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7 Vital Teaching Skills NOT Taught in College

The teacher is the backbone of an education system and has the power to change the student’s lives for the better. A teacher has the skills to make their students civilized citizens. A special function of the teacher is to deliver knowledge and has the personality that impacts so much on on future life of any learner. A good teacher is not only the one who has a subject knowledge, but should be able to develop the personality and mind of their students. A teacher must display leadership, commitment, and also promote such skills within their students. Beyond giving lectures from books, a teacher should develop skills among their students

Here are some 7 vital teaching skills that every effective teacher MUST possess, despite not being taught in college.

1. Organizational skill

A teacher should also give training to the students to develop organization skill. This skill is a key ingredient for success in school as well as teaching life. Inorder to enhance the organization skills of both the teacher and students, one can embrace the use of visual reminders. With these reminders, students can identify what needs to be done and in what order of priority.

Teachers, as well as parents, are key to developing this skill in the children too.

Organizational skill can be enhanced by the following:

  • Using visual tools
  • Assign buddies who remind one another about important deadlines
  • Develop a habit using “to-do list.”
  • Making schedules

2. Teamwork

No one can ignore the importance of teamwork in any institution.

It is said if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together.

Teamwork is a skill, which is equally important to students at all level, and unfortunately, colleges do not give much importance to it. Teachers should give different tasks to the students to help encourage teamwork in college students.

Teamwork helps both trachers and students to learn from:

  • A mistake of others
  • Avoid future errors
  • Learn a new concept from experienced colleagues
  • Increase confidence and communication level

3. Patience

Colleges should not ignore the importance of patience. They should infact make it a lesson that is valuable in a lifetime. A teacher can develop patience by giving different activities to the students, and nothing is better for a student than having to wait for his or her turn for something fun. The best way to get better at this is through practice. Patience is a matter of learning for students, and they should be able to control their activities and emotions even when they are eager or anxious.

4. Creativity

Most Psychologists and Education Specialists agree that creativity skill is a must for success in any field in life. Colleges must teach and value it because it directly enhances learning by increasing motivation and promoting joy.

Creativity can be developed among students in many ways; for instance teachers can use the resources that they have to create amazing lessons and activities and come up with creative ways to handle discipline.

5. Confidence Development

One of the best gifts a college can give to their students is to build a strong sense of confidence. Confidence enables them to be higher achievers and breeds success. The best way to build confidence is to set goals for each student and recognize that every student has different learning capabilities.

Strategic Ways teachers can adopt to build confidence in learners;

  • Teachers should not correct every single thing the student says wrong
  • Not interrupt the student on every action or occasion
  • Encourage group discussions
  • By conducting co-curricular activities

6. Time Management

If you want to become successful, you should be a good time keeper. This skill is not only helpful i studying, but also vital in ones practical life. A teacher should give different tasks and offer rewards to those students who complete tasks on time. For better management of time, teachers should allow students to become more organized and learn more effectively.

Time management skill is helpful to:

  • Keep the students on track
  • Deliver the maximum output within less time
  • Improve decision-making ability
  • Reduce stress

7. Communication Skills

Most of the educational institutes and colleges do not give much importance to communication skills. A great teacher must have good communication skill in order deliver a lesson effectively and efficiently.

To develop an effective communication skill, a teacher should give more;

  • Presentations
  • Assignments
  • Daily tasks
  • Group discussions

Colleges can also take advantage of advancements in technology; there is a multitude of technological resources that one can use for improving student communication skills.

The above 7 skills are are very important in one becoming a great teacher. Infact, sharing the above set of skills with the students will enhance the teaching-learning process.


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