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How to Adjudicate a Dramatised Singing Games (ECD) at KNDF

Dramatised Singing Game


Singing games are not mini cultural dances but games that are clearly woven to tell a story through song, dance and movement. Singing games are usually characterised by joyful music activity. The children normally Sing and move together in simple or complicated forms with some sort of contagious joy. Appealing to all audiences, singing games provide healthy opportunities for the lifting of spirits, sensory integration, and community building.

The following are the important aspects adjudicated on the dramatised singing games:

        1. Choice of Dance (20%)

The subject matter should be child centred. The dance should have high entertainment and moral value as well as strong cultural source, bearing in mind that culture is dynamic.

          2. Choreography (60%)
  • Songs (20%): The use of songs and musical instruments should be child friendly.
  • Dance (20%): The dance steps, formations, and patterns should be child centred. There should be high level of involvement and evidence of enjoyment.
  • Drama (20%): It should be infused into the dance in such a way that the child will enjoy performing it.
         3.Costume and Décor (10%)

The costumes, body decorations and make-ups should be used in such a way that they make the child performer comfortable i.e. they should be child friendly.

           4.Achievement (10%)

Focus on the overall communicative and entertainment value of the dance. The Game should carry a message and be credible as a nursery school item.



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