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A Primary School Teacher Found with an AK-47 Weapon

Mr Solomon Leteto, a Tanzanian public primary school teacher, has been put into police custody after he was found with an AK-47 weapon rifle in Mbukeni Village office in Arashi Ward, Loliondo Division.

The teacher was ambushed by the police at his home. On thorough search, the police found out that Mr Loteto was also in possession of Ivory.

Mr. Jonathan Shana who is the Police Commander confirmed the incident to BBC. The Commander is based in ArushaTanzania.

The police commander also said that at the time of arrest, mr Leteto had 5 bullets

“The weapon is among various illicit arms that have been utilized to complete crimes around here”, said the Arusha police.

Other than being in possession of a gun, the teacher is also being blamed for engaging in poaching, burglary and doing assaults on tourists in and around Arusha.

In response , the 30-year-old Leteto disowned the fire-arm claiming it was not his. He however confirmed being a teacher at one of the public funded primary schools. through a video broadcast.

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