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How to protect your WhatsApp account

How to protect your WhatsApp account is important, while people don’t realize how important it is to ensure that their accounts are safe.

WhatsApp being  hard to access especially if its someone else doesn’t mean that its impossible, however, new updates make it easier than it looks.

The only information needed to connect to someone’s WhatsApp account is a valid phone number and a verification code.

While WhatsApp touts of end-to-end encryption, this can be beaten by user ignorance and sheer humanism.

Whenever you think of a way of logging into a WhatsApp account, chances are it can be misused as much as you like it and without your knowledge.

Currently, WhatsApp offers two ways of logging into your WhatsApp account, namely;

  1. Whatsapp web
  2. Whatsapp phone

Using the above methods one can use WhatsApp and can access their WhatsApp from anywhere.

With WhatsApp currently working on introducing a telegram like a feature, in which you can access your WhatsApp from any device, this has created new weaknesses in the system.

While it was previously hard to access anyone WhatsApp, now all you need is the WhatsApp code send to their phone.

How is it done?

  1. Get a valid phone number
  2. Try registering the number on WhatsApp.
  3. Call the number you are trying to register and explain that an error has been made and a code was sent to that number, you need that code.
  4. Enter the code and voila, you have hijacked someones WhatsApp.

Why this may seem far-fetched, apparently it is happening in real life and people are losing access to their WhatsApp simple because of sharing that code.

Usually, the victims of the attack receive generic messages such as;

“Hey, I accidentally sent a WhatsApp verification code to your phone. Can you send it to me?” 

And once the victim answers this message with the received code, the attackers get possession of the WhatsApp account.

With these details, one using a phone number that does not belong to them, they can’t simply access some else’s account without the access code which was sent to the phone of the victims. 

Implying that anyone who has access to the code WhatsApp sends together with the with your phone number, could access your account, and block you in such a way that you can no longer access it.

While WhatsApp has repeatedly advised users to never share that code with anyone many people don’t take it seriously.

Once someone has access to your account they can now pivot and access your Gmail account and retrieve your previously backed up chats.

Besides, they could create new web.whatsapp.com session which is easier to follow in case you try to access the account.

And in the worst-case scenario, someone can change the number, which completely disconnects you from WhatsApp, thus giving WhatsApp the illusion that you have never been on WhatsApp.

How to protect your WhatsApp Account.

While your chats are safe by default due to E2E encryption, you shouldn’t take it for granted that one will try to access it.

Better safe than sorry, you only have one opportunity to redeem your self always, so do it right.

You can protect your WhatsApp account by doing the following;

  1. Never disclose WhatsApp verification code to anyone.
  2. Change your Gmail account password
  3. Always ask the person to call you using the number they want to verify.

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