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Teachers Unions Urge Political Tolerance to Avoid Disruption of the Academic Calendar

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General Collins Oyuu has called on Kenyans to practice tolerance of one another’s political affiliations to ensure that they do not disrupt the academic calendar.

Oyuu said that the COVID-19 pandemic already have disrupted the previous academic calendar and another disruption to the calendar if chaos emanates after the general elections or when results are announced.

“We do not want to go back to the 2007/8 situation which saw our children remain at home even when it was time to be in school for their studies. We have to ensure this country is able to forge ahead peacefully after elections so that the education calendar reverts to normalcy by January 2023 as per the Ministry of Education’s guidelines,” said Collins Oyuu.

On the other hand, the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) Migori branch Executive Secretary, Samwel Orwa Jasolo also called for tolerance from the electorate regardless of what the results of the General Elections will be.

Orwa also called on parents to be careful with what their children are doing and where they are for their safety and to avoid being involved in political misdeeds.

Orwa also asked learners to be focused on their studies and reminded them that the 2022 academic calendar was adjusted and that using the additional time well will be of great importance to them.

The National Parents Association Migori Branch Chairperson Peter Odondi Giyo also echoed Orwa’s sentiments saying that parents should ensure that their children are kept busy during this election period.

“Let us keep reminding our children that they are still students and that they should keep off campaign areas and stick to their studies,” said Giyo.

However, he implored school administrators to allow learners back to school even without school fees in order to give parents enough space and time to look for the school fees.

Giyo added that parents have not had an easy time earning enough money and therefore principals should reach an agreement with parents on a payment model to ensure learners are able to stay in school.

“I am urging school administrators to stop viewing the holiday as a reason for denying children entry once they report back to school without school fees. It is the responsibility of parents to source for funds to pay the fees and therefore learners should not be denied their right to education,” said Giyo.

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