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70 School Candidates Stuck In Charity Organisation As Founder Fails To Raise Fees


Over 70 students from a charity organization in Muyenga, Kampala Uganda, are at the point of failing to go back to school, because of the founder’s bankruptcy due to Covid-19.

Mr. Emma Wanyama, founder and director of Pure Heart Organization says that most of his channels of income are blocked since he doesn’t work.

Mr. Emma Wanyama, founder and director of Pure Heart Organization.
Mr. Emma Wanyama, founder and director of Pure Heart Organization. (Photo/Courtesy)

“As we are going through the Covid-19 pandemic, my sources are all blocked and I have to take 70 students who are finalists in candidate classes back to school. I am using this platform of my official Facebook page to reach out to anyone who can lend us a hand so that these students can go back to school. It requires about 35 million Uganda shillings for the 70 candidates to be back to school.” Wanyama wrote on his Facebook page last week.

Founder Utilized Personal Savings to Cater to the Vulnerable Students

In March this year, The Daily Monitor, a local Ugandan newspaper, published Mr. Wanyama’s story and his charity organization which was catering for about 850 vulnerable students from different schools around the country.

He managed to take care of the expenses using personal savings from his farming business and other sources, including well-wishers, as well as MoU’s he gets into with different school heads to have subsidies on the fees.

Gen. Katumba Wamala, a Ugandan legislator read the story and wrote to the minister of youth affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to incorporate charity work into her ministry.

“In regard to the subject of introducing Pure Heart, I am forwarding to you the attached copy of the brief provided by Emma Wanyama, the director of the organization. This serves to forward him to you to share his proposal for further guidance about the tenable government programmes through which he can participate” read the letter in part.

Mr. Wanyama said he has not had any response from the ministry yet.

“I have now turned to any people who can help and I am using my Facebook page and emailing other helpers. So far, three people have come up and promised to help but they have not given me the exact amount” said Wanyama on his Facebook page.

President Museveni postponed the opening of schools

On Monday, President Museveni postponed the opening of schools for candidate classes as the government plans whether to provide private TV sets for all the village dwellers in the country.

“We have decided to postpone the reopening of schools for candidate learners for another one month as we prepare more and study the situation”, he said, adding that “two TV sets per village equals 140,000 TV sets for the entire country.”

Source The Monitor The Guardian

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