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How to Download Multi-Media University of Kenya (MMU) 2020/2021 KUCCPS Admission Letters

The admission letter to the Multi-Media University of Kenya is a document that contains provisional information on the certificate, degree, or diploma that the Multi-Media University of Kenya has offered you to pursue. The admission letter contains the following details.

  1. Detailed information concerning the course you are to pursue.
  2. Information about the institution offering you admission.
  3. The school/faculty/college.
  4. The particular course one is pursuing
  5. Duration of the course

It is important to note that the admission letter for 2020/2021 will be available at the Multi-Media University of Kenya Portal once KUCCPS selection exercise is completed.

Students selected for the academic year 2020/2021 can download their admission letters from the Multi-Media University of Kenya portal (http://kuccps.mmu.ac.ke/)

How to download 2020/2021 Multi-Media University of Kenya admission letters

Admission to the Multi-Media University of Kenya is exclusive to only 2019 KCSE students who KUCCPS placed to the Multi-Media University of Kenya. It is therefore important to confirm from the KUCCPS website whether KUCCPS placed you to Multi-Media University of Kenya.

Upon confirmation of your admission status, proceed to Multi-Media University of Kenya portal: http://kuccps.mmu.ac.ke/ to download your admission letter.

Follow these steps to download your Multi-Media University of Kenya letter admission letter:

  1. Visit the SEKU portal via link http://kuccps.mmu.ac.ke/
  2. Enter your index number and and password to log in
  3. Download your admission details and letter.

In case you need to make further inquiries on admission contact Multi Media University of Kenya through:

P.O BOX 15653- 00503

Nairobi, Kenya

Website: www.mmu.ac.ke

Email: info@mmu.ac.ke

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