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Fafi MP: We are ready to pay fees for students joining TTCs OR Pursuing Education

Fafi MP Abdikarim Osman has implored people in the local area who have left school to join the teaching profession as one way of ending the sharp teacher shortage in the county.

Abdikarim, speaking over the weekend said that as leaders, they are ready to pay for any student who is willing to join the teachers training colleges or pursuing degree courses at the university level using the CDF kitty.

Abdikarim said that leaders who are elected from the area have decided to train locals in order to help fill the posts instead of lamenting every year over the shortage of teachers.

“We have agreed as leaders that we shall pay 100 percent for any locals who are willing to join teacher training colleges. We have become tired of complaining of the teacher shortage while we have our own whom we can train,” said Abdikarim.

The MP urged locals who are unemployed and have degrees to come out and ‘help teach their brothers and sisters instead of staying at home”.

The MP was reacting to claims that 3 out of 13 newly recruited non-local primary school teachers posted to the constituency were recalled immediately for being posted in unclear circumstances.

The legislator blamed the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for the problems the educator sector in the area is facing.

“We are aware that a senior TSC official in Nairobi was behind the withdrawal of the teachers. I tried calling the Garissa county director for clarification but he did not pick up. He refused to pick calls from the MPs of Dadaab, Fafi, Ijara,” said MP Abdikarim.

Unconfirmed reports reveal that the 13 teachers who were newly recruited and meant to fill the vacancies have since been redeployed in other sub-counties within Garissa that are considered safer.

Dr. Mohamed Diis Shafat, an individual from the area who is aspiring to be an MP for the Fafi constituency demanded to know who ordered the transfer of teachers from the area.

“These teachers were transferred a week after they were posted. Who gives such orders? Every Kenyan has a right to quality education. We shall not accept such a move,” said Shafat.

“Why are you recruiting these teachers only to redeploy them immediately? This is just like taking these schools as a recruitment bureau!” added the parliamentary hopeful.

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