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Copyright and Conditions at Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals

Performances at Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals KNDFF

Language Policy at KNDFF

  1. Entries made to Drama and Film Festivals shall be in any of the following languages: Kiswahili, English, Kenyan Sign Language, Kenyan indigenous languages or French.
  2. Items for the Festival shall be accompanied by a full English/Kiswahili/French synopsis and script when submitted on an entry for the Festival.
  3. Items based on indigenous languages shall have a full translation in either English or Kiswahili language of the title, synopsis, and script when submitted on entry.

Script Alteration at KNDFF

Alterations of the scripts should be minimal and as directed by the adjudicators. Presentation of a new and an un-adjudicated script at the next level will lead to disqualification. Presentation of a totally overhauled script at the next level will be disqualified.

Film at KNDFF

  1. KNDFC encourages films to be adjudicated at the regional level. The presentation should be in DVD-video format or soft copy (MPEG IV or AVI).
  2. Films in a language that is neither Kiswahili nor English must have subtitles in English or Swahili.

Copyright Infringement at Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals KNDFF

  1. It shall be the responsibility of the institution entering the Festival to apply for and obtain before the festival begins written permission(s) to perform any published work and any work of art bound by the authors’/artists’ copyright or any part thereof. Such permission shall be presented to the Festival Secretary before the performance.
  2. The KNDFC discourages plagiarism and shall not accept any responsibility for, nor enter into any Legal dispute arising from failure of any institution to obtain copyright clearance before the commencement of the festival.

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