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How Schools and Students can Confirm Course and University admission by KUCCPS for 2018 K.C.S.E Candidates

How Schools and Students can Confirm Course and University admitted to by KUCCPS for their 2018 K.C.S.E Candidates

In this post we outline the steps to confirm course and university the 2018 K.C.S.E candidate has been admitted by KUCCPS before the admission letters are dispatched. Furthermore, schools also can check on the 2017 and the previous K.C.S.E candidates’ admissions.

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has finalised the placing candidates who had applied for different courses after the 2019 first and second revision were done. The 2018 K.C.S.E Candidates have been admitted to different institutions of higher learning for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Procedure to Check Course and University admitted to online (Schools)

  1. Visit: http://schools.kuccps.net/
  2. Login using the following details :
  3. Username:(TSC no)
  4. Password: (your password)
  5. When logged in, Click on “DOWNLOADS” on the top menu.
  6. Next, Click on “Previous Center PlacementList“. You will see an image like the one below.
    KUCCPS School download page
  7. Under Placement selection enter the centernumber and select the academic year.You will then see your list of students, their K.C.S.E Index No., Student Names, University / College admitted to and the Programme Admitted for. See screen shot below.

Procedure to Check Course and University admitted to online (For candidates)

The following are the steps to check the course and University a candidate has been admited to by KUCCPS.

  1. Visit: http://students.kuccps.net/
  2. Login using the following details
    Exam Index no: (Use your full Index Number)
    K.C.S.E ExamYear: (2018)
    Password: (Use your Birth Certificate Number)
  3. After login scroll down. You should  see a message that reads “congratulations” followed by course/Programme name and institution/University/College admitted to.

It is always important to plan for everything in advance. For parents, knowing when and to which institution their child has has been admitted to by KUCCPS is vital so as to source for school fees. Also one can confortably consult on the whereabouts of the institution its self and make travel and accomodation arrangements all in advance.

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