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Riara University Students Beat COVID-19 to Graduate Virtually

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic may have stalled almost every aspect of life but hundreds of Riara University students managed to graduate virtually. This comes after many students had been stranded at home awaiting graduation after the government closed all learning institutions to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Riara University has now joined many other universities and colleges both Kenyan and overseas that opted for virtual graduation. For instance, some institutions in the United States opted for virtual graduations since gatherings were not allowed by their governments. This gave an opportunity to students who had completed all academic programs and cleared from their universities to be awarded their respective degrees, diplomas, or certificates accordingly.

At Riara University, the ceremony lasted for only two hours and it was broadcasted live across various social media platforms. Graduates and their loved ones followed the event that was held at a certain boardroom in the institution, live all over the world. They were able to witness the ceremony remotely due to the advantages of ubiquitous accessibility provided by the use of the internet to broadcast the ceremony.

Dr. Wilfred Kiboro, the university’s chancellor, said the University has adapted to the new normal. In addition, he stated that institution of higher learning would have to cope and adapt, innovate, and go on with life in a new way.

“Life is not what it used to be anymore. The human race has proven over time that it is able to adapt to new challenges and has navigated those situations successfully. We are resourceful and resilient. We will overcome this pandemic before long.

All learning institutions have been hugely affected and this has forced the closure of their operations. Dr. Kiboro also said that as we everyone adapts to the new normal, we should all take everything seriously.

“This pandemic will take many will it and those who are quick to learn, react, and adapt will survive and thrive. Life will go on. This is the reason the university decided that it is necessary to hold this graduation ceremony virtually in order to release all of you all so you can get on with your lives,” he told students.

The vice-chancellor, Prof Robert Gateru, implored graduates to be innovative and creative in the respective areas of study.

“I am in the knowledge that you are able to use this COVID-19 disruption as an inspiration to achieve all your dreams and aspirations,” said Prof Robert Gateru.


After graduation, what students expect is to be able to earn a living through having a job in their respective fields. However, even before COVID-19, many youths who have graduated have not been absorbed into the industries or the ‘system’ if I can put it that way. The following are some of the problems they could face but this is not implying they will all not be able to succeed. Some even overcome these challenges and go beyond what everybody expects of them.


What is increasingly becoming commonplace is the fact that after graduating many a student still remains unemployed even years after graduation. Many parents are increasingly modeling their children to opt for degree courses where they feel they will get a job. Teaching has been touted by many but the particular subject you specialize in also comes into play. For instance, if you opt for Kiswahili/CRE and there are many who have opted for the same, then you can expect to wait a long time to be taken up. In Civil Engineering, what makes you richer or poorer is whether you have experience enough to make clients trust. One has to take every opportunity seriously and always work hard no matters what in order to overcome unemployment. Being self-employed can also be a good option if you have enough capital.

Lack of adequate experience

What employers look out for is what you have done so far in your field. Going for an internship is a wise choice and also getting additional certification in key areas of your profession is an added advantage on that interview day.

Lack of enough capital to start a project or venture into business

Many a time people want to carry out a project, their dreams are cut short because they cannot afford the capital required to start the business. While you can go for a loan and successfully start your project, it is imperative to be careful not to waste your loan and be unable to repay it back.

Lifestyle adjustments

Graduates may be used to a very well connected environment in university but after that, they have to adjust their lives accordingly. If one gets a job far away from home or in another country, they will have to adjust socially and geographically as well. This brings new challenges in itself and how one adapts is very crucial to their success. You have to break out of your shell to avoid feeling isolated.

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