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Teachers Stranded As School Announces Shutdown Towards Reopening

The sudden announcement of closure by Gems Cambridge International School Kampala, Uganda has shocked all its teachers and exerted pressure on parents to find alternative schools for their children. Kenya Teachers and parents with students in the Kenyan Campus are expected to face the same condition.

The school administration announced last month that they will cease to operate in Uganda, and Kenya due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Teachers that have been employed at the institution in Kampala said they are uncertain of what to do next after November when the school ceases to operate.

Teachers Rendered Jobless after Shutdown

A teacher who chose to stay anonymous said they have been asked to seek employment elsewhere after the school shuts down.

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The teacher, however, said they are unsure where to start since most schools are past recruiting while others are not recruiting due to financial constraints caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are still being paid by the schools up to November when the schools will stop operating. After November, we shall not be paid at all and we do not know where to start from,” the teacher said.

The teacher also informed that they have been fully paid during this period that they have been teaching their students online.

113 Employees, and 355 Students Affected by School Shutdown

Mr. Robert Lakin, the chief executive officer of GEMS Cambridge International School, Kampala said in an interview that they are doing their best to support their teachers in their careers.

“GEMS Cambridge International School, Kampala is proud to employ 113 staff, of which 41 are teachers. We remain committed to supporting our staff wherever we can and are looking to redeploy as many staff as possible within the GEMS Education network should there be an alignment of skills to roles,” he said.

“We are working with schools within the wider GEMS Education network – notably Hillcrest International Schools in Kenya, but also schools in Dubai, UAE – to secure places for our students. We are also working with schools in Kampala to ensure continuity of education for all our students,” he added.

Mr. Riz Ahmed, chief executive officer of GEMS Africa declared in a recent statement that their campus in Kenya would also close, but said the schools were ready to assist their parents and teachers.

“Students, parents, and staff at the school have all been informed of this decision, and we will do everything we can to provide assistance, ensure minimal disruption and help with transfers to alternative schools wherever possible, including to the GEMS-owned Hillcrest International Schools, Nairobi, Kenya,” Mr. Ahmed said.

A total of 355 students are currently enrolled at Gems Cambridge International School Kampala.

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