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How to Apply and Join Mpesa Foundation Academy

M-PESA Foundation Academy, is a state of the art modern co-education and high school initiated by Safaricom Company. It is a mixed full boarding school that provides a world class Kenyan education to learners to further their education after completing primary school level. The academy targets and serves talented students possessing leadership abilities and hailing from economically humble backgrounds. Learners joining the academy in form one are offered full scholarships.

The academy is established on 100 acres, along the Thika-Mang’u Road, 6 Kilometres off- the Thika Superhighway, Kiambu County. The school provides a conducive learning environment of its kind as well as an opportunity for all learners to grow their talents.

Mpesa Foundation Academy believes in providing quality education and empowering young minds. The Academy has a dedicated team of staff all who are passionate in nurturing the students. The institution is compelled by leadership, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.

Applications for admissions into the Mpesa Foundation Academy are accepted from students from all the 47 counties in Kenya. The admissions cycle runs from May to November each year, and consists of filling and returning an application form and

a multiple stage evaluation process, including telephone and in person interviews for selected applicants.

Qualifications for Admissions to Mpesa Foundation Academy

  • Each applicant must be in the last year of primary school, registered to sit for their KCPE exams in November 2019.
  • Applicants must be at least 13 and not more than 15 years of age at the time they are expected to join Form 1 in January 2020.
  • We accept applications from all 47 Counties.
  • The Academy is an inclusive learning environment and students with mobility disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Applications Instructions for Admissions to Mpesa Foundation Academy

  • Please fill out the Mpesa Foundation Academy application form for 2019 ONLY, as clearly and as completely as possible. Where information is absolutely not available, please mark (NOT AVAILABLE). However, remember that the more information you make available to us the better it is for us to evaluate your application. Forms from previous years WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Attach copies of the following documents, failure to which your application WILL NOT be considered;
  • Birth Certificate
  • Parent/Guardian ID
  • Parent Death Certificate, where applicable
  • Academic reports for the LAST 3 YEARS signed and stamped with the official school stamp.
  • Co-curricular activity certificates
  • Evidence of leadership
  • Payslip of Parent/Guardian if employed
  • Any other document deemed relevant
  • Write your first and last name in capital letters at the top of each page as it appears on your Birth Certificate in case the pages detach.
  • Applications should be enclosed in a sealed envelope during submission.
  • Online applications are encouraged. Ensure the application is scanned and attached as a single PDF document.
  • Please retain a copy in case it is lost in transit.
  • Note that admission into the M-PESA Foundation Academy will be based on an independent application process separate from the national Form 1 application and selections process.
  • All answers MUST be written in the spaces provided within the form and filled by the student applying for the position using his/her own handwriting and words.

You are NOT allowed to insert any extra pages on the form.

  • Only Complete Applications will be considered.
  • Note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
  • Any violation of the above will lead to automatic disqualification.

2019 Mpesa Foundation Academy Applications Deadline

Application deadline is July 31st 2019. Applications received after July 31st 2019
will not be considered.

How to Obtain Application Forms for Admissions to Mpesa Foundation Academy

You can get application forms in any of the following ways:

Click here to download the 2019 Application Form

-County and Sub-County Education Offices.

-Safaricom Retail Shops

-Selected Local Churches and Mosques.

How and Where to Submit Application Forms

Drop off/Submit your applications in one of the following ways

  • Email to; admissions@mpesafoundationacademy.ac.ke
  • Post to;

M-PESA Foundation Academy

P.0 Box 7954-01000, Thika

  • Drop off at any Safaricom Retail Shop.
  • Drop off at any MPESA Foundation Academy, Mangu Rd. Thika.

More Information About Mpesa Foundation Academy

M-PESA Foundation Academy offers a world class, well rounded learning environment to develop future leaders. The Academy places great emphasis on the holistic development of all our learners not just in academics but also in technology, music, sports, the arts, outdoor pursuits and community service.
Learners are exposed to the latest technology as part of the day-to-day teaching. The school focuses on moulding future leaders and entrepreneurs by incorporating the core values of Curiosity, Leadership, Accountability, Innovation, Responsible Citizenship and Excellence (CLAIRE) into every sphere of learning within the Academy

Our modern campus, established on 100 acres, allows for a conducive learning environment as well as an opportunity for all learners to grow their talents. We believe in providing quality education and empowering young minds. The Academy has a dedicated team of staff all who are passionate in nurturing the students.

The Academy offers a platform for economically disadvantaged students who would otherwise not be in a position to further their education after primary level. Learners joining form one are offered full scholarships.

We are looking for partners to walk with us, and our students, as we endeavor to change their lives. We believe that by changing a child’s life, we positively impact their future, their community, Kenya and the world.

Mpesa Foundation Academy Vision & Mission

Our Vision–To develop transformational leaders through innovative approaches to education.
Our Mission-To be a leadership development institution for high school students providing high quality education to nurture the next generation of transformational leaders.

The admissions process opens in March when application forms are sent out across the country and ends in December when the final list of selected students is generated. Every year we aim for a maximum of 200 students, four from each county, who are selected out of thousands of applications. What then makes us different from the notable institutions offering the same curriculum? We believe in inclusion and our diversity is beyond cultural, we have within our student body children with special needs such as the mobility challenged and children with albinism, plus we are planning to facilitate those who are challenged both audibly and visually.

Application Admission is evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship potential
  • Financial need
  • Responsible citizenship
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving

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