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KNEC’s Latest Instructions on 2020 KCSE, KCPE, and QT Candidates Registration

The latest updates from the Kenya National Examinations Council, Knec, indicates that the registration of 2020 examinations candidates for KCSE, KCPE and QT has started and will run from the 2nd of January 2020 and end on the 15th of February, 2020.

Dr. Mercy Karogo, the KNEC CEO says the registration is open for the 2020 KCPE candidates, and the 2020 KCSE candidates and KCSE Qualifying Test (QT) Examinations.

Kenya National Examinations Council released the circular with the instructions to the schools, and sub county directors of education on the 11th of December 2019.

Below are the detailed instructions from KNEC on how to go about the 2020 KCSE, KCPE and QT examination candidates registration, including the private candidates.

Small Schools to be Hosted by Other Centres

Knec has instructed the Sub County Directors of Education to determine how Schools with between 6 to 14 Candidates to be hosted elsewhere in other centres, and forward their information and documents to the KNEC headquarters.

For Schools with less than six (6) candidates will have to register their candidates in an approved examination centre within the same locality.

Instructions to School Heads and Principals

Registration of 2020 KCPE, and 2020 KCSE Candidates and Private Candidates

School heads, Principals, and Sub County Education Officers have been instructed to log in to http://www.knec-portal.ac.ke, the official KNEC online portal using the examination centre passwords.

They should then enter the 2020 KCPE and KCSE candidates registration details with their coloured passport size photographs specified to be 300 X 300 pixels.

Accuracy is highly needed in the following candidates’ details:

  • The correct order of candidates names as per the birth certificate.
  • Year of Birth
  • Gender
  • Subjects entered for each examination
  • Information on different categories of candidates with special needs (i.e., Braille, Low Vision, Deaf)

Registration of 2020 Examination Candidates Must be where they’ve been Learning

School administrators have also been cautioned against double registration or registering their examination’s candidates elsewhere.

KNEC wants them to register the candidates where they have been learning in class Seven (7) for primary schools and form three (3) for Secondary schools.

How to Issue 2020 Index Numbers for KCPE ad KCSE Candidates

The 2020 KCPE and KCSE candidates will be given index numbers according to the school admissions list.

Here is how the format for indexing will be:

  • County code
  • Subcounty code
  • school code
  • Last 3 digits (based on school admissions list)

Take, for instance, in an examination center of code ‘11205101‘, the first candidate in the school admission register will be given index number ‘11205101001.

KNEC Registration of New 2020 Examination Centres

KNEC will not register any new center for the 2020 KCSE and 2020 KCPE examinations. Only schools that had submitted their registration documents before the 30th of August 2019 will be considered for official registration.

Besides, the schools that provided registration certificates that expired will also not be registered for the 2020 national examinations.

KNEC Examinations Fees and Entry Requirements

Schools shall have to abide by the KNEC’s examination’s entry requirements and also pay the required examination fees following the registration instructions for registration of candidates for both the 2020 KCPE and 2020 KCSE examinations.

Detailed information on the examination’s entry requirements and examination fees can be found in the Knec’s regulations and Examination Manual for each examination printed circular of 2017.

Examination fees for all first-time candidates in public and private schools shall be paid by the Government.

The government shall not pay the examinations fees to the following candidates:

  • Non-citizens candidates;
  • Repeaters;
  • Private candidates registering in the Sub County private examination centres;
  • Candidates in Prison;

How to Pay for the KNEC’s 2020 Examination Fees

Candidates whose examination fees will not be paid by the government will have to pay the fees directly to the KNEC fees collection accounts.

They shall then submit the deposit slips to the Sub County Director of Education.

The SCDE will then forward the slips with all the other registration documents to KNEC.

Banks to Deposit 2020 KNEC Examination Fees

The Examination Fees should be deposited at either of the following banks:

  1. National Bank
  2. Kenya Commercial Bank,
  3. Co-operative Bank
  4. Equity Bank

Private Candidates to be Hosted at One Public School

The Sub County Director of Education is mandated with the registration of the 2020 Private candidates.

Registration will take place at the Sub County Director of Education’s office.

The SCDE will select one public school where all the private candidates in the Sub County will be accommodated for the entire 2020 examination exercise.

This is also where the candidates will carry out their projects and practicals.

How to Download the KNEC Registration Documents

The Kenya National Examination Council KNEC has provided all the registration documents of candidates online at http://www.knec.ac.ke.

No hard copies of candidates’ registration shall be received by KNEC.

How to Register and Pay for KCSE Qualifying Test (QT) Examinations

A registration fee of Ksh. 3,000 (three thousand) shall be charged per KCSE Qualifying Test candidate.

All registrations shall be done at the Sub County Director of Education office.

All the registered KCSE Qualifying Test QT candidates will undertake their examinations at the County Director of Education headquarters.

Candidates with foreign certificates will have te be equated and registered for Qualifying Test a year before they are due to register for the KCSE examination. This shall be the responsibility of school heads.

Documents required for the KCSE Qualifying Test registration:

  • copy of original CPE certificate;
  • Copy of letter of Equation from KNEC for all candidates holding a foreign primary education certificate.

    Please note that the equation letter is obtained from the KNEC Archives office at New Mitihani House South C, Mombasa Road;

  • A passport size photograph in a CD (300 x 300pixes);
  • Bank deposit slip of Kes. 3,000/= per candidate;
  • Candidates without the required registration documents should not be registered.

2020 Late Registration of Examinations Candidates

KNEC has emphasized that there shall be no late registration and transfer of candidates after the closure of registration.

Verification of Candidates Registration Details

It is the mandate of the School Principals and headteachers to verify and ensure that all the candidate’s details for registration are correct and correctly captured.

The candidates, too, will have to confirm their details, and then sign against their names in the nominal roll.

Dates and Deadlines to Submit Registration Materials to KNEC

The examinations council will inform the Sub County Directors of Education on the official dates and deadlines when the registration materials from schools and private candidates will be needed.


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