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KCSE 2019 Results: Migori County Top Schools

As usual, Kanga High School is the Migori County top School in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education KCSE  2019 examinations results with a mean score of 8.70.

Kanga High school was closely followed by Rapogi High School with a mean of 7.2.

St Peters Abwao High School came third with a good school performance of 7.10.

The fourth top best performing school in KCSE 2019 in Migori County is St. Albert’s Ulanda High School with 6.6702 mean score.

The list of the best top 5 best schools in Migori county in KCSE 2019 ends with Migori Boys’ High school having posted a school mean score of 6.44.

The following is a list of KCSE 2019 performance results of top Secondary Schools in MIGORI County.

Migori County Top Best Schools in KCSE 2019 Examinations Results with Official School Mean Scores

    1. Kanga High School – 8.7
    2. Rapogi High School – 7.2
    3. St Peters Abwao Secondary School -7.1
    4. St. Albert’s Ulanda High School – 6.6702
    5. Migori Boys High School – 6.444

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