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ECDE Training to Continue, as KNEC Exams set for April 2021

It is a sigh of relief to all year-one ECDE training teachers after the Permanent Secretary of Education Dr. Belio Kipsang gave green light to Colleges to continue with ECDE training and KNEC examinations preparations for April 2021.

According to the ECDE National Chairman, Mr. Lawrence Otunga, Dr. Belio Kipsang responded to the letter asking him to consider the first year’s ECDE trainees to continue and finish their program.

Government Stopped ECDE and P1 College Admissions

In September 2019 through Dr. Kipsang, the State stopped the admissions into the ECDE and P1 colleges. The Government’s move affected the current ECDE first year students admitted in April and August of 2019.


Dr. Kipsang had sited that the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development was in the process of coming up with a new teacher education curriculum framework that would affect the ECDE and P1 trainees.

 After the ministry’s directive to stop further ECDE and P1 teacher trainees, the current first year’s trainees who joined colleges in April and August this year were restricted from resuming their training in December.

Ministry’s Circular on ECDE Training

Mr. Otunga said, “In a circular dated 19.12.2019 signed by the PS Education, Dr. Belio Kipsang on 23.12.2019… All the ECDE first years have been allowed to continue with training.”

He further adds that the trainees will sit for their Kenya National Examinations Council KNEC’s exams in April 2021.

The December 19th, 2019 Circular from the PS, was sent to Director  Kenya Institue of Curriculum Development KICD, Teachers Service Commission TSC CEO,  & all the Regional Directors of Education RDE’s.

It is now clear that all the Pre-Primary Teacher trainee admissions in teacher training colleges will now be under the Competency-Based Curriculum, CBC.

Dr. Belio Kipsang’s communication is a new year gift to the ECDE trainees who were worried about their education investment.

 Detailed communication about the ECDE training and Examinations will be given officially by the colleges.

Over 20,000 Students Admitted to ECDE and P1 Colleges Yearly

In April of every year, the Ministry of Education has been selecting students to join primary teacher training colleges for the ECDE and P1.

Statistics indicate that the teacher training colleges used to admit about 24,000 students annually.


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