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A teacher from Hell Staples Student’s Ear for Neglecting Class Work

Malaysian police and government authorities are examining a primary school teacher in Malaysia blamed for stapling her 10-year-old’s ear as discipline after he neglected to get his work done.

Beads of blood were found on the kid’s uniform, The Borneo Post announced, which drove his folks to record a report with the police.

It is reported that the class 4 pupil was bleeding before he was admitted to one of the hospitals in Sabah.

Mistrine Radin, chief of the Education Department in the territory of Sabah, said in a news preparation that specialists are examining the case and directing the primary school teacher, as per The Borneo Post.

“I encourage instructors to stick to the principles of teaching pupils,” Radin said.

The instructor will give an announcement Tuesday concerning the episode, as per a police explanation acquired by The Star, a Malaysian paper. It is indistinct whether the teacher is in police authority.

An agent from Sabah’s Ministry of Education and Innovation didn’t promptly react to a solicitation for a response from one of the international media.

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