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Discipline and Misconduct at the Kenya National Drama and Film-Festivals

Conduct and Discipline at the KNDFF

This article examines the discipline and Misconduct of teachers, trainers and students at the Kenya National Drama and Film-Festivals.

Participants in the Festival should be responsible and exhibit a high sense of decorum at all times.

Misconduct related to the festival shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant codes of conduct in force (see also 3. iii). These shall include but not limited to the code of Regulations of Civil Servant, Code of Regulations for Teachers and respective Employers and School Rules:

  1. Drama committees will engage personnel during the festival to ensure the smooth running of the Festival. The personnel, referred to as festival officials, shall at all times adhere to the core values and conduct of the festival;
  2. The drama committees and members of staff accompanying participants from their respective institutions shall be held responsible for the conduct of their teams during festivals;
  3. Apart from details given in the entry forms (Appendix I: Entry Form A), participants from post-secondary institutions MUST be accompanied by an officer appointed in writing by the head of institution.

List of Acts considered as misconduct in KNDFF

  1. Negligence of duty;
  2. Drug and substance abuse;
  3. Sexual abuse, rape and acts against the order of nature as prescribed in The Penal Code.
  4. Indecent exposure;
  5. Vulgarity;
  6. Incitement;
  7. Violence;
  8. Breakages and destruction of property;
  9. Hate statements targeting communities, personalities and gender, both on stage, out of stage and in social media
  10. Forgery/fraud;
  11. Leakage of festival results;
  12. Stealing;
  13. Plagiarism;
  14. Cheating;
  15. Lobbying;
  16. Conflict interest;
  17. Impersonation;
  18. Breach of security;
  19. Bribery and conmanship.
  20. Deliberately and intentionally directing one script or part of it in more than one institution;

Any other misconduct that contravenes the objectives, core values ad spirit of the Festival

Disciplinary Actions for Misconduct at KNDFF

Any individual, festival official, committee or team involved in acts of misconduct shall be liable to any one or more of the following disciplinary actions:

  1. Verbal caution;
  2. Written caution;
  3. Suspension;
  4. disqualification for a period that will be determined by the Committee
  5. fine
  6. dissolution of the drama committee;
  7. Subjection to the law of the land.

The head, trainer or teacher of the given institution involved in misconduct shall be disciplined in accordance with the relevant codes of conduct in force.

The Executive Committee shall take the disciplinary action on behalf of the DG.

Process of Disciplinary Action at the KNDFF

The process of disciplinary action will be as per the stipulated regulations by the MoEST.

  1. In the event of any indiscipline concerning any institution at any of the Festivals, a disciplinary committee shall be constituted to discuss the case. The decision made shall be ratified by the KNDFC.
  2. Students and/or teachers from any institution disqualified will not take part in the Festival for the period so recommended by the KNDFC. Anyone contravening this requirement by allowing already disqualified teacher and/or student to participate in the Festival shall be disciplined by the office of DG and TSC upon the recommendations of KNDFC.
  3. Any institution without the required authentic documents will be disqualified. No other document for verification will be entertained except those that had been availed by the regional secretary at the start of the festivals.
  4. Complaints about eligibility of any institution should be put in writing and submitted three days before the subsequent Festivals. Any further complaint submitted thereafter shall be investigated after the Festival through the office of the DG. If the allegations are found to be false, the complainant shall be liable to a fine of not more than kshs.20,000.00.
  5. The institution so disciplined shall be allowed to appeal to the KNDFC within Fourteen (14) days from the date of the disqualification.
  6. All institutions should adhere to programmes arranged by the zonal, sub county, county, regional and national committees. Any contravention of this shall lead to disciplinary action.
  7. Zone, sub county, county, regional and national executive committees may discipline a teacher or institution at their respective competitions. Copies of action taken should be forwarded to the KNDFC.
  1. In the event of dissatisfaction arising from disciplinary action mentioned above, an institution or an individual may appeal in writing to the drama committee at the next level. Coordinating CDEs, ESQACOs and TSC Directors at all levels shall convene an Appeals Committee meeting.
  2. Performance shall be in the order given in the festival programme. However, the drama committee may reschedule teams where necessary.
  3. Punctuality by participating teams shall be observed at all times. Performers will be expected to honour the time indicated in the programme.

    (a)     Performers shall be lined up at the entrance to the hall at least 20 minutes before the scheduled time of performance, failure to which they shall be disqualified;

    (b)     Adjudicators shall give three signals at two minutes interval. After the third signal call, adjudication will start.

  1. Dangerous props like live fire, real weapons and glass bottles are discouraged. There use may lead to stoppage and disqualification of performance.


Disqualification shall be effected after consultation between the festival organizers, the panel of adjudicators and the coordinating CDEs and ESQACOs at a formal meeting.

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