private schools, means parents will find it hard to scoute for new schools for their children.

CS Magoha announced that the reopening of schools will be on Monday, partially for a start as the government juggles to meet the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health on curbing the spread of coronavirus.

Private schools want parents to pay school fees in the entirety for the second term. Others have also asked parents to clear fee areas for the first term that was shortened by three weeks.

Other than the school fees, the schools further demand that parents pay for the virtual lessons offered to students while schools were closed. This demand was made regardless of whether the students accessed the online classes or not.

Some parents, on the other hand, have asked for a fee discount for the first term and second term. They claim the term was shortened by three weeks, and the second term now has 11 weeks instead of 14 weeks.

“The lessons offered were not of the right quality, and it was my decision to not let my child attend such poorly run online lessons.  The management has to reconsider this,” said one parent in Kisii town who asked to remain anonymous.

 Sukari Presbyterian Academy has told parents that those who chose not to enroll their children in virtual/online learning were considered to have withdrawn from the school and will therefore need to seek re-admission again.

“Admission will depend on how the child measures to the level of their class, availability of a slot in our school. Besides, the learner has to be able to meet our financial obligations among other requirements,” read issued by the school’s administration.

Nova Pioneer Schools Director Mr. Khaemba revealed that a school fee review might be done for the second term.

“The finance team of our school is working on how much it will take. We will communicate the information to parents by Friday,” said Mr. Khaemba to the media.

Some private schools have chosen to prepare for reopening in the coming week contrary to the directive issued by the Ministry of Education via CS Magoha. Others are going continue to offer online sessions as they work on reopening dates among other things before they inform parents on the final arrangements of resumption.

“We are working on how to reopen. We will also inform parents once we finalize them. In the meantime, online lessons will continue to be offered,” said Kianda School Principal to Nation.

One hundred and ninety-six (196) secondary and primary schools have also had to close down entirely, and have informed parents to look for new schools for their beloved children. This is according to Kenya Private Schools Association Secretary-General.

“Some schools said they had to shut down completely. They expect parents to find their children new schools,” said Mr. Peter Ndoro, the Kenya Private Schools Association secretary-general.

The owners of the closed institution have been advised to notify parents of the decision to shut down completely so that parents can prepare their children and find them new schools by Monday when schools reopen officially.

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