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How a High School Teacher Hit 1 Million Dollar Net-Worth Through Side-Hustle at Age 35

In Summary:

  • Mr Brian Weitzel is a 36-year-old teacher of Economics at Del Campo High School. 
  • His side-hustles includes venturing into real estate, photography, online podcast, and a proposal planning and photography business. 
  • Last year 2018, mr Weitzel hit 1 million dollar net worth through his side hustles.

Being Born Poor is Not Your Fault, Dying Poor is – Bill Gates

Mr Brian Weitzel, a high school teacher, decided not to stop at teaching and instead looked for a side-hustle. The guy in question is only 36 years old, is married but without kids. In last year 2018, he reached a million dollar net worth.
He is a major motivation for many other teachers as he did not stop at just one side hustle but rolled with three.

Mr Weitzel side-hustles includes venturing into real estate, photography and last but not least, a proposal planning and photography business.

Involve Family in Your Side-Hustles

What we can learn from this teacher is firstly to always involve your immediate family in the business. He actually taught his wife on the discipline of saving and investing. We should also not ignore our various passions.

For example; this economics teacher only fancied photography and surprisingly thought that success through books took a long time, and thus wanted a more creative affair.

How a high school teacher made 1 million dollars through side hustle
A million dollars stashed in a briefcase Source: Pixabay

As we speak, mr Weitzel can proudly decree that at the age of 35, he reached a $1 million net-worth last year.

I wonder what we can speak of our accomplishments.

Create Many Income Generating Streams – Side-Hustles !

Additionally, Mr. Weitzel also hosts a business podcast called “Ride Your Money Wave”. I am sure we are now all detesting him for taking up all the available opportunities.

We can see that there are those of us who have truly implemented the “sky is the limit” saying.

After heavily investing in photography with all his life savings, this photography business made a revenue of about $176,000 in the previous year after struggling with it for 11 years.Patience truly pays don’t you think?

He adds that the additional income he gains is added to his retirement savings and other investments such as buying property.

Did you know that volunteer jobs are also crucial?

It is crucial to note that just like other hustlers out there, he also at some point did volunteer jobs in photography for the sake of exposure.

Here he met an individual who advised him to double his charges. This you must agree he would not have learnt if he had not sacrificed on his side.

He says that some of the activities that helped him grow include; Reading industry-specific books, articles, and websites, learning more about taxes.

In addition, he also invests in personal growth or skill-based education, volunteering in organizations and finally attending workshops so as to sharpen his skills.

You’ve got to Sacrifice

A point to note is that he does not neglect his teaching profession just because he has other business outlets.

He respects his job dearly and is grateful for it as it offers him a good basic salary and proper retirement benefits just to name a few.

He emphasizes on the fact that he had to put away so many pleasures considering he is still a young man just to render his businesses’ overall success.

Borrowing from a best- selling author of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” Mr. Ramit Sethi, he remarks that most people are usually hesitant to engage in more money making activities as they do not render themselves capable nor have enough time for them.

He simply advises that” when you embrace the idea that you can earn more, one of the biggest surprises you’ll discover is that you already possess skills others would pay for and you’ve never even realized it”.

Mr Weitzel is truly a living example as he is one early bird who despite being a teacher always finds time daily for his side hustles.

Source: ESI Money

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