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Why Shulemax is the Next Big Thing among School Management Systems: All the Features

School management systems have become the go-to with many institutions grappling with huge populations of students, parents and teachers.

This has necessitated the need for a computerized system that processes all the data in the schools.

Many schools have realized the need for a school management system and have since enrolled with various providers of school management systems.

Every school management system is different but schools have always complained about a few issues with various school management systems.

According to research done by Teacher.co.ke, some schools have complained of poor customer support given by their system providers while others have raised the issue of user-friendliness.

Based on the same research we have realized a new system (Shulemax) that we highly recommend to school administrators.

The following are the strengths of Shulemax School Management System

  • Academic analysis

In a school with a huge population, it can be hard to analyze all the learners’ performance and trends in their academics without an effective system. Shulemax has the exam analysis feature which analyzes marks upon entry into the system. This makes the process of analysis fast and less laborious with marks ready for the printing of report forms once they are entered.

Teachers, students and parents can access the relevant academic reports online with their login credentials. The availability of academic reports online makes it easy to avoid disappointments brought about by cunning learners who may change their report forms on the way home.

  • Student Management System

Shulemax manages students effectively with the feature of marking learners’ in school and class attendance being available. As such it is easy for a class teacher to monitor learners’ availability with ease and record attendance for all or capture the select few missing in a class by just simple selection.

  • Records on School Staff

A good school system does not just store records of students but also about teachers and other school staff. Storing of this information is important as it can be used for future reference or for other tasks such as coming up with a school timetable for the teaching staff and even a payroll system for producing slips.

Further, the school can elect to designate usernames and a password and give access to the system to the school staff members according to their field of work.

Through this Shulemax makes it possible to avoid overloading only one person to do the required tasks or when one is forced to handle tasks in the field they are less equipped to handle them.

  • The School Accounting System

Finance is a sensitive department in every school and it requires utmost accuracy or else the school suffers the consequences that come with government audits and can even create friction with parents.

Shulemax is fitted with a school accounting system that is fitted with a school accounting system. This keeps track of learners’ fees payment, balances and fee statements from the moment they enter the school to the moment that they leave.

An effective school accounting system automatically invoices students every academic year or term as a credit transaction and debits the student’s fee balance every time the student’s fees is paid. You need Shulemax for this job. It executes functions effectively in no time

  • Library Management

The library is another crucial department in school as it is a place of literacy. The library feature makes it possible to keep track of the school’s textbook assets. With Shulemax, it is possible to keep track of borrowing history, books currently in stock and those that have either been lost or damaged.

  • Payroll Management

Most school systems usually focus on Academics but Shulemax also incorporates a payroll management system. With this, it is easy to store and automatically calculate the staff’s payslip deductibles and other income.

  • Homework and Live Classes

Shulemax has also the homework feature where learners who are day scholars can access their homework and attend live classes when school is closed. For instance, following the outbreak of COVID-19 schools were closed all over the world to curb the spread of the virus and learners were forced to learn from home. Schools that had enrolled on Shulemax had an easy time and were able to hold live classes and teachers managed to send learners their homework online.

  • Generation of ID Cards

It is commonplace to find learners with learner Identity Cards and this feature has been incorporated in Shulemax to go in tandem with the entered data or biodata of the learners.

  • Bulk SMS

Short Message Service (SMS) has been proven to be the best way of sending urgent information to parents about school events and their students’ performance. This also serves to notify those parents who do not have smartphones. The Bulk SMS feature is incorporated and schools have the feature within the system without the need to purchase Bulk SMS elsewhere. Bulk SMS is available in the system at friendly prices.

  • User-friendliness

Shulemax has an easy-to-use design with every item one needs to be located on the menus. The system processes both learners, teacher and parent-relevant data for use by the respective users. The design is tailored to ensure that a user will always get what they are looking for on the displayed screen.

How to acquire Shulemax School Management System for Your School

Getting Shulemax is simple. First, you should be aware that the system is an exclusively online school management system. Therefore, it is accessible via the Shulemax website: shulemax.co.ke and you can start with a demo account for a start or contact the Shulemax Admin via +254727539478

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