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KCSE 2019 Results to be Released from Monday, Biology Poorly Performed

The 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education KCSE results is expected to be released from Monday the 16th of December 2019. This after the Kenya National Examinations Council KNEC examiners concluded the marking exercise by early Friday with biology being performed poorly.

Our sources confirmed the completion of marking of several papers by Wednesday. On Thursday, Chemistry Paper 3 was being winded up.

The wrapping up of the KCSE 2019 national marking exercise comes too early than expected even after it was marred by strikes.

As of writing this post, the KNEC business examiners at Machakos Girls High School who had downed their tools, but later resumed, have finished marking.

All KCSE 2019 data for all subjects is expected to be ready by the weekend.

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Summary of 2019 KCSE Subject Performance Analysis (Unofficial)


This year’s KCSE candidates performed poorly in biology theory than in Practicals. Generally, Paper 3 was better performed.

Our sources indicate that there will be a very slight national improvement in biology compared to the 2018 KCSE results.

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Paper one was poorly performed countrywide. However, just like biology, the candidates did better in Chemistry practicals (Paper 3).

However, most candidates failed to score on question 2 of Chemistry Paper 3 (Practicals). The question was about qualitative analysis. It was testing cations and anions and finally giving the formula of ions present in compound P.

KCSE 2019 Physics Examiners leaving Parlands Arya
KCSE 2019 KNEC Physics Examiners leaving Parkands Arya School after marking exercise. Photo: Facebook


The information we are getting from the examiners is that the 2019 KCSE Candidates performed very poorly in Paper 2.


The history paper 1 marking scheme did not favor the KCSE 2019 Candidates. The performance is poor as the majority of candidates scored 40 and below. This is because most of the examinees could not fetch a mark from section C of the paper.


This subject was well-performed, especially in Agriculture paper 1. Many candidates managed scoring 78 in paper 1.


In Kiswahili, performance in Paper 3 was disappointing.


Our sources confirmed that candidates performed averagely in English just like last year.

Most candidates scooped good marks from Question 1 in English paper 1. The informal letter they were  writing saved them alot.

However, on close-test, they fell short of the correct answers. They again managed to get some marks from the Oral skills questions from the paper.

300 Schools Under Watch for Cheating in 2019 KCSE

As the compilation of KCSE 2019 results is ongoing, several schools are still on the KNEC’s radar for exam malpractice.

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Results for about 300 schools are closely being monitored for any involvement in examinations cheating.

Exact Dates of Release of 2019 KCSE Examinations Results

The ministry of education is expected to hint the media houses and the general public over the weekend on the exact dates the 2019 KCSE results will be officially released.

However, as per our whereabouts, the official results will be out from Monday the 16th of December 2019.

The official KCSE examination results will be released by Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha.

Prof Magoha is likely to beat Dr. Fred Matiangi with the KCSE 2019 results as having marked and released the results in the shortest time possible.

Magoha promised to release this year’s KCSE results before Christmas.

How to Check KCSE 2019 Results after Official Release

As soon as the official 2019 KCSE examinations results are released by KNEC, schools, parents, and students can check and get the results through shortcode SMS or via KNEC’s online portal.

The 2019 SMS codes used by KNEC to send and receive KCSE results is 20076 the same as last year’s.

Check KCSE 2019 Exams Results via SMS

To get the 2019 KCSE results, send the ‘candidate’s index’ followed with ‘KCSE’ to 20076. The charges per SMS is above the normal rates. You will be charged Kshs.25 for a message sent.

Remember: send candidates KCSE 2019 ‘Index number’, with the word ‘KCSE’ at the end to 20076.

Check KCSE 2019 Exams Results Online

Alternatively, schools and students can check their KCSE 2019 examinations free of charge through the KNEC website.

Go to KNEC website through this link https://www.knec-portal.ac.ke/

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