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How to Adjudicate a Stand-Up Comedy In Kenya National Drama Festivals

Stand-Up Comedy Adjudication Marking Scheme

The following are the guides used during the adjudication of a stand-up comedy during the Kenya drama festivals.

1. Choice of Bits in Stand-up Comedy (30%)

How relevant are the bits to the audience? Are they connected? Are the bits able to elicit laughter? How are the segues used to link the bits? Is the object of satire familiar to the audience? Do the bits reflect a sense of time and moral interrogation? Does the satirize familiar contexts, events, objects, personalities and any other point of choice in a humorous but friendly manner to avoid fuelling acrimony? How original is the entire set or comic material and its structure? Decency of language is paramount.

 2. Presentation/Routine in Stand-up Comedy (50%)

The routine or presentation is the core of the stand-up comedy. Does the performer directly relate with the audience? Does the comedian appear to have crammed the script or is the presentation spontaneous and free of demands of stage directing? Does the presenter relate intimately with the audience without losing track of the intended purposes? Stage presence, delivery, technique and audience rapport are also key in presentation/routine.

 3. Costume and Props in Stand-up Comedy (10%)

The costume should be functional as it defines who the performer is. They should enhance the effectiveness of the object of interrogation. Costumes should be assessed on how they aid the routine of the stand-up comedy.

   4. Achievement in Stand-up Comedy (10%)

How was the manipulation of the entire stand-up comedy in relation to the audience? Did the audience enjoy the bits and routines? What about the fun of the set or routine? Was there genuine and quality laughter? Has the stand-up comedy worked?

Source: Drama Rules and Regulations Book 2016


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