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KCSE 2019 Results: Embu County Top Schools

Embu county is in the Central part of Kenya, and it has several schools which produced best results both in the county and nationally.

Moi Boys High School Mbiruri is the Embu’s County top School in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education KCSE  2019 examinations results having got a school-mean-score of 8.405.

The Mbiruri Boys were closely followed by a Girls’ school, Kyeni Girls High school with a stunning performance of school mean score of 8.2.

Kangaru Girls High School the 3rd best in KCSE 2019 in EMBU County 

Kangaru Girls High School came third with a good school performance of 8.01.

Nyangwa Secondary School became the fourth top school in KCSE 2019 in Embu County with its 7.71 mean score.

The list of top 5 best performing schools in Embu County in the 2019 KCSE examinations results was closed by the Kangaru Boys High School with a mean score of 7.53.

KCSE 2019 Results: Embu County Top Schools, Kyeni Girls
KCSE 2019 Results: Embu County Top Schools, Kyeni Girls 2nd best School.

The following is a list of KCSE 2019 performance results of top Secondary Schools in Embu County.

Embu County Top Schools in KCSE 2019 Examinations Results with Official School Mean Scores

  1. Moi Boys High School Mbiruri – 8.405
  2. Kyeni Girls High School – 8.2
  3. Kangaru Girls High School – 8.01
  4. Nyangwa Secondary Secondary – 7.71
  5. Kangaru Boys High School – 7.53

Update: The previous KCSE school mean of 6.67 posted for Kangaru Boys High School was for 2018.

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  1. JOEL KIMANI says

    Good work, but Moi Mbiruri is not a girls’ school but a boys school. And it’s not Nangwa but Nyangwa high school.

    1. Teacher.co.ke Team says

      Thank you very much for the correction Mr. Joel.

  2. Joseph Kinyua says

    Just emphasis Moi high mbiruri is a boy’s school.. I know u might be having the notion that all the Moi high schools are girls’ school.. This was formerly a mixed school in the 90s but latter it become a boy’s school

    1. Teacher.co.ke Team says

      Thank you Kinyua for the correction.

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