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TSC Tells Teachers What Roles They Will Do In Preparation for Reopening

Following the closure of schools in March due to the effects of the novel coronavirus, students and teachers alike have been stuck at home with virtual lessons not working for all students. With the relative flattening of the curve and with President Uhuru also contemplating a return to the norm for Kenyans, schools now look set to reopen next month. TSC had ordered teachers to report to schools on Monday 28, 2020, and has now outlined roles teachers will perform in preparation for reopening.

The directive for all teachers to report to schools was given on Monday by TSC Boss Dr. Nancy Macharia after an extensive consultation will all stakeholders in the Education Sector. The meeting happened at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) premises.

A TSC circular dated September 21st, 2020, signed by the TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia directed all regional, county, and sub-county bosses to supervise activities that teachers will carry out as preparations are underway for the eventual re-opening of schools.

“You are to disseminate contents of this Circular to all Teachers working under your respective Regions, Counties and Sub-counties. You are also directed to coordinate, monitor, and supervise this exercise and ensure that Teachers prepare properly for the resumption of learning,” said the TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia.

All teachers are directed to contribute to making adequate arrangements for the re-opening of schools that will likely happen the latest October 19, 2020.

Teachers will be required to work with the relevant stakeholders to ensure classes, offices, dormitories, and all school amenities are thoroughly cleaned and that these premises are in habitable state for students.

TSC has also directed teachers to come up with innovative strategies designated to offer psychological support to Parents, Learners, and other stakeholders.

Tutors will also prepare curriculum delivery materials such as schemes of work, timetables, lesson plans, and other related activities for implementing the curriculum and delivery.

Dr. Nancy Macharia has also directed teachers to carry out the above-mentioned roles while adhering to Guidelines and Protocols provided by the Ministry of Health for the containment of the spread of COVID-19 including social distancing, washing hands regularly, sanitization, and wearing of facemasks.

Besides, the Commission instructed teachers to come up with mechanisms on how to share duties and responsibilities whilst making deliberate efforts to ensure staff is protected with underlying conditions.

Sossion concurs with TSC’s Directive for Teachers to Report to Work

Teachers Unions can be divisive at times but going by a statement from the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary-General Wilson Sossion, he has supported the move for teachers to report to schools on Monday 28, 2020.

The KNUT Secretary-General stated that teachers need to do a lot of activities before schools can be reopened. Among these activities, teachers are to do include providing a favorable psychological status supportive for learning.

The nominated legislature also urged schools to accept all learners including even those who fell pregnant during the prolonged closure of schools due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“All girls and boys must return to schools regardless of the challenges and situations they been in. if a girl is pregnant, they should be brought back to school. We shall support them even if it means giving them the nutrition that will support them until they deliver,” said Mr. Sossion.

Mr. Sossion also urged the Ministry of Education and TSC to work together so as to come up with gender desks in every school in order to cushion both teachers and students against gender-based violence.

“We must establish a gender desk and that desk must be recognized in every school with a strong committee to deal with issues on a continuous basis so that we do not make news with statements. If we cannot translate statements to action, they mean nothing,” said the KNUT Secretary-General.

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