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Innovative Ways of Teaching Biology in Schools

Among the hard jobs around, one of them is being a good biology teacher.

Teaching biology is not just a job, but rather an art that’s not known to everyone.

Biology is an important subject as it has to deal with health and closely related matters. Therefore, innovative instructional methods should be adapted to teach this subject effectively.

The spoon feeding and simple onboard biology  lectures are no more effective on high-class levels. 

Other than the usual engagement of students in class, and interactive discussion methods, there are more innovative ways proven to be more fruitful in the latest teaching practices.

Some practical and innovative ways of teaching biology to high-class students shall be discussed in detail as follows:

Well-Prepared Lecture

Before explaining anything to the students, an instructor should be well-prepared and explicit about all the concepts related to that particular topic.

If an instructor is not clear on any biological phenomena, he would not be able to deliver it effectively to the pupils.

A vigilant lecture is not only concerned with the complete command on the topic, but also the organization of the materials. The teaching materials should be pre-arranged well by the teacher.

Whether the material is in the form of an audiovisual (AV) aid, relevant guiding content, SlideShare, etc, they should all be well organised.

Mutual Discussion

The splendid lecture techniques are also useless if a teacher is unable to grab the attention of the students.

The active participation of the student is equally likely important for amicable learning.

The teacher ought to convey his message in such a way that the student stays active during the whole lecture.

The interactive discussions between the teacher and students about the topic is an effective way of teaching biology concepts.

In addition, asking frequent questions related to the topic or sharing interesting information about the biological facts at stipulated intervals is an innovative way of effective teaching.

Story-Telling Method

The manner in which a lesson is delivered is of great significance. The story-telling way of explaining biological facts is quite beneficial for teenage students.

It is normally easy to remember the concepts, if you relate them with the stories.

This method will be suitable to get the attention of students, as they love to listen to stories.

Biology Videos and Animations

The videos and animations are beneficial in instant learning. Therefore, do design yourself or look for online animations related to your biology topic.

For instance, it’s better to show the students the function of the human heart through a video than to give the long theoretical oral explanations.

The help of animations can readily rid-off the confusions regarding the lecture concepts.

Use of Scientific Models

Instructors can innovate the imagination of high school students by using diverse models about the scientific systems. The models about biological functions would help the students in immediate understanding. You can also assign the students to make specific models related to biology to develop and energize the enthusiasm for learning.

Mini Research Labs

Schools should focus on providing the high school students with mini research labs complete with all the essential facilities.

This will ensure that the knowledge of the students doesn’t remain bound to the words, but be reflected to maturity on a rational basis.

With the above innovative ways of teaching biology, as a teacher, you will certainly liven up your class and improve content retention.


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