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5 Investment Tips for Teachers

It is commonly said that a good teacher is like a candle; it consumes itself to light the ways for others. Teaching is the most respectable job, and people of this profession are some of the hard-working yet poorly renumbered out there. Teachers are vital for our society and play a significant role in preparing the future of our children. They are professionals who are continuously neglected by the higher authorities, and most of them are suffering from the financial crisis.

Financial literacy and planning is very essential for any teacher. With good planning, a teacher can make their future better.

Hardworking teachers are usually busy with their students that they neglect their own needs. In fact, they even forget about their financial security.

Teachers can invest by transferring and applying their knowledge in different ways. They can also adopt some common methods of investment that can easily generate money.

Let us now discuss some investment tips for the teachers, how and where they can invest their hard-earned money to generate a second income.

1. Opening an Educational Institute

Being experienced In the education sector,  a teacher can easily establish and run an education institute. For example one can start a school, college, or simply a kids academy. In the institute, the teacher can offer different technical and non-technical courses which can attract nearby students.

To start an education institute, you don’t need investment on a large scale as we usually imagine. One can hire a building on rent and can start the institute. Before starting, do some research to understand the best target group at your location. By this I mean, know whether you’re in for the upper, middle or low class.

A teacher should have the administrative skills to run this business successfully and should able to manage the daily routine work.

2. Starting an EBook Business

The Internet has changed so many things in the world, even the ways of earning. If a teacher can write on a specific topic, he can earn money through EBooks.

What is needed to start an EBook business is the content, a website, and some online marketing skills.

You can make some investment by launching the website and sell your eBook directly online.

You might make a PDF available to your readers for the sample. A reader visits the site, order the book, download the link, and get the book. You can get payment by using a simple payment platforms like Mpesa or PayPal shopping carts.

3. Start an Import/Export Business

In the import/export business, you can import or export any specific product which is in high demand. The most demanding products are T-shirts, jeans, cosmetics, surgical instruments, electronics, gloves, wallets or handbags, etc.

To start this business, you need a big investment. For investing in this business, first, you need to create and launch your website, find suitable business space, designate a shipping and receiving area, then register your firm or company in the local chamber of commerce.

For good earnings, focus on the products that are in high demand domestically and overseas.

4. By Investing in Real Estate

Real estate is a profitable business and is one of the most rewarding businesses nowdays. A teacher can earn by investing in the real estate business. Making money in this field is relatively easy due to the rapid expansion of the residential and commercial market for properties. People from banking, financial, social and educational, and other backgrounds choose to start the real estate business.

In this business, you need an eye to spot opportunities from old buildings, idle spaces and waste lands.

Even though real estate business involves low risks, it is capital intensive.

5. Start a DropShipping Business

This is a cheaper business alternative to the import/export business. In dropship business, you don’t need a warehouse. You

Here is how drop shipping business works:

  • You register your business or website with a company (Drop Shipping Company) that have the physical goods you are interested in selling.
  • Get the list or catalogue of all the goods and their prices including all the images.
  • You create your own price list of the goods to your customers.
  • Upload your list and images to your website.
  • When a customer places an order on your site and makes payment to you,  the order is automatically placed at the drop shipping company website with your customer’s details.
  • You then make payment to the dropshipper less your profit and the goods bearing your label are sent to your customer.

These are some of the investment opportunities that teachers can make. Let’s not wait till tomorrow to start investing, let’s start now.

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