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Pupil who Stabbed Teacher to Death After failing Class 7 Jailed for 12 Years

An angry and dissatisfied 17-year-old shool pupil who killed his teacher has been given 12 years jail imprisonment. The court gave the verdict on Monday after a year long court tussle.

The pupil, whose name remains concealed due to age restrictions, attacked his teacher with a knife in January 2018 at Manyeding Village of Northen Cape in South Africa.

NONKULULEKO NJILO of TimesLive news repored that the police said that the school pupil decided to take action on his hands. He was expressing his dissatisfaction after failing his grade 7.

On the day of the incident, the pupil arrived at the teacher’s premise at night. He then broke the windows with stones, this is according to the community members witnesses accounts.

The pupil then proceed to attact the horrified teacher with a knife. The stabbing robbed the teacher’s life.

Police spokesperson WO Mosimaneotsile Letsapa said, “the sentensing judge said that the sentence given to this school pupil will send a clear message to other young criminals, that they will account for and be punished accordingly for their crimes”.

NONKULULEKO reported that the investigating officer Constable Boitumelo Motsetse was happy for having witnessed justice being served.

Motsetse was applauded by Major General Johan Bean for his dedication on the case.

The Major General also appreciated and thanked all the community members who presented themselves as witnesses in the trial of the pupil. This is according to Timeslive media website.

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