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KCSE 2020 Results Release on Monday, Maths, Chemistry Theory Poorly Performed

The 2020 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination results will be released on Monday the 10th of May 2021. This date follows the fact that the marking exercise is yet to be concluded for some subjects as late as Friday, with Mathematics and Chemistry Theory papers being poorly performed.

Teacher.co.ke confirmed from our sources that a number of KNEC examiners completed marking as early as Monday. As of today, English, Biology, Mathematics, CRE, and Chemistry papers were reported complete despite the go-slows witnessed on Monday.

The marking of History Paper 1, Physics, Agriculture, and Geography scripts, was still ongoing. It is projected that the marking exercise for all the remaining scripts will be winded up on Saturday the 8th of May 2021.

Just like last year’s examinations, the KCSE 2020 data of results for all subjects is expected to be ready over the weekend.

Therefore, this means that the Education Cabinet Secretary will release the 2020 Kenya Certificatifcte of Secondary Education KCSE examinations results on Monday.

2020 KCSE Subject Performance Analysis Summary (Unofficial)


Performance in the 2020 KCSE Mathematics Papers 1, and 2 is very poor, this is according to information collected from some Paper 121 examiners.

It is projected that close to 50 percent of all the candidates scored 01 out of 100 in either paper.

Most students wrongly answered section II questions on linear programming (Question 21), and probability (Question 24) in paper 2.

In paper 2, the examiners had a rough time working out Question 23 on Matrix. Most of the examiners solved the question wrongly, before being enlightened on the correct matrix equation to be used.

2020 KCSE Mathematics to Record Highest Number of Grade E’s

With this poor performance, the grade E is likely to be between 6 – 0 percent, once adjusted.

Grade A will be from 57 percent.

“This grading will favor the big schools having more average and bright students”, said one of the examiner.

It is expected that most small schools with below-average students will have many E’s in mathematics.

To summarise, the 2020 KCSE mathematics results will be a national disaster with many E grades.


There was a nationwide cry by the 2020 KCSE students on the manner in which Chemistry Paper 1 and 2 (theory) were set.

Knec examiners in papers 233/1, and 233/2 confirmed the students’ cry as the performance was wanting.

“Most scripts were blank, and/or with irrelevant answers”, said one of the Chemistry Paper 2 Examiner.

This explains why the examiners left their marking centres as early as Monday.

Examiners Happy with Chemistry Practical Performance

Pertaining to Practicals (233/3), the performance was very good.

An estimate of about 60 – 70 percent of all the students scored above 25 out of the maximum of 40 marks.

One examiner noted that the marking scheme for 2020 was somehow friendly.

Take, for instance, students were awarded a mark when they identified the organic compound by name (Carboxylic acid). Previously, only correct symbols could earn a mark.

Generally speaking, average performance in KCSE 2020 Chemistry is likely to remain the same, or improve slightly following improvement in Practicals.


On the study of Botany and Zoology (Biology), Paper 1 recorded worse performance. Paper 2 and 3 (practical), performance was fair according to some of the paper 231 examiners.

In Biology paper 1, for example, very few students scored Questions 1, and 4 correctly.

Many did not give the correct response on the structural difference between a cell wall and a cell membrane as was required in Question 1.

Question 24 was poorly responded to. The question examined the candidates on the effect of hormones on insect growth and development.

“No student, not even one, got a mark for Question 25, on all the scripts I marked,” said one of the 231/1 examiner.

Question 25 examined the adaptations and functioning of some structures in the dicotyledonous stem.

Our sources indicated that about 2 students in the whole country scored 60 marks out of the possible 80 in the paper.

In summary, we expect a drop in Biology performance in the 2020 KCSE Examinations results.


KCSE 2020 English Paper (101/2) saw students score dismally in Question 2 involving the Blossoms of the Savannah set text, and Question 4 testing the comprehension of Grammar skills.

Response in Question 2 was the worst done. This was much exhibited by students from Nyanza, especially from the larger Kisii and Nyamira regions.

“The responses given to Question 2 that tested on set text Blossoms of the Savannah, was very wanting”, said one of the 101/2 examiner.

The examiner added that the students from the Gusii region were scoring on average between 05 and 09, out of the total 25 marks in Question 2.

Question 1 on comprehension was well done. Also, the Poem in Question 3 was fairly handled.

Another poorly performed question was the last i.e Question 4. The marking of grammar strictly adhered to the grammar conventions and rules. This is why the students performed poorly on the question.

In English Paper (101/3 ); Creative Composition and Essays Based on Set Texts, the 2020 candidates’ performance was poor if compared to those of 2019.

Students who opted to answer question 1 (a), on “Write a story ending…” suffered more consequences than those of 1 (b) who wrote “composition on conserving forests”.

Critically speaking, the marking scheme used for Question 1(a) was tighter and assessed more of the student’s linguistic competence than that of 1 (b).

So, many students ended up scoring an average of 7 marks in Question 1.

For Question 3, part (a) was friendlier than (b), or (c).

Q 3 (a) examined students on the Short Story, Memories We Lost and Other Stories, (b) Drama, Inheritance, and (c) The Novel, The Pearl.

Students who answered 3 (c) were more disadvantaged than those who answered the Short Story Question in 3 (a).

In summary, the 2020 KCSE Performance in English will not Impress.

History and Government

For 2020 KCSE History paper 1, and Paper 2, the performance was good.

The marking exercise was friendly and had no noticeable incident.

In short, performance in 2020 KCSE history and government will boost the students’ grades.

Christian Religious Education (CRE)

Our sources indicate that, just like History and Government, students performed very in Christian Religious Education CRE.

This performance implies that the 2020 grading in History will still remain high.


The 2020 KCSE Agriculture saw a fair performance. Most students showed a good mastery of agriculture content. 

It is ok to say that the 2020 Agriculture students are safe.


As usual in Kiswahili, Paper 3 performance was not impressive. As of writing this post, the marking exercise was still ongoing.




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