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Ugandan Heads of Schools to Meet Ministry Over SOPs

It is approaching five months ever since the government of Uganda issued a temporary but indefinite closure on all institutions of learning in order to contain the spread of the Coronavirus.

With time, however, different countries have given hope to school administrators, as they have promised to reopen schools soon, following a particular set of guidelines.

Each School to Recruit a Health Assistant and Adhere to 10-15 Learners Per Class

Similarly, the Ministry of health in Uganda listed a set of guidelines which include that each school, upon reopening, must recruit a health assistant, who will be available in case an emergency case rises or is alleged.

Also, it was stated that each classroom must have a maximum of ten to fifteen learners in every session, with a Covid-19 leader in each class.

As such, the schools have to adhere to strict hygiene and social distancing measures to keep the learners safe and to ensure no loopholes in the efforts to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

According to Martin Obore, the chairperson of the Association of secondary school headteachers of Uganda, it was observed in the meeting they held last week that 10-15 students per classroom is a stringent requirement.

School Heads Propose 25-30 Students per Class as best Alternative

He said they had proposed 25-30 students per classroom in order to favor those few schools that are handicapped in terms of space and equipment, which actually makes the majority, especially private schools.

He said that they are slated to meet the permanent secretary of the ministry of education to present their proposal and forge a way forward.

This takes place in a period the majority of the citizens, including parents, teachers, and school administrators expect 2020 to be declared a dead year, now that we are drawing into the second half without a definite road map for the continuity of the academic year 2020.

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