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Global Scholarship Opportunities for Teachers

The professional development is essential in every field, especially, for teachers. Higher education is necessary for the professional development of teachers to effectively convey their point of view. A well-educated teacher can stimulate the imagination, instigate hope, and originate a love for learning.

Why Should Kenyan Teachers Apply for Scholarships?

Scholarships are the best opportunities for the educational progress of teachers because they have to support the whole family as well. Most of the international scholarship programs encourage the teachers particularly to participate in the higher studies to polish their skills for a better knowledge transfer.

Here we shall discuss a few of such scholarships that are quite beneficial for the teachers on an international level.

Fulbright Scholarship (USA)

The Fulbright scholarship is the most prestigious award in the world. This platform provides exceptional opportunities to the teachers and special grants for the professionals. It also includes special funding for teachers all around the world.

Teachers funding is comprised of two distinct categories the Fulbright teacher’s exchange program and distinguished Fulbright awards for teachers. The exchange program facilitates the teachers for studies by one to one exchange methods from schools and colleges.

The Fulbright distinguished awards for teachers enable them to move abroad for a semester to accomplish a specific project.

DAAD Scholarship (Germany)

DAAD scholarships are German academic exchange programs and the world’s largest academic support organization. DAAD offers special scholarship grants and various other facilities for the higher studies to the students as well as the faculty members. These funding awards mobilize 140k individuals worldwide to the top 365 higher educational institutes of Germany. These scholarships deliver the most versatile facilities with the most exceptional quality of professional learning skills adequate to compete with the latest academic standards.

Erasmus+ (Europe)

Erasmus Mundus or Erasmus+ programs are offered by the European Union every year. These scholarships are the perfect chance for the teachers as it aims to provide quality higher education grants.

Erasmus proposes the traveling allowances, subsistence, participation, and insurance stipend for the complete study program. Erasmus funds for three different categories, i.e. the joint projects, partnership programs, and attractiveness plan. The joint projects are the Master’s programs with joint doctoral degrees. The partnership programs bring about the collaboration between two institutes one from Europe and the other from the rest of the world for the different academic projects. Attractiveness projects are for promotional purposes.

Endeavour Postgraduate Awards Scholarship (Australia)

Endeavor awards are merit-based scholarships of 1.4 billion U.S. dollar amount. These are offered to the students and teachers from around the globe for better educational support from the Australian Government. You can get the quality education at top institutes of Australia to excel your career and professional development through Endeavour Postgraduate Awards Scholarship.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program (France)

Eiffel excellence scholarships are offered by the French Government every year. This scholarship was established by the French Ministry to Europe to attract the best for the masters and Ph.D.

This program also provides all the necessary allowances for the best study facilities in France.

How Teachers can Apply to the above Scholarship Opportunities

First, Google and visit the relevant scholarship website pages.

Then get complete information on the individual requirements, procedures, and deadlines for applications.

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