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Busia County 2020 SBTSS Training List of Trainers, Facilitators, and Education Technologists

Busia County 2020 SBTSS Training List of Trainers, Facilitators, and Education Technologists in the Secondary Education Quality Improvement Project SEQIP and School-Based Teacher Training Support System SBTSS

These persons will facilitate or train teachers at the secondary level for mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and English and at primary level for mathematics, science and English on behalf of the Teachers Service Commission TSC.

Busia County 2020 SBTSS Training List of Trainers, Facilitators, and Education Technologists

Selected Trainers / Facilitators/Education Technologists For SBTSS  Training

Busia County Inset Centres 4 

  Name Tsc Number Subject School
1 Stellah Oshome 414543 Biology Bishop Sulumeti Girls
2 Moses Okedi Emeje 450787 Biology St. Peters Aterait Se
3 Stephen Sadike Okumu 616334 Biology St. James Nasewa Sec
4 Mildred Wadondera 488709 Biology Hakati Sec School
5 Nasimiyu Evelyn Khakasa 459056 Biology Sigalame High School
6 Wabwire Mulumia 215676 Biology Our Lady Of Mercy
7 Panyako Joseph 358121 Biology Ikonza mixed
8 Roselyne  Obwa 440764 Biology St monica Chakol Girls
9 Geoffrey Omele Ongurapus 430663 Chemistry Echakara High School
10 Maryline Nerima Ouma 501979 Chemistry Bumala Ac Mixed Sec Sch
11 Godfrey Musungu Nyongesa 308015 Chemistry St. Joseph’s Chakol Sec
12 Wilfred Karani 524473 Chemistry Moding High Sec School
13 Ayugi Lillian Adhiambo 474297 Chemistry Chamasiri Sec School
14 Opili Vincent Emaide 450383 Chemistry Lugulu Ac Sec School
15 Omondi Edward F 509870 Chemistry Budokomi Secondary Sch
16 Catherine Grace Ipala 503454 Chemistry Kocholia High School
17 Edwin Opakasi 524478 English/Lit Butula Boys High Sch
18 Makokha I Carolyne 524567 English/Lit Murende Mixed Sec Sch
19 Michael Victor Makokha 543813 English/Lit Lugulu Ac Sec Sch
20 Magdaline N Wamittah 470541 English/Lit Fr. Okodoi Sec School
21 Cleophas W Nyongesa 480555 English/Lit Bumala Ac Secondary School
22 Dolphine Wamakobe 433567 English/Lit St. Monica Chakol Girls
23 Leah Amoit Omasete 524469 English/Lit St. Joseph’s Chakol Sec Sch
24 Lilian Opili 546614 English/Lit Budokomi Secondary Sch
25 Domana Walli Makweta 586582 Maths Bumala Ac Sec School
26 Adelaide Silwali 517213 Maths St. James Nasewa Sec School
27 Anthony Ojilong Oure 481762 Maths Bishop Sulumeti Girls
28 Dancan Otieno Onyango 358271 Maths Kingandole Sec Sch
29 Ondiech Olwichi Kennedy 494092 Maths Nangina Girls High School
30 Opetu Osinga Francis 556194 Maths Nyakhobi Sec School
31 Benson Ouma Onyango 571869 Maths St. Monica Chakol Girls
32 Sanya F D Sikhaya 473943 Maths Nanderema Boys Sec Sch
33 Stephen Juma 545668 Physics Budalang’i Boys High Sch
34 Olumasi Alpha Daniel 377747 Physcis St. Marks Machakusi Sec
35 Wandera Odhiambo David 502042 Physcis St. James Nasewa Sec School
36 Geofrey Ikagala 337303 Physics Otimong Sec School
37 Kiboi Dismas Chenge 468460 Physics Sa Kolanya Girls High
38 Deogracious Ojiambo 467767 Physics St. Monica Chakol Girls
39 Gladys Centrine Barasa 433170 Physics Bishop Sulumeti Girls
40 Ochieng Lawrence 576818 Physics Fr. Okodoi Sec School

Brief Introduction on SEQIP and SBTSS

The Teacher Service Commission (TSC) is implementing part the component one of the Secondary Education Quality Improvement Project (SEQIP) on ‘improving the quality of teaching in targeted areas”. The project development objective (PDO) is to improve student learning in secondary education and transition from primary to secondary in targeted areas. The PDO will be measured through the following performance indicators both in aggregate and separately for boys and girls: (i) average test scores in Science and Mathematics subjects at form 2 in public schools in targeted sub-counties. These terms of reference refer to subcomponent 1.2 on enhancing teacher professional development.

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