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2020 Form One Selection Complete – What Next for Parents and the Candidates?

The 2020 form one selection exercise is now a past tense. Now, what should the Parents and the 2020 expected form ones do?

The cabinet secretary of education, Professor George Magoha, promised the parents and all the stakeholders that the government would ensure a 100 % transition from Primary school to secondary schools.

Secondary school placements began some weeks ago, with the Education CS assuring Kenyans that the process would be transparent and fair.

He added that the process would be based on merit with factors such as regional balance and the pupils’ nature of school coming into play.

However, what he didn’t mention was how to address the challenges associated with the complete form 1 admission process.

Form One Selection Marred with Challenges – what to do?

That said, parents and the headteachers of secondary schools across the country are agonizing over a couple of issues. With the admission date beckoning with each passing day, the anxiety is growing, with most of the parents and their children left at crossroads.

For instance, the issue of boys being admitted to girls’ schools and vice versa, has repeated itself yet again in 2020’s form one placements. In other instances, parents are complaining of the long distances they will have to travel while taking their children to school. Then there are numerous cases of candidates failing to be placed in their schools of choice.

How to Change from the 2020 Form One Admitted/Placed School to Another

The ministry of education has created a window period (until January 6) within which dissatisfied parents and candidates can change the 2020 form one placement. The said changes only apply to National, Extra-County, and County schools. Also, it is worth noting that the new placement requests will be subject to space availability in the desired secondary schools.

The parent/guardian will request placement in the desired school.

The secondary school will then shortlist and choose, on merit, the students they will absorb. Through the NEMIS website, the school shall provide details of the selected candidates and then make a request to the ministry to formalize the transfer.

Approval to the request of the school will be given by the head office in the Ministry of education, Regional coordinators and county directors, in the National Schools, Extra-county schools, and county schools, respectively.

Upon approval, the details of the pupil will be removed from the first selection. From there, the parent may go online and print the admission letter for the second school.

The ministry of education cautioned parents/guardians that the change of placement is irreversible.

2020 Secondary School Fees Variation

Parents have also been complaining about the fees variations in Kenyan secondary schools. Thankfully, parents/guardians of pupils joining day school can take advantage of the government’s fee subsidy amounting to Kshs. 22,244. According to the recently released 2020 fee structure for secondary schools, students in day schools will be required to pay zero fees.

The maximum school fee is Kshs. 75,798. With the government paying Kshs. 22,244 for every student, it means that the parents will settle the remaining Kshs. 53, 544.

Parents who feel overwhelmed by the school fees may consider available scholarship opportunities such as the state’s Elimu Scholarships targeting 9,000 students and the bursaries given through the county governments across the country.

Parents must be careful to avoid admission at the school level. All admissions must be done via the ministry lest the candidate misses out government’s fees subsidy, which has been operational since 2008.

How to Know the Secondary School your Child is Joining in 2020 as a Form One

  • Via the SMS shortcode 22263. Users should send the candidate’s number to the shortcode and then wait for an SMS with the details of the school the pupil has been placed. A charge of Kshs.25 per SMS applies to all mobile networks.
  • The 2020 form one selection details are also available on the website of the ministry of education education.go.ke.

How to Download the Form One Admission Letter

If you wish to download the admission letter, you can do so on the ministry’s website.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate Admission Letter. Click on that link and decide whether you want to print it or download it.

For the pupil to be admitted to the selected school, the headteacher must endorse the admission letter by stamping on it as instructed.


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